June 7th, 2010

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Stargate Universe Season 1 Ep 18 review


Telford is a spy for a clichéd bunch of baddies named the Lucian Alliance. The now friendly Rush and Young plot to bring Telford down. It doesn’t work out though. Wray shows up to cause trouble, O’Neill shows up to look bored and Daniel shows up for no clear reason.

There’s a baby shower for TJ. Telford sneers. It seems Young and Telford were once friends, Young had friends? Kiva a Lucian Alliance skank sneers. It seems she wants Destiny. Telford and Young smack each other around and Telford sneers about fallout from the actions of SG1, he actually has a point. This means of course the writers ignore it.

This starts intriguingly but goes downhill. Even the cliffhanger ending doesn’t inspire interest. If the Lucian Alliance is going to be the new big bad I have lost all interest in this show, I didn’t think it was possible for TPTB to find baddies more boring than the Wraith but they have.

Where did Rush get his bedspread? Why isn’t anyone concerned about the memory bleed through between Telford and the people he swapped with? Why did the memory bleed through only occur with Telford?

Supernatural Season 5 Ep 18 Review

Point of No Return

Bobby and Sam whine. Castiel rants, I’m tired of him. Sam and Dean’s half-brother Adam is brought back to life so he can be Michael’s vessel. Adam proves he truly is John’s son by being a stupid jerk. Meanwhile Dean doesn’t believe in Sam. Dean kills Zachariah. This was dull, badly edited and borderline incoherent. How did Bobby know about Adam? Why didn’t the angels revive Adam before now? Why can’t five minutes go by on this show without someone saying something totally obnoxious?
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‘Daybreakers’ quote

“Vampiric wildlife wandering into the sunlight has become the number one cause of forest fires throughout the nation.”

”It is impossible.”
“So is walking around without a pulse but here you are.”

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Flashforward Ep 19 Review

The Negotiation

New Suspect Zero footage becomes public and the day when the world catches up to their flashforward is close. Gabriel annoys, Olivia is shameless about having checked out of her marriage and Noh is the father of Janis’ baby. Simon meets Lita. Janis’ handler annoys. Aaron rescues Tracey. Mark busts Janis and Simon has a plan. This was okay. What are the motives of the baddies? Is Gabriel telling the truth? Why is everyone treating Gabriel like a sage?
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‘Killers’ trailer
Hee, it’s a total ‘Mr & Mrs Smith’ rip-off though.

‘Can’t be Tamed’ Miley Cyrus music vid
I like this song.

‘The Princess Academy’
This 1986 comedy looks dire.

‘Birds of Prey' Christina Aguilera
This is fantastic.

‘Stronger than Ever' Christian Aguilera
This is good.
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Book Reviews: The Glass Demon + In Great Waters + The Prostrate Years

The Glass Demon by Helen Grant

Lin Fox and her fractured family move to Germany so her father can research a legendary collection of stained glass. The infamous long lost Allerheiligen stained glass is priceless and rumoured to be cursed, a demon is supposed to inhabit it.

Lin doesn’t believe in curses or demons, she’s more concerned about dealing with the locals her treat her and her family with cold, irritated contempt. Also her family is falling part and soon Lin will realise that demons in all their guises are very real.

This is an excellent novel of suspense, unease and sinister human behaviour.

In Great Waters by Kit Whitfield

This is a mesmerising novel that reimagines the world. An uneasy accord holds between the people of the land and the people of the sea. England’s royal family are of deepsmen blood but the royal house is collapsing under the weight of centuries of inbreeding.

Princess Anne sees her mother fight to keep the crown stable. But not so far from court is Henry, the product of a forbidden union between a landsman and a deepswoman. He has been groomed to seize the throne. Henry cannot understand landsmen ways and comes across as an ignorant brute meanwhile Princess Anne juggles politics, religion and the fate of nations.

A conflict is coming and it will takes wit, wiles and a meeting of different mindsets to stop it. This is a wonderful novel about a different world. The culture of this world is chilling in its implications the more you think about it but it is fascinating to read about.

Adrian Mole: The Prostrate Years by Sue Townsend

Adrian Mole is 39, in debt, his wife is a whining adulteress, his daughter is a brat and he has health issues. Also the bookstore he works in is facing closure, his mother is writing a fake misery-lit memoir and plans to go on ‘The Jeremy Kyle Show’ to solve the mystery of Rosie’s paternity once and for all.

Adrian is in despair as his wife Daisy is devoured by resentment and becomes a maddening nag. Little Gracie is a devious, sulky drama queen and malevolent outside forces shake his world. But it is not all doom and gloom as Adrian’s romance with Pandora Braithwaite is reignited.

This is a very good, very funny tale despite some sombre subject matter. A lot of plots are left dangling and I hope there will be a follow up.