February 3rd, 2011

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Quotes of the Day

'Carnivale' Quote
"Until the day a false sun exploded over Trinity and man forever traded away wonder for reason."

'The Cleveland Show' Quote
"Welcome parents, second wives and Central American nannies."

'Two and A Half Men' Quote
"Broke, hungover and coughing up stripper glitter."

'The Green Hornet (1966-1967)' Quotes
"Can you take those clothes off? There's a hospital close by. You need a doctor."

"I have a message from The Green Hornet, thanks for the editorial."

Scary Books

Chase Ep 6 Review


I had some hopes for this ep because the bad guy of the week was played by Enver Gjokaj of 'Dollhouse'. Sadly all hope was lost by the first ad break. Annie annoys, the bounty hunter shows up to annoy and bad guy Carson (Gjokaj) isn't at all interesting.

Annie wears some more hideous shirts and then gets blown up. Also Annie doesn't like Ke$ha. Luke shoots Carson in the head. Wow the gardener from 'Desperate Housewives' just shot Victor from 'Dollhouse' in the head - no, still not caring. This was a bland letdown.

Best Lines:
"They don't have woods up in DC like this do they?"
"Not complete with extremist nutjobs, no."
Scary Books

Trailers old and new

'Fringe' 3x12 Promo
Yawn, I just want Peter to go to the bad already.

'Outcasts' trailer
I can't get over the presence of Jamie Bamber and his terrible acting.

'Being Human' series 3 promo
I HATED series 2, this series has a lot to make up for.

'Lost' 1x06 promo
Oh, how simple things were then.
To Light The Way To Bed

Book Review: The Spirit Lens

The Spirit Lens: A novel of the Collegia Magica by Carol Berg

This is the tale of a kingdom where science is supplanting magic. The old and new ways are clashing. Portier de Savin-Duplais is a failed mage who works in the library of the Collegia Magica. He lives a life of perpetual disappointment and simmering anger because he has no magic and is a servant to those who wield power he never will.

When his distant relative the King orders him to investigate trouble in the royal court, Portier embraces the opportunity for excitementt. But in the troubled court Portier uncovers betrayal, violence and unholy sorcery. This is an okay fantasy. The world building is merely okay and some characters are idiots. But still the plot does intrigue enough for me to want to read the sequel 'The Soul Mirror'.

Best Line:
"Ye don't seem a lackwit or craven or mercenary at all."
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The Green Hornet (1966 -1967) Eps 12+23 Reviewed

Ep 12

Deadline For Death

In a flurry of bad acting Mike Axford is arrested and accused of murder. It's a shame that the movie version of Mike Axford had nothing to do, seriously they had Edward James Olmos and he did zero. Anyway this tv show was done completely straight and serious so it holds up much better than the Adam West 'Batman' series.

Britt Reid is not happy about Axford, possibly because his paper seems to employ no other reporters. So he and Kato suit up to seek out the devious female who got Axford into trouble. As Black Beauty drives out of its secret hideout via the Candy Mints sign, one has to wonder -what would happen if someone wanted to change that sign?

The Green Hornet's suit looks grey in this ep and he wants answers about Axford's plight. Van Williams goes all Nic 'gets intense at the end of a sentence' Cage on the word 'answers'. While off duty Kato wears black not that horrible white uniform he is forced into in other eps.

The Green Hornet has a walkie talkie in a pocket watch apparently. He tracks down those who framed Mike and they get into a fight. The Green Hornet comes out the worst but for some reason, no-one pulls his mask off. Kato shows up and uses the Sting to open a door but then hands it back to the Green Hornet. Then the duo chase a plane in Black Beauty.

Lenore wears a vile pink dress. Mike Axford is freed, he notices how Reid dismisses his comments on the Green Hornet but makes nothing of it. This was okayish, I think Britt Reid enjoyed menacing people as the Hornet.

Best Lines:
"I know nothing about nothing"

"Kato, do you read me?"
Loud and clear. Do you want me?"

"The Green Hornet never travels alone. His man is around here someplace."

"Faster Kato."

Ep 23

Alias The Scarf

Waxworks of the Green Hornet and Kato have been installed in The Chamber Of Evil. The not very good waxworks stand alongside The Scarf, a one time serial killer who was never caught. Soon thereafter the waxwork of The Scarf apparently comes to life and attacks people, kills people and strikes poses in the fog bound streets.

DA Scanlon asks Britt Reid to sort it out. Mike Axford and DA Scanlon have been in the same room as Kato numerous times and they've never said a word to him. The only person who seems to talk to Kato is Reid. Plus while in action as his 'evil' self, why is he always described as the Hornet's 'man'?

Leaving aside The Scarf (which is a dumb name o'evil), let's look at the crimes against fashion in this ep. Kato wears his white uniform that has a bowtie. Even Bruce Lee can't make that ensemble look good. Lenore Casey wears a blue skirt and a hideous yellow/green poloneck. She looks like a Picasso gone wrong.

Green Hornet and Kato look for clues. Kato kicks down a door. Reid chats to a dumb stripper. The Scarf (John Carradine) is unmasked and Kato chokes him out. This was a dull ep. Still it had a scene where Reid and Kato were standing around in their costumes without the hats and masks and they looked yummy, with a spoon.

Best Lines:
"Even the greatest can be replaced as will The Green Hornet himself one day."

"That should ease the panic, convince people there isn't a waxen dummy running around."