July 13th, 2010

Scary Books

Book Reviews: Much Fall of Blood + Seance for a Vampire

Much Fall of Blood by Mercedes Lackey, Eric Flint and Dave Freer

This is the fourth in the ‘Heirs of Alexandria’ series as the alternate history saga continues. Prince Manfred and Erik Hakkonsen travel into Mongol lands on a diplomatic mission. But their journey becomes entwined with the latest scheme of King Emeric of Hungary.

Also Prince Vlad escapes from Emeric’s prison and seeks to take back his land of Valahia. The blood Countess continues her plotting and behind it all the demon Chernobog is playing a much bigger game than anyone can yet see.

This is a very good tale of politics, intrigue and blood magic. The only flaw if the tiresome Princes/love interest for Erik. Hopefully the fifth book in the saga won’t take as long to be published as this one did.

Séance for a Vampire by Fred Saberhagen

This is an odd Sherlock Holmes story that is still better than such publications as ‘The Man From Hell’ and ‘The Scroll of the Dead’. Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson investigate a medium and end up facing a vampire. Then Holmes is abducted and Dracula shows up to help Watson. This is a bizarre but okay story but the constantly switching narrators annoy.
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Movie Review: History of the World Part 1 (1981)

This scattershot Mel Brooks spoof is both dull and sporadically amusing. The Stone Age segment is dull. The skit about the 15, no, 10 Commandments is hilarious. The Roman Empire segment is vulgar and goes on too long. The Spanish Inquisition musical number is just bad. However the French Revolution segment is a break from the stale and pungent. Sadly overall this is dull.
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Quantum Leap Season 5 Review, Concluded

The Leap Between the States
Sam leaps into 1862 in the latest gimmick ep they cranked out in a failed attempt to prevent cancellation. Sam preaches, the guest actress can’t act and there is a patronising moral message. Ugh.

Memphis Melody
Sam leaps into Elvis. Al wears a peach suit and somehow dances on a diner counter. Season 2’s Stevie King appearance was better than this.

Best Line:
“Comb that hair, it looks like a chicken scratched in it.”

Mirror Image
Sam leaps into himself in a mysterious bar called Al’s Place on the day he was born. Familiar faces appear and Sam is his usual patronising self. Al wears his dress uniform for no clear reason other than he looks good in it.

Sam is rude and shows off his entitlement complex. We see the Imaging Chamber from Al’s POV. Sam and Al’s connection shows up again. Sam sort of realises how badly he’s treated Al. So he fixes Al’s first marriage to his true love Beth thus no doubt drastically changing Al’s life, personality and destiny. This was a bad ending to the show.

Questions remain: what was the bar? Where all the patrons leapers? Who was the bar tender? Is there a PQL for Sam to leap home to?
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‘Gothika’ trailer
I want to see this.

The Missing’ trailer
This looks interesting.”

‘Paranormal Activity 2’ trailer

Resident Evil: Afterlife’ trailer
How do we know it’s in 3D? Because stuff keeps flying at the screen!

‘The Green Hornet’ trailer
This looks funny.

‘Super 8’ trailer
I’m not overly impressed.