May 2nd, 2011

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The Event Ep 17+Fringe Season 3 Ep 15+V Season 2 Ep 6 Reviewed

Cut off the Head

Sophia continues being crazy as she plans genocide and the death of Martinez. Jarvis blathers and reaches a new low. Lewis bores. Martinez finally gets suspicious of his wife. Leila bores. Simon's shackled to a bed.

As Sophia lies and Jarvis plans regime change, Dempsey blathers on about sentinels and sounds stoned. He is not referring to that old Richard Burgi show BTW. Dempsey kills himself, one bad actor down. Many to go. Micheal is an idiot. This was dull and about as enjoyable as reconstituted meat.

Best Line:
"The native population will be winnowed, substantially."

Subject 13

A sequel to season 2's 'Peter' and nowhere near as good. Peter's not yet under the influence of those who abducted him and Walter and Elizabeth can't cope with the fact Peter notices all the differences. Meanwhile Walter is experimenting on children in a daycare, one of whom is young Olivia.

Peter tantrums. Where is Walter's assistant Carla? Walter justifies the daycare experiments saying it's for Peter. Olivia's stepfather is creepy. Young Peter and Olivia hang out in a field of white tulips in an utterly unsubtle moment. Walter makes creepy Betamax recordings.

Meanwhile elsewhere Walternate and alt Elizabeth are falling apart. Walternate created the Starwars defense system but with Peter gone he just mopes in a t-shirt drinking. Alt Elizabeth is obviously being blamed for what happened. Walterate runs Bishop Dynamic in Florida where it is located near the space shuttle launch site. Then he learns where he son is, vengeance will soon ensue. This was good but nowhere near as good as 'Peter'. Plus in the end Peter begins to accept the lies he is told, poor brainwashed child. This show has never dealt in depth with the profound moral and legal conundrum of Walter's actions instead we get eps full of Olivia whinge fests.

Why didn't Olivia remember Walter or Peter as an adult? Why did Peter forget Olivia? Olivia knew about the other universe as a child and somehow forgot?

Best Lines:
"You're not my mother! I want to go home!"

"The Red Lantern isn't supposed to be green!"

"I crept over there in the night and I stole their child. And if we don't return him, they'll figure it out and they'll come after him. And us. I know because that's what I would do."


Ryan screws over the Resistance. Erica's stupidity gets her caught up in a siege. Erica feigns being a hostage, which the FBI buy for some inane reason. Chad, The Only Reporter In Town, is covering the story.

This ep was full of bad acting, sap and stupidity. Joe is stupid. Hobbes is blackmailed and does something dumb in a flurry of bad CGI. The investigation into Erica is canceled as Joe dies.

Tyler turns back into a snot. Erica needs to give up on him already. This ep was unbelievably awful, the 'Resistance' don't come even across as a uncompromising group of pub fighters. Plus Tyler needs to choke to death on his own smugness.
To Light The Way To Bed

Book Reviews: The Poison Master + Watching The Clock

The Poison Master by Liz Williams

Alivet Dee is an alchemist on the world Latent Emanation. Then something goes wrong and she is being chased by the planet's alien rulers The Lords of Night and their minions the Unpriests.

Alivet runs for her life and is aided by Ghairen, a poison master, who seeks to topple The Lords of Night. The duo become uneasy allies in a desperate plan.

This is very good. Darkness, poisons, the present and the past are all explored in this sci fi/fantasy hybrid. This is a wonderfully luscious read.

Star Trek Department of Temporal Investigations: Watching the Clock by Christopher L. Bennett

Agents Dulmur and Lucsly are the top agents at the DTI. Their job is to deal with the Temporal Cold War, misused relics of ancient long dead races and time traveling Starfleet officers.

This is a tale of time, duty, time travel and time wars. The plot twists up one side and down the other. It is full of continuity references, some so obscure I've no idea what they refer to.

This is a very good book, leaving aside Bennett's usual obsession with technobabble and junk science. There is already talk of a 2nd book in this series, I'd buy it.
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Exile (2011) Part 1 Reviewed

John Simm in a dark BBC three part drama? I'm there. Tom (Simm) is a washed up showbiz reporter who has lost his job, his woman and has a taste for nose candy. With nowhere else to go, he heads to his old home: grim up north.

Tom ends up shacked up with his bitter sister Nancy and his senile father Sam. Tom left years ago and his father burnt his belongings when he left. Tom has barely repressed rage toward his father. Flashbacks to the past slowly spell out what happened.

Sam used to be passionate about journalism and is well regarded by his neighbours. Tom rages about this and reveals to an old friend that he left home 18 years ago after his father beat him half to death. Tom has spent 18 years wondering why his father did that. This was good, a dark and engrossing drama.

So why did Sam do that and make no effort to make amends for 18 years? Does Nancy not know or care about what happened? What was in Sam's study that Tom wasn't supposed to see? What is the link with local big wig Metzler? Where did Sam's large bank account come from? What was on the tape that made Sam go berserk?

Best Lines:
"He occasionally screams in the night."

"The only reason I left is because he beat me half to death."

"Do I look insane?"

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Jericho Season 3 Issue 5 Review

Civil war looms. Beck is investigated. The vile Dale Turner needs shooting. Hawkins and Jake continue their improbable adventures. There is no sign of Mimi or Jake's mom or that dog Jake's parents had in the 'Pilot' ep that was never seen or mentioned again. This was good, the ongoing storylines do grab the interest but why oh why must the art be so ugly?
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The Green Hornet (1966-1967) Eps 1&25 Reviewed

The Silent Gun
I have my 'Green Hornet' (2011) dvd. Yay! Anyway here a man is killed with a silent gun. A gun that is possibly a copy of an OSS gun. The Green Hornet and Kato menace the dead man's galpal to find the gun. Also Mike Axford gets a face full of Hornet gas.

The Green Hornet and Kato hide on a fire escape. There is a bad guy in this ep named Trump. Kato kicks around baddies and gets a baddie to talk by waving a hand at him, ominously. The gun is in the hands of a preening baddie who is foiled. This was okay. Mike Axford lived with Britt Reid and his daddy? How many times have The Green Hornet and Kato beat up Axford?

Best Lines:
"With bodyguards like you, a man doesn't need enemies."

"I know a lot about a lot of things."

"I remember once we paid 5,000 to an axe murderer."

Invasion From Outer Space, Part 1
To think the show went out with THIS as its penultimate ep. Casey wears an outfit that makes her look like a turkey. A UFO crashes outside the city. Reid's radio (which is the size of a dining room table) talks about an alien invasion. Then very quickly the tinfoil clad 'aliens' invade Reid's swinging bachelor pad. There is mention of the future moonlandings, it is kind of weird to watch a show where Neil Armstrong had not yet set foot on the moon.

Casey is dumb. Kato is unconscious and Reid is in a smoking jacket. Reid is menaced by the 'aliens'. Casey is a hostage, yet again. The 'alien invasion' is all part of a not so cunning master plan to steal a warhead that just happens to be passing through the unnamed city that Reid, Kato and co live in.

So this is sort of a camp version of 'Flight of the Black Angel'. Anyhow this was truly terrible and do you note that not once in this shows run did Britt and Kato discuss how weird their relationship is?

Best Lines:
"We're going to land an astronaut on the moon, why can't another civilization land on Earth?"

"A fool and his bomb are soon parted."
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Pretty Little Liars Season 1 eps 1-6 Overview

I haven't read the books this is based on but the theme song rocks. Anyway four spoilt, over lip glossed brats who dress like tramps are stalked by someone claiming to be their murdered best friend Alison.

The friends are the tarot card tropes of the uptight jock Spencer, the former fatso Hanna, the boring one Aria (Lucy Hale of 'Scre4m') and the confused one Emily. Piper from 'Charmed' plays Aria's Stepford mother and Sydney from 'Melrose Place' plays Hanna's cougar mother.

Various brooding guys hang around. The creepy one, the virgin one, the wannabe date rapist one, Aria's cheating dad who is played by Rob Lowe's brother, Hanna's dad  is also a cheater who traded her in for a stepdaughter who wasn't once the size of an Imax screen and there is Ezra who is Aria's creepy perv of an English teacher.

Alison was once the queen bee of their gang of five (now four). She was a horrible, horrible toxic waste of blood and organs. Someone killed her. Everyone's a suspect. Even the blind girl Jenna. The foursome suspect Jenna of evil because as she is apparently the only disabled person in their small town she must be evil.

Plots so far involve mysterious text messages, threats made via lipstick scrawls, a creepy cop, Spencer's mean sister Melissa, country club hijinks, Kendra the Vampire Slayer from 'Buffy' still playing a teenager, slut wear worn to school, shoplifting, patient file stealing, sign defacing, Toby being branded the 'Candyman', the Homecoming dance where no-one brushed their hair, jokes about Samantha Ronson, essay theft, a mysterious tattoo, Emily making a spectacle of herself at a dance and a stalker who has near omnipotent powers to the extent that he/she/it can send hate mail via fortune cookies.

This is okay. But the show is full of unsympathetic morons. The girls are suspicious of Jenna for no apparent reason and are mean to her stepbrother Toby. They foursome are unpleasant shrews. Granted the plots have a soapy appeal but if someone took out most of the characters with a semi-automatic you wouldn't really care.

Best Lines:
"Girls like her don't approach guys like me unless they have deep seated self esteem issues and a serious drinking problem."

"I'm so sorry."
"No you're not. You never are."