January 4th, 2011

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Quotes of the Day

The Man In The Iron Mask’ Quote
“Then God go with you, for none of us will.”

CSI Miami’ Quote
People called her a flying mattress.”

‘Lost’ Quotes
“I’m going out to the line that we’re not supposed to cross.”

“His people. The Others.”

‘The Incredible Hulk’
I hear you have an unusual problem.”
“You should talk.”

‘Iron Man’ Quotes
“Peace means having a bigger stick than the other guy.”

“And what do you say to your other nickname: the merchant of death?”

Scary Books

Agatha Christie’s Marple: The Blue Geranium (2010)

Mary Pritchard a bullying, superstitious, hypochondriac miserly woman dies. Miss Marple the interfering old biddy just happens to be around when this happens and so witnesses all that unfolds. But is the right person condemned to death for the crime?

This was better than ‘The Secret of Chimneys’ but not by much. The irritating Miss Marple annoys the police and talks in metaphors. Characters are charmless and stupid beyond the call of duty, more people die and there’s a truly ridiculous climax.

A long drawn out revenge plot by unprincipled characters is revealed but the way in which Miss Marple reveals all is just ridiculous. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“If George Pritchard were to brain his wife with a hatchet, there’s no a soul in this village that wouldn’t acquit him.”

“You ruin every day of my life.”

Scary Books

Book Review: 1635 The Eastern Front

1635: The Eastern Front by Eric Flint

The latest in the ‘Ring of Fire’ saga is a good addition to this erratic series. The tangle of names and plots is so confusing now, one needs to stop trying to figure out who is who and what is going on and just go with the flow.

This is a tangled tale of war, ambition and thankfully focuses more on the downtimers. The downtimers have reacted in various ways to the ring of fire and are coping with the change in an assortment of ways.

King Gustav Adolf has been an ally of the uptimers for years, mostly to feed his ambition. Now his ambition is to invade Poland, again. And to their detriment the UES go along with it.

But Gustav Adolf has aimed too high. Many downtimers are tired of uptimer meddling and are sick of Gustav Adolf’s ruthless ambition. Things are set to explode.

This is good stuff like previous novels: ‘1632’, ‘1633’, ‘1634: The Galileo Affair’, ‘1635: The Cannon Law’, ‘1634: The Baltic War’ and ‘1635: The Dreeson Incident’. But shouldn’t it be 1636 yet? Anyway when this series is good, it can be very, very good.

But when it is bad it produces rancid novels like ‘1634: The Ram Rebellion’, ‘1634: The Bavarian Crisis’ and ‘1635: The Tangled Web’.
Scary Books

Things of note

Am reading ‘Ash: A Secret History’, it’s good.

There is another ‘Three Musketeers’ movie? And it’s in 3D and Orlando Bloom is in it? I’m there.

Reviews of ‘Chase’ may be forthcoming.
Scary Books

Movie Review: The Godfather (1972)

The mob family celebrate Connie’s wedding as prodigal son Michael shows up with his girlfriend Kay. Don Vito mumbles, Sonny yells, Michael broods, Kay is dumb, Connie has a very pretty wedding dress, Fredo is useless and overlooked and Tom Hagen keeps the peace. Then a mob war erupts.

Michael embraces the life, gets married, she dies and he returns to Kay. Sonny beats down Connie’s horrible husband and Fredo is overlooked as Tom Hagen is closer to his father and brothers than he is.

Various people die and Michael becomes inhumanly cold and cruel. This was okay. But how did the movie guy not wake up when that thing was left in his bed? Why was Tom Hagen always so calm?

Best Line:
Leave the gun, take the cannoli.”
Scary Books

Primeval Series 4 Eps 1&2 Reviewed

Ep 1

Danny, Connor and Abby are lost in time. Connor and Abby are prey in the past as they grub for roots. The ARC has two new employees: Jess who looks about 12 and acts like she’s 6. Then there is Matt a pathetic product of the public school system who can’t act.

The ARC has a new boss Phillip (Alexander Siddig of ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’ and ‘The Kingdom of Heaven’). Lester still hangs around not doing much, Becker broods and Sarah is dead.

Connor and Abby’s clothes have held up well and they can eat and drink without poisoning themselves for some reason. Also how did Abby avoid getting pregnant? Connor is the Dutch elm disease on the tree of life.

Connor and Abby get a way home and just stand around looking at it, instead of going through. Once back, Connor acts like a moron and endangers lives. Nothing much has changed. A dinosaur chases them and during the climax a song by S Club 7 plays. Nice touch.

This series conspiracy arc is kicked off by having Matt talk to some weird old guy about foreshadowing stuff. This was uh. Connor is still stupid and Matt’s appalling acting didn’t help this.

Best Lines:
I’m watching a dinosaur trash my office.”

“He’ll live, probably.”

“A beautiful world Matthew, but for how much longer?”

“After the catastrophe of your last trip, the government decided the ARC would benefit from private sector management.”

Ep 2

In the teaser, a mean woman does something cruel. This leads to a dinosaur running rampant on a construction site. Abby gets a job at the ARC, Connor does not. Abby gets a bio-tag ID – it seems after everything the ARC has finally got serious about security. Abby is reunited with Rex.

Matt whose acting has got worse blathers on with the weird old man. Connor meanwhile looks up an idiot friend named Duncan last seen in series 1. He and Duncan do stupid things. Connor lies and is dumb. Jes annoys and invades privacy. This was uh.

How did Abby get the duo to take her out in their boat? Will they ever explain the clone army? Will they ever reverse the changes to the timeline? When will they stop fearing the creatures? Will Connor ever stop being thoughtless? Why does Jessica have such a huge flat? Where is Danny Quinn?

Best Lines:
“How did you find me?”
“I called your mum.”

“What happened to you?”
“You did.”

“You have to treat them all as equally dangerous; it could be any one of them. It could be all of them.”

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Six Lost Episodes Rewatched

Season 1

Ep 11 All The Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues
Ethan has abducted Claire and Charlie. The castaways have figured out Ethan wasn’t on the plane and chase after him and Jack bullies Kate. But the castaways have no idea about the mysterious tribe already living on the island.

Meanwhile there are reduant flashbacks to Jack and his mean dad. The flashbacks take away from the more interesting island storyline.

Jack is always so intense I’m amazed he never has a stroke. Jack and Kate find Charlie in a shocking state. I’m amazed Charlie didn’t suffer multiple fractures from Jack’s over enthusiastic CPR.

As Boone and Locke stumble around in the dark a dropped torch leads to the discovery of the hatch. When this ep originally aired and the torch dropped and hit metal, I can still remember the ooohhhh noise from viewers. This was okay.

How did Hurley sort out Sawyer’s name during the census? How did Ethan grab two people by himself? How did Locke learn all his tracking and knife skills – was it at the commune?

People discuss Danielle’s tales of Others, but Danielle’s account of past events and what was portrayed in season 5 do not match up. How come on his many treks Locke never found the hatches, the pylons or the barracks or any of the ancient structures?

Best Lines:
We can’t account for all of our people. And more importantly, who’s to say they’re even our people?”
“Sayid said there were others.”
“Sayid said that we’re not alone.”

“There could be lots of other people on the island.”
“So a tribe of evil natives planted a ringer in the camp to kidnap a pregnant girl and a reject from VH1 has-beens. Yeah, fiendishly clever.”

“She said that there are Others on the island.”

Ep 18 Numbers
The castaways are building a second raft. Why did they never try a third? Jack walks around in another of his endless sleeveless shirts showing off his tattoos. Hurley sees the infamous and never explained numbers.

Flashbacks reveals Hurley won $156 million on the lottery and his mother was feisty. His brother Diego appears but was never seen in later seasons.

Memories and the numbers prompt Hurley to go find Danielle. Hurley runs across a rope bridge, rants and bond with Danielle. Back on the beach Locke makes Claire a cradle. This was good.

Why did Danielle call part of the island the dark territory? Why did no-one bother about the cable until season 4? The sight gag of the falling man in Hurley’s flashback was black comedy.

Why is Sawyer reading next to the raft? Who built the rope bridge – Dharma or Others? Danielle tells Hurley there is a radio tower on the island but no-one looks for it until season 3. How did Charlie go cold turkey so easily?

Best Lines:
“It means ‘Dark Territory’. That sound like a place you’d like to visit?”

“He was setting out for a walk. Acting like a loon I might add.”

“You opened the box.”

“Nothing to do but listen to static night after night. Until one night about 16 years ago, there’s something in the static.”

“That thing in the woods? Maybe it’s a monster, maybe it’s a pissed off giraffe. I don’t know. The fact that no-one is even looking for us, yeah, that’s weird. But I just go along with it

Ep 23 Exodus, Part 1
Flashbacks to just hours before the crash show Walt was a brat, Jack met Ana-Lucia at a bar and Shannon is selfish. Meanwhile Danielle shows up at the beach camp with a warning. Her account of Alex’s abduction does not tally with the events of season 5.

Anyway Jack comes up with the brilliant idea to hide the castaways inside the hatch. Sayid points out the hatch could belong to the Others, no-one listens.

So flashbacks show Jack’s marriage failed and Ana-Lucia mentions she’s in the tail section, foreshadowing. Sawyer needs to put on a shirt. Shannon mopes over Boone, why did they kill him? What became of Shannon’s pink jacket?

Elsewhere Jin and Sun have a moment which would climax in their stupid, selfish deaths in season 6. The raft is launched, a great moment. This was good.

Danielle, Jack, Arzt and co trek to the Black Rock which turns out to be a ship. The ship that in season 6 was revealed to have brought Richard Alpert to the island. Did no-one ever ask him how he got to the island? Or ask him what he knew about the Black Rock? The man was the first Other and no-one ever really asked him anything,

Best Lines:
The Others are coming.”

“Dynamite at the Black Rock in the Dark Territory.”
“Well that’s three reasons to go tight there.”

“I got into a bar fight. Ain’t that a badge of honour in this country?”

Season 2

Ep 7 The Other 48 Days
Remember the creepiness of the scene in ‘...And Found’ when Jin and Eko hid under a bush watching muddy barefoot Others walk silently by? The show totally lost the creep factor by season 6.

Anyway this ep tells of the tail section survivors travails on the island. The opening scene as the tail section crashes into the ocean is impressive but how did they get out of their seats?

The tail section survivors have little food, no medicine and no water. Ana-Lucia bonds with Goodwin. The Others menace them. Ana-Lucia becomes convinced Nathan is an Other so she kicks him in the head and tosses him down a deep pit. It takes Ana-Lucia a while to realise she’s wrong and kill the real Other.

But as the tail section people trek across the island, her fear of the Others and the stress causes her to shoot first leading to tragedy. This was very good.

What happened to Cindy, Zack and Emma after season 6? How did they get water on the beach? Didn’t they wonder where the chicken came from? Did Ana-Lucia dig that really deep hole and make the complicated lid all by herself? Where did they get their flaming torches from?

What was the deal with the glass eye? Why was the section of film hidden? Why didn’t Bernard’s radio detect the French transmission? Was Goodwin’s army knife taken from the jughead team that was on the island?

Best Lines:
“Where the hell are the rescue planes?”
“I will pray for them too.”

“Who are these people?”
“I don’t know. They’re out there in the jungle with no shoes, nothing in their pockets, no labels on their clothes. These people were here before us.”

Ep 11 The Hunting Party
Michael runs off to find the Others who have Walt. Michael is in the process of losing his mind. But first, more Jack flashbacks to Jack’s whining, moaning, cheating shrike of a wife. Also Sawyer continues being smarmy and belligerent. Jin and Sun have issues.

Jack, Sawyer and Locke stomp through the jungle. Jack annoys. Then they encounter Tom and his band of Others. Why was Tom used as an intermediary? Where is Richard? Jack does not deal well with Tom prompting the great “Light ‘em up” moment.

Jack cannot stand to be outdone so stomps back to Ana-Lucia and asks about an army, which never same to anything. This was okay.

What did Michael mean when he said the computer wasn’t what they think? Why didn’t Jack want Kate to come on the trek? Did Jack know his vile daddy was a cheater? Why did the Others don their rags, fake beards and mud disguises?

Best Lines:
He went all commando.”

“The path of a man who knows where he’s going.”

“He might be past listening to reason.”

“This music is quite depressing.”

“This is not your island, this is our island. And the only reason you’re living on it is cause we let you live on it.”

“You cross that line; we go from misunderstanding to something else.”

Ep 22 Three Minutes
Michael has killed Ana-Lucia and Libby as part of a plan to get Walt back. Flashbacks to his encounter with the Others show his excruciating agony and escalating acrimony. His life is completely involved with Walt so being separated from him is like a death.

Around the castaways Michael acts suspiciously – he should be cultivating deep distrust but isn’t. Michael’s silent and self damaging withdrawal has caused all his problems but he keeps it up. Meanwhile Hurley is uncomprehending and terribly hurt and helpless over Libby’s murder.

Flashbacks show the events of ‘The Hunting Party’ from Michael’s POV and how he encountered Alex. He also visited the Others fake camp and met Miss Klugh. She had a groaner of a name. What happened there lead to his emotionally barren choice. Now his life is full of tension and standoffs. Everyone fails completely to notice, except Sayid.

Elsewhere Sawyer’s nicknames irritate and he and Jack are fractious. It’s a volatile situation all round. Jack annoys, the writers got tediously hagiographic about him in season 6. The writers had a massive over-inflated opinion of him.

Anyway Ana-Lucia and Libby are buried. Claire hugs a log in a blanket and pretends it is her baby and during the burial Sun sees something unexpected. This wasn’t one of the better episodes.

Who was Michael typing to? What happened to Eko’s church and the box of vaccines Charlie gave to Claire? Why have the castaways totally withdrawn from communication? Why did the Others fake being hillbillies? Where’s Richard? What was the Others interest in Walt and why did they give him up?

Best Lines:
“They’re not who they say they are, they’re pretending.”

“They’ll be angry enough to believe whatever you say.”

“I think Michael has been compromised.”