March 9th, 2010


Book Review: Voyage

Voyage by Stephen Baxter

From the author of ‘Flood’, ‘Ark’ and ‘Moonseed’ comes this tale of a world that never was. This is a tale of the right stuff in a world somewhat different than our own. In this world, JFK survived the bullets in Dallas and has become an avid proponent of NASA urging on human exploration of Mars.

A mission to Mars will take decades to plan, fiance, build and staff. It will cost lives and much will have to be sacrificed. But in the end three humans will journey to Mars and walk on alien world.

This is a gripping tale of space exploration and postulates a very plausible world where the first human walked on Mars in 1986. This was good.
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Heroes Season 4 Ep 10 Review


This was boring beyond belief. Hiro is stupid and selfish beyond description as he learns Samuel killed his brother. Noah, Lauren, Sandra, Sandra’s new man and Claire have Thanksgiving dinner. Lyle is overlooked as ever. Noah pants after Lauren. Why is Sandra hanging out with her abusive, controlling ex? Especially since she is dating Doug, a nice guy.

The Petrellis have their meal. Angela is in denial. Peter makes faces, why he still has contact with his toxic mother isn’t explained. Angela admits the obscenity she and Matt carried out back in season 3. Peter and fake Nathan don’t as much as blink, what a letdown. Then Sylar asserts control, hams it up and runs away. Peter still has a non-reaction.

There is lens flare. Claire’s rude. There is bad acting. Gretchen shows up so she and Claire go on an evil carnie hunt. There’s no sign of Becky at the evil carnie’s Thanksgiving meal.

Samuel is a dreadful character, Hiro is dumb and selfish, Sylar overacts and yet TPTB just can’t stop shoving them onscreen all the time. This was so disappointing.

Best Line:
“You have raised the evil incarnate bar to an entirely new level. Thank you for giving me something to strive for.”

Supernatural Season 5 Ep 6 Review

I Believe The Children Are Our Future

Sam and Dean met an antichrist in the form of a creepy kid. Jesse the creepy kid makes creepy tooth fairies rampage as well as other urban legends come to life. Sam and his egomaniacal self-assurance is pompous about showing the kid the right way.

Jesse’s birth mother Julia tells of how it all came to be. Which makes you wonder why more demons don’t try the trick? Jesse’s powerful and vanishes to parts unknown. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“Have you seen my son? Is he human?”

“What is going on in this town, it’s what happens when this thing is happy. You cannot imagine what it will do if it’s angry.”

“He might make the right choice.”
“You didn’t.”

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Numb3rs Season 5 Ep 11 Review

Arrow of Time

Three cons escape prison via dental floss. One of them, Buck Winters, has a connection to Don via an earlier case. This is one of those episodes where TPTB actually make an effort.

Buck is on the far end of the wack spectrum and is out to have a showdown with Don. Charlie’s a jerk and selfish and doesn’t seem to care. Alan doesn’t seem to notice anything. Charlie thinks his father is dumb and doesn’t seem to care that his brother hasn’t talked to him properly since season 3. Don acts stoic and calls Buck out. Buck screams a lot but Don defeats him via being so laid back he might have overdosed on valium. This was very good.

Best Lines:
Floss math.”

“Two seriously fearless individuals. They dropped a meth lab and blew it up.”

“That’s a fairly ridiculous statement.”

“There’s 180 bullets looking at you.”

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Quotes of the Day

'G vs E’ Quote

Who is it?”
“Minions of satan.”

Nice Girls Don’t Live Forever’ Quotes

One’s marriage began to feeling like the last half of The Shining.”

“I’d like to spend my time with someone who doesn’t live his life according to tenets set forth on Walker, Texas Ranger.”

'Wedding Crashers' Quote

"We're getting a great preview of what marriage is gonna be like with Ike Turner over there."

Lost Season 6 Ep 6 Review


The lostaways are your basic nuclear family (Chernobyl model). As this episode progresses it becomes clear that Jack should have given Sayid that poison pill. Sayid fights Dogen, turns to the dark side, kills Dogen and joins up with fake Locke. As for the Temple? Half are wiped out and half join up with fake Locke.

Kate is irredeemably annoying. She tells Claire she’s been raising Aaron, Claire is not happy. Poor Dogen, we got to hear his back story. Which makes Jacob look like a jerk. Poor Dogen. Miles meets Ilana. Ben is left in the Temple, Ben is scared of Sayid. Kate sort of allies with fake Locke. The final scene is very creepy.

In the flash sideways Sayid meets Nadia who is married to his brother. Sayid’s bro is having problems with a thug named Keamy. In any universe, Keamy is a tool. And why did have Jin in his freezer? This was okay.

Where are Sawyer and Jin? Where is Richard? Fake Locke let Richard go but killed the other Others who wouldn’t join him, why? Is fake Locke evil incarnate? How long was Dogen on the island? How did he keep fake Locke out of the Temple?

Best Lines:
“Whatever brought you back, it wasn’t them.”

“Jacob drives a hard bargain.”

“You just let it in.”
“I know.”

“There’s still time.”
“Not for me.”

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