June 8th, 2011

Scary Books

Psychoville Series 2 Ep 5 Review

The Librarian has been arrested and his back-story ties him into the main plot, finally. Hattie’s husband is freed when his boyfriend finally shows up and realises how mad Hattie is. He promptly tells Hattie what he thinks of her.

The creepy back-story of freezing human body parts is revealed. The disparate plots are finally tied together. The cops descend on Hattie to the tune of ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’. The creepy mother dies, sadly Debbie does not.

Someone finally gets their hands on the locket and one of the few decent characters is killed off. Shame. This was okay.
Scary Books

Movie Review: The Nines +Quo Vadis

The Nines (2007)

Gary (Ryan Reynolds) is an actor under house arrest after a crack and arson binge. He meets an odd neighbour and a nice publicist. Gary soon notices that there are weird things going on. Bad things happen. Then in a seemingly different reality is Gavin (Reynolds again) who is a writer appearing on a reality TV show as he tries to get a TV show on air.

Old characters appear in different guises, phrases are repeated, Gavin gets yelled at and then in yet another reality Gabriel (Reynolds yet again) is stranded in the wilderness with his wife and child.

He goes for help and meets a familiar face and all is explained. This is okay with some weirdness and a sort of happy ending.

Best Lines:
 “I didn’t mean to burn down my house.”

“I don’t do heroin."
“Yeah, crack is classy.”

“I’m a lot confused.”

Quo Vadis (1951)

It is Rome in the time of mad Emperor Nero. Marcus Vincius is a General who is attracted to Lygia. So being a jerk he stalks her, learns she is a Christian and berates her and yells.

Rome burns. Nero (Peter Ustinov) has Christians fed to lions. He also has Marcus and Lygia locked up. Marcus does a heel faith turn and stops being a pillock. They are married by Peter, yes that Peter. Then Peter is executed.

Then Lygia is to be executed by the day is saved. Nero is thrown down. Marcus and Lygia leave Rome. This was overly long, badly acted and really boring.

Best Lines:
“Rome will stand forever.”

“I command you to stop loving me.”

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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

Raising Hope’ Quote
They just throw a violin and laptop in the crib and say: learn it by morning.”

Desperate Housewives’ Quote
“I can make another casserole.”
“Yeah because he hasn’t suffered enough.”

‘Tomorrow, When The War Began’ Quote
“They’d been shot like no one gets shot. I mean, heaps of times. Boom, boom, boom. Mr Ramsey, Mrs Ramsey, even baby Jessica’s been shot. So I think to myself: either I’ve been smoking some really weird s**t or this isn’t your typical day in Wirrawee.”

Bad Teacher’ trailer

Bridesmaids’ trailer
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Caprica Ep 13 Review

False Labor

Evelyn moves in on Joseph so he’s in a better mood while everyone else wallows in misery. Daniel circles the drain as he berates an avatar of Amanda. Clarice’s family are as mad as she is. Sam whines and is wrecking his relationship.

Amanda says a lot of things she doesn’t mean. Joseph and Daniel talk, sort of. Sam gets revenge on people he doesn’t like by unleashing a cylon on them. How did he get the cylon? How did he get it to the bar and figure out how it worked? We don’t know, instead we get a cylon saying: “By your command.” This was good.

Best Lines:
So say we all.”

“Did your wife do that for you?”
“Yeah, until your daughter blew her up.”

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Doctor Who: A Good Man Goes to War (2011) Review

Amy’s given birth to Melody while imprisoned at Demon’s Run. Eyepatch woman sneers. Rory intimidates some cybermen and continues to put up with Amy for some reason. Headless monks with lightsaber knockoffs wander around.

The Doctor gathers some followers to save Amy; Captain Jack is not among them. River Song annoys. The Doctor doesn’t seem to mind the fact that he is a dark legend. He should though considering the events of ‘The Pandorica Opens’.

There’s a twist which I didn’t see coming and a revelation which to be frank is a bit rubbish. It’s good, but a bit WTF. The credits inform us that the Doctor will return in ‘Let’s Kill Hitler’ and I nearly did a spit-take.

Who is Eyepatch woman and who are the army? What is with the Headless monks? When was Amy kidnapped? When did this endless bitter war against the Doctor begin?

Best Lines:
“Level One heresy.”

“Sexy fish vampires.”

“That’s the attack prayer!”

Scary Books

Book Review: States of Grace

States of Grace by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

A novel of the Count Saint-Germain set in 1530 Venice. It is set a few decades after the events of ‘The Palace’ and reveals the fate of Saint-Germain’s unfortunate love interest from that book.

Anyway now Saint-Germain runs a printing press and shipping business while people sneer at him for being a “foreigner”, in every single book he is sneered at for being a “foreigner” and it is wearing a bit thin. Anyway he is wooing his latest love interest Pier-Ariana Salier, which guarantees bad things will happen to her.

Saint-Geramin’s life gets difficult when religious turmoil, theft and a spy all threaten what he has built. This was good. Pier-Ariana comes across as a bit of a whiner while Olivia comes across via her letters as someone who only cares about horses and her latest lover.

One question that has seemingly never been answered, at least in the limited number of Saint-Germain books I’ve read, is why Roger is content to be a man-servant for eternity to Saint-Germain. Apparently he is a ghoul and content to be a lackey forever.

He’s been with Saint-Germain since before the time of Charlemagne (as depicted in ‘Night Blooming’) and is still hanging around with his boss at the time of the Great Depression (as depicted in the woefully boring ‘Midnight Harvest’). Why does he stay? Why? Also this novel reveals that Saint-Germain literally has no stomach, so what happens to the blood he drinks?

Nitpicks aside I enjoyed this and look forward to reading more Saint-Germain novels like ‘Blood Roses’, ‘A Feast In Exile’, ‘Better in the Dark’, ‘Dark of the Sun’, ‘Roman Dusk’ and ‘Come Twilight’.