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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Love And Monsters' trailer


Best Lines:

“Monster uprising.”

“Lost everyone.”

“Take our world back.”

“Feel like Tom Cruise.”

'Love And Monsters' promo


Best Lines:

“So obvious.”

“Started eating us to death.”

“Hid anywhere we could.”

Camembert en chocolat – yum.

I'd try chocolate bouchon with rum custard. I'd try vanilla and orange blossom cake.

I hope to review 'Too Close'.

I resent my ex. He's cold and detached. I've no enduring importance.

'Inspector Morse' Quote:

“Unmurdered citizens.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Service freely given.”

“Weirdly flattered.”

“Emblems of their being.”

“Quiet enjoyment.”

“Silent bystanders.”

“Morbid interest.”

“Ranger of the great park.”

“One of his great disasters.”

“Go slowly in terms of change.”

“Standing by for this one last journey.”

“Bespoke hearse.”

“Last a bit longer than us.”

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“Honourable intentions.”

“That's really bad.”

“Exiled court.”

“Harry in that sense is an irrelevance.”

'Red Dwarf' Quotes:

“I won't change.”

“That's the tragedy of it.”

“Broiled my love spuds.”

“Support I never got.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“What might lie ahead.”

“Catastrophic portents.”

“Disastrous decision.”

“Cruel reminder.”

“Terrible type of implied superiority.”

“Socially divisive.”

“Desperate situation.”

“Denial-filled denouement-”

“Quarantine dodgers.”

“Bleak assessment.”

“Such was the volatile nature.”

“Provoking a furious reaction.”

“Small amounts of cruelty that add to up to a lifetime of isolation.”

“Never speak to foreigners, and walk past each other in French parks in abject terror that they will be cut by someone of lower status.”

“Speaking with actorly emphasis.”

“Disappeared from history.”

“Scandalised indignation.”

“Hostile reception.”

“Profound implications.”

“Something she did only because that was considered normal.”

“Perceiving even a greeting from a neighbour as a threat or an affront.”

“Unpleasant experiences.”

“Chose not to heed the warning.”

“Disbelief at the confluence of events.”

“Great Migration.”

“Impact can be felt to this day,”

“New-found notoriety.”

“Relentless pattern.”

“It's the colour they slap on the walls in an asylum.”

“Options are closed off to certain types of women.”

“Breaking every cultural rule.”

“Reminding society of their worth.”

“Extremely rare.”

“Defiant snub.”

“Compounded what was already a distressing situation.”

“Most intimate and secret content.”

“To say the experience was horrific was an unjust statement.”

“Trained in human empathy.”

“Tribalised glee.”

“National aspirations.”

“Householders struggled to stop teenagers commandeering their wheelie bins.”

“When I'm drunk, stuff happens.”

“Threatened them back.”

“This is not the story the CCTV told.”

“Belligerent language.”

“Cultural war.”

“Defuse the confrontation.”

“Stirring up anger.”

“Hadn't seen foreigners since 1942.”

“Guilty of misconduct in the hay shed.”

“Abandoned to state care.”

“Brought rage.”

“Watched, noted, learned and absorbed.”

“Dutifully impressed.”

“Once a swimming city.”

“There was more. Much more.”

“Complicated view of the west.”

“Believe the world is theirs, that they are entitled to adventure, and that they're basically immortal.”

“”Sins” they are socialised to avoid.”

“Ashamed and apologetic.”

“Optimal violence.”

“Misplaced sympathy.”

“Moral reckoning.”

“Enforced and perpetuated silence.”

“Silence can be a refusal to listen.”

“Shame-industrial complex.”

“Saying horrible things.”

“Cruelty is killing people.”

“Didn't have other options.”

“Not truly valued.”

'Disappeared' Quote:

“Fool it. Always.”

'A Wilderness Of Error' Quote:

“Weird and twitchy looking.”

“Very draining: emotionally and financially.”

'Fatal Vows' Quotes:

“Stays respectable.”

“Tragedy at Lost Dog Trail.”

“Interstate nature of the conspiracy.”

“Small town hood.”

'Sky News' Quotes:

“Will and purpose.”

“Passions now left behind.”

'Star Trek Deep Space Nine' Quotes:

“Worst piece of garbage I have ever seen.”

“Thank you.”

'The Simpsons' Quotes:

“Key to my husband's emotional recovery.”

“Blow you little disappointment.”

“Band justice.”

“Comical booklets.”

“Death breath.”

“Terrifies sheep rustlers.”

“Be out in the fresh air kicking dogs.”

“You're a fool and your dreams are garbage.”

“This is where my dreams died.”

“Butt scooting.”

“Dad kind of trauma.”

“Rapping pizza robots.”

“America's worst music craze.”

“Don't step on his shadow.”

“Sadness swallowed.”

“Creepy human teeth.”

“Nostalgia fuelled vendetta.”

“Whoever was famous 8 months ago.”

“Dream prison.”

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