April 23rd, 2010

Scary Books

'Bones' Quotes

"I'd have shed a tear if my duct worked proper."

"Why aren't you smiling?"
"I wasn't amused by anything."

Scary Books

Stargate Universe Season 1 Ep 12 Review


The Spanish Inquisition was a bad time, this is hell. Chloe dreams and decides to join in as the civilians stage a coup against the military as part of Rush's cunning plan. Wray has finally got off her complaining ass and done something but why is Chloe part of this? Then the fish aliens attack. This was dull. Eli and Scott should stop panting after the moronic Chloe after this. These people are morons. Why did nobody notice Rush's alien implanted tracking device before now? Why are all the civilians following Rush? Chloe helping in Rush's surgery?

Best Line:
"They've been tracking this ship for some time, long long before we got here."
Scary Books

1998 Tape Tale

Cleared out a videotape from circa 1998, it had two tv show episodes on it. One each of 'Due South' and 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'. The 'Due South' ep was a season 3 missive entitled 'Bounty Hunter' in which a female bounty hunter named Janet and her three moppets show up. Fraser falls for her even though she's a married, self pitying whiner. This was dull.

Best Line:
"Dad, mom and I saw you once about every 16 weeks and sometimes then you slept out with the dogs."

The 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer' ep was a season 2 ep named 'Innocence' in which Angel has lost his soul and he's sort of rampaging around Sunnydale. If Drusilla is so mad, who does her eye make up and fancy manicure? Xander needs to shut up. Willow finds out about Xander dating Cordelia and makes it all about herself as usual. Even the gypsies seem to acknowledge the curse they placed on Angel was stupid. Giles is a clod. Jenny lies and lies and lies. Buffy learns about Jenny's lies via a prophetic dream. What happened to these dreams in later seasons? Buffy attacks Jenny who owns up to her smug lies. Buffy deals with the judge who is a useless non-event. Jenny is exiled from the Scooby gang. This was okish.

Best Lines:
"A 400 pound wino offered to wash my hair."

"I'm naming all the stars."
"You can't see the stars love, that's the ceiling. Also it's day."

"What are we going to do?"
"Leaning towards blind panic myself."

Scary Books

Thoughts on 'Quantum Leap'

Looking back on this show which I saw in re-runs, one does wonder about certain things. Did Al get any time off from his Observer job? Did his fashion choices indicate he was colour blind? Even in the series finale the duo never got a reunion hug after years of incorporeality. In fact did Sam erase their friendship by his actions in the series finale by saving Al's first marriage? Sam needed to save Al's marriage to his soulmate Beth after the crap Sam pulled in the Vietnam eps but was their a price? Does Sam have a home timeline to leap back to? If not, is that why he never returned home? With al's past changed so radically, he will be someone else entirely. After knowing him for five seasons, Sam has fundamentally changed who his best friend is. We don't know who Al is anymore. How depressing.
Scary Books

Book Reviews: The Veiled Detective + Hex Hall

The Veiled Detective by David Stuart Davies

Everyone knows the adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson, or do they? This novel portrays their early adventures in a very different light.

What if Watson was an unreliable narrator? What if the cases he wrote about didn't really happen they way he described? What if his meeting and subsequent friendship with Holmes was arranged? What if Watson wasn't his real name and instead he was a paid agent of Professor Moriarity? This is a good reimagining of a classic partnership which sheds a new and somewhat unsavoury light on two characters you think you know.

Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins

Sophie Mercer misuses her magical abilities and so is shipped off to Hecate Hall, a reform school for witches, shapeshifters and faeries. Sophie soon has enemies in the form of the school mean girls, a pack of pretentious prigs who bully her endlessly. She also gets a ghostly stalker, a roommate who is a vampire and a crush on a smug jerk. Life at Hex Hall pretty much sucks. But Sophie is not a soft little dove, she's a raptor. She just doesn't know it yet.

This is an excellent and funny read. It seems to be the first in a series and I fully intend to read any follow ups.
Scary Books

V Ep 8 Review

We Can't Win

If 'Flashforward' can possibly be renewed then this should be renewed. Why has nobody asked the V's about their society, culture or language. Or what the name of their race and home planet is? Why does Tyler never take off his V jacket? Why is he such a brat? Why does the future of the V's depend on Lisa?

Anyway Val's on the run, Erica is assigned to investigate the Fifth Column and Lisa fails her empathy test. Isn't Lisa's jacket camera recording her conversations about the failed test with Joshua? Anna comes up against a sceptical politician but a very convenient natural disaster makes the V's heroes. Anna gives the world a gift of blue energy. Chad seems to be on Team V. Val goes to a V healing centres and is rescued by Ryan. Tyler is definitely on Team V as he and Lisa get it on. Will there be two hybrid pregnancies?

The resistance carry out a sting operation that goes badly. Chad's a tool. Joshua has a plan and Marcus just looks smug. This was good.

Best Lines:
"You're not just visitors, you're here to stay."

"Once they're dependent on it, we can turn it off."


Lost Season 6 Ep 13 Review

The Last Recruit

Fake Locke calls dead Locke stupid and says he impersonated Christian. He could be lying or maybe he isn't. Claire and Jack talk. Zoë and her stupid voice continue to annoy. Widmore's crew act like thugs. Sawyer continues with his stupid nicknames and his idiot plans. Kate talks Claire down. Lapidus does indeed look like he "stepped off the set of a Burt Reynolds movie." Sawyer's plan to hijack the sub goes wrong, because he's an idiot. Sun and Jin reunite. Zoë annoys even more.

In the sideways world Sun and Locke meet in the ER and Sun screams at the sight of Locke. Desmond stalks Claire and manipulates her into meeting Jack and Ilana. In this reality, Ilana is a lawyer with straightened hair. This was good, season 6 interests me again but Sawyer, Zoë and Widmore all need to die.

Why does Claire have wild hair and plucked eyebrows? Is Sayid fully gone over to the dark side? Is Jack press ganged into Team Evil? Why is Desmond so creepy? Why did the well suddenly get so shallow? Which dead woman is Sayid referring to? Nadia or Shannon? Did Sayid kill Desmond? Why did Ilana think it would be a nice surprise for Jack to meet a half-sister who is the product of an affair his dead father was having? Is Fake Locke afraid they'll leave? Desmond's boat look spiffy for having been floating around the island for years. Who is paying for Sun's hospital stay? What is Widmore playing at?

Best Lines:
"Why are you still here?"

"Whether you like it or not, you're with him now."

"What's going on?"
"People trying to kill us again."

"We had a deal."
"Deal's off."