March 19th, 2010

Scary Books

Burn Notice season 1 Eps 4 – 7 Reviewed

Old Friends
This show just does nothing for me sadly. Michael tangles with his stupid scumbag brother Nate as well as free a bimbo from some pimps. Michael’s mother continues to be in denial about her abusive husband and the fact that Nate is a tool. This was dull.

Best Lines:
“If it looks like you’re about to get into a fight that could get you killed, try starting another one.”

“One more thing about bobby-traps, make sure your friends know not to drop by unannounced.”

Family Business
Nate whines as Michael tangles with arms dealers. Michael and Fiona have fun with cake icing. Michael continues to put up with his moron family. This is a less interesting take on ‘The Pretender’. This was dull.

Unpaid Debts
Agent Bly and his terrible acting show up to intimidate Michael. Nate does his usual ‘poor me’ whine. A boat repo goes badly. This is all boring dross and detritus.

Best Line:
“I gave her enough sedatives to knock out a trucker.”

Broken Rules
Bly continues to annoy and show off his rotten acting. Fi shows off her bad lip job. Ernie (Esai Morales of ‘Jericho’ and ‘Caprica’) hires Michael to get rid of Concha a cold hearted crime boss. So Michael wears a sleeveless shirt and goes wild with a baseball bat and turpentine to scare off Concha’s crew. Concha is impressed by his serious psycho act and hires him so Michael resorts to more extreme methods to get rid of her. This disappointed.
Scary Books

The Clifton House Mystery (1978) Ep 6 Review

And so it ends, thankfully. This started out well but rapidly descended into non-scares and bad acting. What a shame. Various characters pull faces like they’re doing a sick in their noses while Jenny just acts stoned. The father finally calls the authorities about the skeleton in the house. The mother then lets her son move into the room where the English version of ‘A Rose For Emily’ was re-enacted. Gross. The family decide to stay in the house as well as go on TV about the events. As the ep finally ends it is hinted that it’s all about to start again or something. This was dire.

Best Line:
“Your surveyor didn’t do a very good job.”
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Caprica Ep 7 Review

The Imperfections of Memory

Clarice goes on about resurrection. Amanda freaks out about the maglev memorial being moved. So Clarice manipulates her some more. Zoë bullies Lacy. Why Lacy puts up with the sulky brat to the point of joining the STO isn’t explained. Zoë manipulates Philomon. Joseph runs around New Cap City.

Clarice and her group marriage are all nuts. Clarice and Amanda bond over Amanda revealing her brother died and she ended up in a mental hospital for years because she kept seeing him. Vergis reveals the MCP chip never worked. Daniel rants and finally wonders if Zoë is in the cylon.

This was dull. Sure the seeds of the destruction of the 12 colonies are being sown as Zoë plans more cylons, Clarice thinks Amanda’s psychotic gibberish is prophecy and Daniel is just a vile person on so many levels.

Best Lines:
Dead people shouldn’t have avatars.”

“I spent the first six months chasing my dead brother down hallways.”

“All of this has happened before and all of it will happen again.”

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The Fugitive (1993) Review

Dr Richard Kimble (Harrison Ford) is wrongly convicted of killing his wife. As he is being taken to death row, his prison bus crashes and is hit by a train. He runs for it and is chased down by unrelenting force of nature US Marshal Sam Gerard (Tommy Lee Jones who rightly won an Oscar for this dynamic role).

Dr Kimble runs, shaves off his Chuck Norris beard and decides to find the one armed man who killed his wife himself. Why his legal team didn’t manage to do that already is never explained. Kimble is always a bit too lucky: his injury that never bothers him again, the fact that no one sees him treating himself at the hospital, the fact he just find shaving gear, food, hair dye and that a nurse is really unobservant. That’s some medical school Kimble went to. Did it have a survival class?

Gerard meanwhile kicks down doors and utters a series of withering one liners showing off his wry sense of humour. He and his team chase Kimble at a dam, down stairs and through a St Patrick’s Day parade. Kimble’s leprechaun hat during the St Patrick’s Day scene is something to behold. Kimble keeps looking for the one armed man (Andreas Katsulas of ‘Babylon 5’). Who hires a one armed man as a hitman anyway? Also Kimble’s hair dye wears off pretty fast.

Kimble finds the big bad behind it all and there is a big showdown. Kimble and Gerard bond, sort of. Still I wonder if TPTB ever thought of making a more downbeat ending. What if during the big confrontation the big bad had managed to shoot Gerard? What would have happened to Kimble then? This is a very good film. I dread the inevitable remake. Tommy Lee Jones as Gerard steals this movie be it shouting exposition, inexplicably discharging a firearm in a crowd and uttering great lines.

Best Lines:
“I didn’t kill my wife.”
“I don’t care.”

“He’s dead.”
“That’ll make him easy to catch.”

“What is this, a trench coat convention?”

“It’s time to stop running!”

“I thought you didn’t care.”
“I don’t. Don’t tell anybody, okay?”

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Lost Season 6 Ep 8 Review


Kate continues to pant over Sawyer. Also Sawyer seems to have rapidly forgotten Juliet as he cries over Kate’s ratty sundress from season 3. Zack still has his creepy teddy bear. In the flash sideways Sawyer and Miles are cops while Charlotte makes an unnecessary return to annoy, be shrill and ever useless.

Sawyer finds out the fate of the Ajira survivors. Fake Locke says he plans to fly the plane off the island. Sure. Kate finally cops on that’s she’s fallen in with crazy people when Sayid acts stoned and Claire tries to knife her.

The goob Widmore acts like a snot as his people set up pylons and make plots. What’s in the locked room? How does Sawyer plan to steal Widmore’s submarine? What is the annoying Widmore up to now? What is the point of the flash sideways? This was okay.

Best Lines:
“I’m the smoke thing.”

“Well, that sounds safe.”

“Are you alright?”

“Take me to your leader.”