July 26th, 2010

Scary Books

Movie Review: The Haunting of Molly Hartley (2009)

The trailer gives the whole plot of this lame ‘Omen’ rip-off away. Molly goes to a fancy school and is tormented by visions and memories of her nutty mother. Her father (Jake Weber of ‘American Gothic’ and ‘Dawn of the Dead’) is useless and Joseph (Chance Crawford of ‘Gossip Girl’) pants after her.

Molly has issues with various classmates and slaps around the big haired mean girl Suzie (AnnaLynne McCord of ‘90210’). Then Molly’s mad mother gets out of the nut house and spills the beans as to what is going on.

Molly runs around screeching and killing people and attacking people and being unaware that evil pretty boy Joseph is evil. The ending is an anti-climax.

Best Lines:
I’m fine.”
“Your mother stabbed you in the chest with a pair of scissors.”

“You can’t hide in here all day you know. Believe me I’ve tried.”

“If I don’t stop you now, you’ll do terrible things.”

“You have great power ahead of you.”
“I don’t want it.”
“You will.”

Scary Books

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 Issue 35 Review

Twilight, Part Four

After the abominable issue 34, things don’t really pick up. Angel is Twilight, this makes less sense than Ben is Glory. Seriously two years of build up and it’s Angel? And new realities and Giles keeping secrets again? And Spike flying a space ship? None of the Twilight story makes any sense.

I’ll see where it goes from here but super powers, new realities and Twilight is Angel? Do not want. I’ve dropped the ‘Angel’ comic because it is boring and dull. And now Buffy season 8 and any future season 9 is on very thin ice.
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Eastwick Ep 2 Review

Reaping and Sewing

Kat’s power is apparently that she can control Mother Nature but she cannot stop herself falling for Raymond’s BS. Roxie has more bad dreams about Jamie but still finds time to slobber over him. Penny and Joanna investigate Darryl and learn he may be a man named Sebastian Hart who allegedly drowned in 1984. And guess what Hart hung out with three women as well. One of whom was a crazy old coot (Cybill Shepherd) who claims to have killed him.

Will blunders around. Chad sulks and manipulates Roxie. She still pants after Jamie though, event though he’s a nut. Mia’s vile ex-boyfriend Gus sneers until Roxie, Kat and Joanne glare him to death. This was dull.

Best Lines:
“Don’t wave at my murderer!”

“Have you noticed that ever since Darryl bought the paper he’s been putting pictures of himself up everywhere like he’s Chairman Mao?”

“I’m in the woods with you knocking on what looks like the door of a serial killer.”

“I think I was afraid of him but for the life of me I can’t remember why.”

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‘Sherlock’ trailer

‘A Study in Terror’ trailer
Holmes vs Jack the Ripper, this looks very gothic.

‘Clue’ trailer
Cute trailer for a hilarious movie.

‘White Collar’ opening credits
I miss shows actually having opening credits.

The Event’ promo
This looks good, I’ll watch this.

‘Rubicon’ trailer

‘Scoundrels’ trailer
Hee, it’s like ‘The Good Wife’ only you know, good.

Profit’ trailers
Classic tv, great moody trailers.

Threads’ clips
This is depressing, shows how soft ‘Jericho’ really was.

The Deep’ trailer
Scary Books

Book Reviews: Cybele's Secret + Darkborn

Cybele’s Secret by Juliet Marillier

Paula and her merchant father visit the Ottoman Empire in search of an artefact called Cybele’s Gift. It is a totem of an ancient religion and many seek it, each for their own agenda.

Paula finds herself in peril as the quest for Cybele’s gift leads to adventure, tests of loyalty and love. This is an okay novel.

Darkborn by Alison Sinclair

The first of a fantasy trilogy. This tells of a world cursed to be divided into two societies. The Darkborn for whom sunlight is fatal and the Lightborn whose enemy is the dark. They co-exist but barely interact.

But something is stirring, something that threatens both peoples. Darkborn Balthasar aids a pregnant woman in distress and unwittingly becomes part of a web of magic and plots. His wife Telmaine has a secret she can no longer hide and the notorious Ishmael di Studier does his duty no matter the price. This is good engrossing stuff with fascinating world building. I’m intrigued as to how it will unfold.

'Chronicles of the Necromancer Book Four’ Quotes

“Putting Tris Drayke on Margolan’s throne didn’t solve everything.”
“I’ve noticed.”
“I believe there’s a greater darkness yet to come.”

“May he rot in the Crone’s belly.”

“Shanthadura was the roiling chaos in which stars die and from which no light escapes.”

Scary Books

2000 Tape Tale

Cleared out a tape from 2000. It had one ‘Xena, Warrior Princess, one ‘G vs E’, one ‘The X Files’ and one ‘Star Trek Voyager’ on it.

The ‘Xena’ ep was the dull ‘Lyre, Lyre Hearts on Fire’ which was the second musical ep this show did. Xena stages a battle of the bands for a lyre. Amazons show up in black leather, Joxer and yet another of his brother’s hang out, Xena displays her awful maternity costume and Xena’s ill fated mother shows up.

There is singing and much stuff that wouldn’t be out of place on ‘Glee’. There are issues and bad singing and idiot comedy. Still the ‘There is Always Something There to Remind Me’ song, the sing-a-long at the end and the end credits are good.

The ‘G vs E’ ep was the boring ‘Lady Evil’ in which a non-entity becomes a metal star thanks to a Faustian deal. Chandler and Henry have to save the day. Chandler’s idiot son Ben shows up as does Rossdale a thinly disguised Steven Tyler knock off. There is some sexist comments about female singers and an under appreciated background joke about the singer Lily. The ‘Fallen Angel’ song is good.

The ‘X Files’ ep was ‘First Person Shooter’ in which a VR game goes mental. What happened to Virtual Reality and Acid Rain anyway? Scully is pissy as always. Krista Allen shows up as a stripper and a VR character that kills people. This was mediocre.

Finally the ‘Voyager’ ep was the excreteable ‘Pathfinder’ in which the stunt cast Barclay chatted to the stunt cast Troi about how he works on an Interdimensional Deep Space Transponder Array to contact Voyager. Admiral Paris shows up and chats to Janeway and her vile hair but not his son.

Sherlock (2010 - ?) 1x01 Review

A Study in Pink

Dr John Watson a war vet who walks with a cane needs a flatmate and some inspiration for his blog. Then his friend Stamford introduces him to a man named Sherlock Holmes who beats up corpses. Watson is intrigued and a bit annoyed by Holmes and agrees to be his flatmate and help him solve crimes for Lestrade. This crime focuses on a series of mysterious suicides and a creepy cabbie.

This started out iffy (the opening credits are not good)  but rapidly improved. It was good, very enjoyable and full of subtext. Holmes is mean and creepy and deduces much about Watson via his phone. Lestrade’s co-workers think Holmes is a psychopath, they may be right even Holmes admits he’s a: “High functioning sociopath.”

Holmes uses nicotine patches to get high and the spectre of Moriarty lurks in the background. There is a great misdirect with Mycroft Holmes and the stage is set for more Holmes and Watson adventures.

Best Lines:
Yeah, he’s always like that.”

“She was leaving an angry note in German, of course she was writing Rachel.”

“He’s a psychopath, psychopaths get bored.”

“I would make some sort of threat but I’m sure your situation is quite clear to you.”

“It’s a three patch problem.”

“Bit of trouble too, I bet?”
“Of course, yes, enough for a lifetime. Far too much.”
“Want to see some more?”
“Oh god yes.”

“There’s a name nobody says and I’m not going to say it either.”

“How do you get a colleague? Did he follow you home?”

“I met him yesterday.”
“And since yesterday you’ve moved in with him and now you’re solving crimes together. Might we expect a happy announcement by the end of the week?”