April 27th, 2010

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Heroes Season 4 Ep 18 Review

Brave New World

Emma changes her mind. Edgar lurks. Ando doesn’t seem to have a job. Peter’s a jerk. Hiro finds Charlie and she had a life without him and she’s old so he lets her go. Matt joins Peter in worship of The Sylar. Noah doesn’t care about Lyle at all. Tracy shows up. Claire forgets Gretchen as she has herself to think about.

Noah and Claire tell the carnies what to do ignoring that Samuel giving the carnies orders was a bad thing but when they do it it’s okay. The ‘specials’ work together as a team sort of. Why did it take four seasons for them to do this? Samuel is arrested. The Sylar gets away with everything because he’s a hero now. Claire shows the world the truth; Noah makes it all about him as per susal. This was dire. I hope this is cancelled.

This show ends with a splat and it started with a bang.

Supernatural Season 5 Ep 13 Review

The Song Remains the Same

Anna returns and travels back in time to 1978 to kill John and Mary Winchester. Sam and Dean are sent after her and they save their idiot parents. John and Mary are idiots. Michael shows up, uses John as a vessel and burns Anna to ash. Why doesn’t he just stay in John?

How is 2010 money valid in 1978? John and Mary were really awful parents but by dying all is forgiven. This was not good and the acting was awful. Michael sweet talks Dean by saying Dean won’t be left a drooling mess if he becomes a vessel. We all know the season 5 cliffhanger will be Dean as Michael’s vessel. There was only one effective moment in this ep, a pregnant Mary reassuring unborn Dean that: “Angels are watching over you.” Ominous, Dean had no chance at all did he?

Best Line:
“Their sons are back from the future to save them from an angel gone terminator.”

“Team Free Will: one ex blood junkie, one drop out with six bucks to his name and Mr Comatose over there.

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Film Reviews: Double Jeopardy + Young Sherlock Holmes

Double Jeopardy (1999)

Libby (Ashley Judd) lives in upper middle class tweeness with her husband Nick (Bruce Greenwood) and son Matty. Then Nick and Libby go out on a boat for the weekend, Nick vanishes, there is blood everywhere and Libby is convicted of his murder. Libby’s in jail and has her best friend Angie (Annabeth Gish of ‘The X Files’) adopt her son.

Then by chance during a phone call she learns that Nick and Angie set up the entire thing and framed her so they could run off together. Libby broods and plots vengeance and her jailhouse buddies coach her on how to impress the parole board. So after just six years she gets parole and ends up in a half way house run by Travis (Tommy Lee Jones). He’s a hardcase prompting Libby to ask: “What the hell’s wrong with that guy?”

Libby jumps parole and Travis chases after her like he’s Sam Gerard or something. Libby tries to track down her no good no account husband and learns that Angie is dead. We never get any reasons why Angie the ho did such a terrible thing to her friend. Nick’s love of art enables Libby to track him to New Orleans.

The smug Nick has a new name, a bad fake southern accent and 80’s dress sense. Nick and Libby meet up and the film grinds to a halt as Nick’s annoyingness affects its function. Also Libby acts stupidly likes she’s on a mepherdrone binge. Still this is a good film even if the ending does fall apart.

How did Libby sleep through Nick’s ‘murder’? Why’d she pick up the knife? How did Nick get off the boat? How did Libby get the life insurance if she was in jail of Nick’s murder? Why did Travis leave her alone on the ferry? How did Nick fake the provenance on his art work? Why is only Travis after Libby?

Best Lines:
Five cartons says she offs herself inside of six months.”

“Heard you did your husband. He probably deserved it.”
“Mine did.”

“You will observe all the rules in this facility. This means no fighting, no fornicating, no drinking, no drugs, no exceptions, no excuses.”

“What are you talking to me for? She’s the one with the gun.”

“I’ll have you arrested for stupidity.”

Young Sherlock Holmes (1985)

This adventure fancifully suggests another way Holmes and Watson might have started their partnership. This film says the duo meet at boarding school where Watson looked like Harry Potter and everyone called him fat while Holmes was rat faced and obsessed with Elizabeth, the token woman.

Watson is a clumsy idiot and Holmes is a snooty, stuck-up jerk who doesn’t want to be alone. Don’t worry mate, you’ve met your life partner and it isn’t Elizabeth. Various people near the school are dying via 1980’s SFX. The stained glass attack is rather good. So the bored coped up Holmes and Watson investigate as they lurk around the school like the Phantom of the Opera.

Watson buys a pipe and acts like he’s 45 when he appears to be about 9. Holmes comes up against Osiris worshipers. This film is a bit diverting but what is the point of it? The film is better when scenes don’t involve creepy rituals, the utterly superfluous Elizabeth and the cultists and their obscurely malevolent motives. Lestrade shows up as the village cooper. We get hints of Holmes’ background. It takes the duo forever to figure out that the school fencing master Rathe is the baddie. Elizabeth dies prettily. Holmes is sad. Rathe gets away and changes his name to Moriarity. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“I would rather die a gruesome and horrible death.”
“Very well and I will oblige.”

“You fight like an undernourished child.”
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Doctor Who: The Time of Angels Review

The Doctor, Amy, River Song and a bevy of red shirts trek through the Maze of the dead in search of a Weeping Angel.

The 2007 ep ‘Blink’ which was the first appearance of the Weeping Angels was very good and really scary; this was equally good and equally scary. There is one problem. What is up with Amy? Is she stupid or something?

The Doctor and his gang run around the Maze being menaced by Angels. What is going on? Who are the Angels and what is their plan? Also who and what is River? The 51st Century church is something. Isn’t the Doctor wondering if Jack Harkness will show up? This was good; Matt Smith now seems able to act. It's not up to the level of 'Turn Left' though.

Best Lines:
These words could burn stars.”

“There’s a difference between dormant and patient.”

“The eyes are not the windows of the souls, they are the doors. Beware what may enter there
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Trailers old and new

Fringe promo: ‘The Man From The Other Side’
They gave away the twist ending in the promo.

Fringe promo: ‘Brown Betty’
I don’t even know where to begin. Fringe becomes Glee?

Star Trek: Enterprise promo: ‘Detained
Also known as the ep where ‘Quantum Leap’ fans can see Al and Sam smack each other around. Good ep.

Star Trek: Enterprise promo: ‘Minefield
This ep had the first appearance of the Romulans on ‘Enterprise’, why doesn’t the promo mention it? Great ep BTW.

Star Trek: Enterprise promos: ‘In a Mirror Darkly 1&2’
Awful promos for such a good two parter.
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Flashforward Ep 14 Review

Queen Sacrifice

So apparently either this show or ‘V’ will be renewed. I vote for ‘V’. Mark moves out for some reason mostly because Olivia is selfish. They continue to ignore their kid. Dyson Frost’s old videotape reveals he has had hundreds of flashforwards. But how that happened or why he made the videotape at all isn’t explained.

Mark and Vogel go on a hunt for the mole. Simon wears an ugly sweater. During the whack-a-mole hunt a bug is found in Mark’s laptop and an FBI agent reveals his love of an online game called ‘Warlords of Avalon’. Keiko has given up her robotics job to bum around LA with ‘Fast and the Furious’ rejects.

A background character is revealed as the mole and the reveal is made via sugar packets. Olivia and Lloyd talk about a quantum entanglement device and anaesthesia. Bryce kisses Nicole. Simon comes face to face with the somewhat unexpected second mole. Which doesn’t make much sense in retrospect but we’ll see how it plays out. This was very good.

Why hasn’t Lloyd done any work before now? What does dark matter have to do with flashforwards? Why did Dyson Frost play chess to morse code? Who are the moles working for? Where did motorbike guy come from?

Best Line:
This is really screwing with my trust issues.”
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Fringe Season 2 Ep 19 Review

The Man From The Other Side

A moron teenager pokes a mysterious blob with a stick; the twerp is then killed by a shape shifter from the other side. So unfolds a tale of a shape shifter embryo and how the two universes are out of sync but sometimes come into sync and crossings can be made.

Peter tells Olivia his mother killed herself. Olivia makes some errors in covering up for Walter. Peter calls Walter dad for the first time ever. Granted he called Walter “daddy” in season 1 but he was on drugs at the time. But it is all downhill for Walter and Peter after that. Newton is back and he is setting up a crossing point for a man from the other side.

The team try to stop Newton but someone from the other side crosses over and due to a series of events Peter makes a revelation. He knows and he is filled with cold, angry, suppressed rage. He looks at Olivia with hate and he confronts Walter. Nothing can be done to fix this. Walter did the damage a long time ago. Peter runs. So where has he gone and whose side will he be on? Walter can’t make any excuses; Peter just discovered he is a kidnap victim stolen to order to be a replacement goldfish for the late Peter Bishop. Peter isn’t Walter’s son but where is his real father been all these years? This was very good.

Why is crossing universes so difficult? Walter crossed over and back and Peter crossed over with no bother. Massive Dynamic has an astro-dynamical division? Who is the Secretary? Is it Walternate? What happened to ZFT? Why did the shape shifter apologise to Walter? Did it think he was Walternate? Are Shape shifters made or are they altered humans? Does nobody notice Newton’s set up by the river? Why did the doomed FBI agent just stand there? Does nobody see the bridge appear and disappear?

Best Lines:
You didn’t just open up a hole to the other side, you went through and you brought me back.”

“I’m not from here am I?”

“I am not your son.”