April 20th, 2010


'Quantum Leap' Quotes

"I can assume with 96.5% accuracy that he and Suzanne are either parked at the top of Lover's Leap or dead at the bottom."

"Your counterpart in the waiting room thinks he's dead. He thinks I'm St Peter and I'm going to send him to hell for over charging his hours."

"How could you, then of course how could you not?"

"I guess I owe you one too."
"Just one?"

"I seem to intimidate them."
"Maybe it's your clothes."

"You're going to die on May 14th. that's in two days."
"I know that Al. Why?"
"Why? Well, probably because you can't live with two thousand volts of electricity going through your body."

"Do you have to sneak up on me?"
"I'm sorry. What do you expect a hologram to do? Knock?"

"I've changed history. Oh my god, I've killed Al!"

"She was never in danger."
"She is now."

"You know how this story's going to end, don't you?"
"I know how you want it to."
"Yes, I believe you do."

"3500 year old dead men do not just get up and walk around."

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Heroes Season 4 Ep 17 Review

The Wall

This is cancelled right?

We get the Sylar/Peter/Noah/Claire show. Joy. Samuel has Noah's deepest secrets revealed. He had a wife before Sandra who was killed by a special so he dedicated to killing all 'abnormal' specials. Claire upon seeing her daddy is a serial killer doesn't care. It is then revealed that Noah married Sandra and her bad wig on the orders of his evil boss (Eric Roberts). Claire still doesn't care. It is then revealed he menaced Gretchen. Claire and Noah act like snots, they really don't care about anyone but themselves.

Meanwhile Peter is obsessed with Emma. He's forgotten Caitlin and forgives Sylar for killing Nathan. Sylar's suddenly good again. Oh for crying out loud. Why doesn't Samuel just kill Lauren, Claire and Noah? He has movie villain syndrome. Matt seems to have vanished. This was just awful.
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Numb3rs Season 5 Ep 17 Review

First Law

Season 5 has been turgid but this ep was actually good. A supercomputer named Bailey is suspected of murdering her creator. Charlie gets a job offer, Amita is in peril and the sentient AI Bailey turns out to be a fraud. The villain of the week is obvious but this was okay.
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Doctor Who: Victory of the Daleks Review

In the dark days of WW2, Winston Churchill summons the Doctor to London and the Daleks are waiting. This was an okay ep but the new theme music is horrible,Amy pond annoys and Matt Smith cannot act. Also the Doctor seems unconcerned that the 9th Doctor, Rose, Jack Harkness and at least three other versions of Jack may be running around London right now.

He's more concerned that the Daleks are serving tea. The Doctor and the Daleks have a chat and more Daleks show up. They're back, again. We also get spitfires in outer space, Amy and the Doctor talking down a robot bomb and the new breed Daleks wiping out the old Daleks shrieking: "Cleanse the unclean!"

Why doesn't Amy know about the Daleks? What are the cracks about? This show has lost something with RTD's departure.

Best Lines:
"Wren's churches in flames."
"Yeah? Try the Earth in flames."

"The Restoration of the Daleks!"

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Flashforward Ep 13 Review

Better Angels

Janis, Demetri, Vogel, Simon and some red shirts go to Somalia. In various other uninteresting subplots Nicole decides to study pre-med, Bryce's on/off sickness returns and the hunt continues for Dyson Frost who has a name out of a low rent urban fantasy novel. Janis and co run into a warlord who had a flashforward of being a peace maker. Demetri and co find a creepy 18 year old video tape made by Dyson Frost. Olivia finally asks Charlie about her flashforward.

It is becoming clear that Mark may have no future, that time travel may be involved, that Vogel has an agenda and that Olivia is utterly selfish. This was an abysmally awful episode. People are changing their flashforwards left and right, why assume the future is set in stone?

Best Lines:
"Tell me who you people are or I will kill him."
"Sod off."

"Death is a black camel that kneels at every man's gate.

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Fringe Season 2 Ep 18 Review

White Tulip

A man named Peck (Peter Weller of 'Odyssey 5') can travel through time. Walter debates on how to tell Peter. As for Peter, he is noting Walter's odd behaviour. Wait until he finds out everyone lied to him. Anyway Peck has turned himself into a time machine because his fiancée died and he blames himself. Walter sees a kindred spirit in Peck. Yes they're both selfish and don't care about how many deaths they cause as long as they get what they want. Peck and Walter talk, Walter goes deep into the self pity as he reveals he stole a child. Peck doesn't blink. Peck does as he wills. This was good, but TPTB really want to whitewash Walter's crimes.

What happened to the ghost network and the discs embedded in people's hands? Where is Jessup? Why does Peter never get deja vu? Is it because he is living in the wrong universe? Where is the past version of Peck during all his time travelling? Didn't anyone notice his extreme body modifications? How did Peck's letter get to MIT?

Best Lines:
"Grief can drive people to extraordinary lengths."

"I crossed into another universe and took a son that wasn't mine."


Supernatural Season 5 Ep 12 Review

Swap Meat

Gary a teenage man-witch body swaps with Sam. Gary as Sam runs off with Dean. Sam as Gary is stuck in the burbs with his mean family and evil witch buddies. It takes Dean a while to notice that Sam isn't Sam. Gary's moron witch buddies try to make a deal with a demon. Sam, Dean and Gary have to save the day. This was okay and rather funny. But John used to abandon his kids with motel chambermaids? Charming, that man had no concern for anyone but himself.

Best Lines:
"Young man are you drunk?"

"You little satanic bastard."

"Are you smoking drugs?"

"Have you idiots been talking to demons?"

"I wouldn't exactly call praying to our dark overlord goofing around."

"Yum. Tastes like moron."

"Rebel a little bit, in a healthy non-satanic way."

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I read 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' issue 34. That blew.

'Survivors' has been axed, maybe the BBC will finally repeat the 1970's original which is supposed to be pretty good.

This song by Pink ('Who Knew') speaks to me:

"If someone said three years from now
you'd be long gone
I'd stand up and punch them out
cause they're all wrong"

I'm trying to think of a memorable ep of 'Star Trek: Enterprise' prior to season 4 and all I can come up with is the season 1 ep 'Detained' especially the ending when Grat goes berserk.
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Being Human Series 2 Eps 1 - 4 Reviewed

Episode One

George acts like a burk and shags a vampire named Daisy. Annie gets a job in a pub. Team Evil who work for a Professor Jaggat plot and experiment on a werewolf. Mitchell meets the bland Lucy. Nina tells George that she is a werewolf now and Annie acts dumb. This was terrible.

Best Line:
"The disembodied spirit of a dead woman is getting a job in the service industry. What could possibly go wrong?"

Episode Two

Annie's new friend Saul gets a message through the tv from that smug git Terry Wogan. Jaggat's gang have bugged the flat. Saul almost died in a car accident and he and Annie talk about the corridor. Mitchell helps his friend Carl who accidentally killed his boyfriend. The new vampire Ivan annoys, George and Annie are twits and Saul is driven to try and drag Annie through the door. That leads to screeching and large ham acting. Nina runs away and is found by Jaggat and co. Annie whines because now she can't be seen by other people anymore. This is okay.

Best Line:
"Every country surrounded by a coral reef of bones."

Episode Three

This opens with a medieval times prologue. Then a couple are attacked by vampires and the cover up protocols that Herrick put in place aren't in place any more. The vampires act like a mob who sing Amy Winehouse and have no sense. Cara the vampire kills two bullying chavs. Mitchell tries to lead the vampires and starts by punishing Cara for her actions. Mitchell is pronounced king. Somehow the flatmates can't see the huge bug in their apartment and to the surprise of no-one Lucy is Professor Jaggat. Who saw that coming? Everyone. This was okay.

Best Lines:
"Why can't you guys stick to homeless alkies?"

"Are you asking me out in a mortuary?"
"Well, we did meet in a toilet."

Episode Four

Annie meets Sykes, another ghost who is a Captain Jack Harkness clone. George buys a cage and discovers that Bristol is full of pervs. Mitchell turns the vampires into a 12 step programme. Annie acts stupid and selfish. Mitchell chases Lucy. George gets a TEFL job. Sykes trains Annie to use her ghost powers like in the film 'Ghost'. George gets a new love interest in single mother Sam. George is acting like he's on meth and beats up his mean boss. Mitchell and Ivan plot. This was okay. Series 2 is just not grabbing me, everyone is a jerk.