March 15th, 2010

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Supernatural Season 5 Ep 7 Review

The Curious Case of Dean Winchester

Bobby shows up to whine, be a jerk and lose a poker game to a man witch. Sam and Dean try to save the day as they battle a he witch who gambles for years of people’s lives. Bobby is a know all and a selfish moron, why do they put up with him anyway? This ep was wearisome and was bad on the level of season 4. ‘Supernatural’, you disappoint me. This was awful.
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Burn Notice Season 1 Eps 2&3 Reviewed


Michael wears a too tight white t-shirt and goes up against a con man named Quentin (Mark Pellegrino of ‘Supernatural’ and ‘Lost’). An old woman was defrauded of her savings and Michael wants that money back. Fi has ditched her Irish accent for a US accent and a whole new hoochie wardrobe. The plan to con the con man falls apart and a new plan must be thought up. This was bad.

Best Lines:
“You’ve been in the business way too long when you recognise the sound of a .45 calibre over the phone.”

“You were supposed to nudge him, not send him into a homicidal frenzy.”

Fight or Flight

Michael helps a waitress and her selfish, snotty, stupid teenager daughter. Bruce Campbell has really gone to seed. Michael takes the bad guy down, the daughter does stupid things and Michael’s mom ignores all his tales about how Michael was beaten by his father. This was bad.

Best Line:
“I remember him making me fake a seizure at Mr Good Wrench so he could steal spark plugs.”
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Heroes Season 4 Ep 11 Review

The Fifth Stage

TPTB just love their lens flare. Instead of concentrating on Nathan’s farewell, TPTB stuff this ep full of dull, unnecessary Samuel, Lauren and Noah scenes. Angela suddenly accepts that Nathan is dead. Peter decides to beat up Sylar. Claire’s spoilt, why does Gretchen care about her anyway?

Peter fights the large ham Sylar and attacks him with a nail gun. Peter gets Nathan back sort of and they chat and Nathan tosses himself off the roof, turns back into Sylar and walks off. Nathan is gone, what a lame insulting way to get rid of his character.

Elsewhere Noah’s revelation about how badly he treated the ‘specials’ has been forgotten. Samuel starts ranting about living space and nobody cops on that he’s a psycho. The creep puppet master Doyle shows up and he and Claire are friendly. Why? Why does Nathan still care about his psycho mother after what she did? Where are Becky and Hiro? This was dire.

Best Lines:
There’s not a Nathan to get back.”

“You really, really shouldn’t have.”

“What are you going to do? Beat him out of me?”

Scary Books

Book Reviews: Turn Coat + Carbon Diaries 2015

The Dresden Files: Turn Coat by Jim Butcher

This is the 11th ‘Dresden Files’ novel and it is excellent. Harry Dresden’s nemesis Morgan shows up on his doorstep asking for help. Morgan has been accused of treason and murder by the White Council and they have only one punishment for those crimes. So Harry has to protect Morgan and find the real traitor.

This was tremendously entertaining. The ongoing plot arcs of the evil cabal of wizards, Harry’s mysterious island and Harry’s idiot apprentice go on. There are many hints for possible future plots. This is a welcome return to form after the disappointment of ‘Small Favour’.

The Carbon Diaries 2015 by Saci Lloyd

This is the prequel to ‘Carbon Diaries 2017’ and is much better. The UK has just introduced carbon rationing to the disgust of smart mouth teenager Laura Brown. As her family and society struggle to adjust to the change, things fall apart somewhat spectacularly.

This is a hilariously funny take on a possible future. Laura has to deal with carbon rationing, her talentless punk band, her bad boy boyfriend, her selfish sister and eccentric neighbours.

Lost Season 6 Ep 7 Review

Dr Linus

In the flash-sideways Ben talks about Napoleon and Elba. He also tutors Alex and tries to steal the Principle’s job. He’s backed by Locke and Arzt, but his better nature wins out. So he all he has is his father and their memories of Dharma.

On the island, Ben somehow escaped fake Locke. Then Miles reveals that Ben killed Jacob. Miles also has an interest in Nikki and Paulo and their diamonds. Richard has lost his cool, calm exterior and is becoming unhinged. His trust in Jacob is gone and he regards Jacob’s gift as a curse. Fake Locke tempts Ben only for Ilana to make a kind offer. Ben seems to be acting nice, for now.

As Richard and Jack have a chat, the goob Widmore is lurking. This was okay; it was nice to finally see Richard again.

How can Ben get off the island? How did he set up his network of people? How much dynamite did the Black Rock hold? How long has Richard worked for Jacob? Did Miles dig up Nikki and Paulo to get their diamonds? How did Widmore find the island?

Best Line:
“Whatever he says, don’t believe him.”