February 23rd, 2010

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Movie Review: The Wolfman (2010)

Why does this film exist? Hammer did it better decades ago. This film serves no purpose. It’s dull, populated by actors who look bored playing characters who are idiots. Lawrence Talbot (Benicio Del Toro) is bitten by a werewolf and then howls and looks haunted via bad SFX. This was a waste of my time.
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Heroes Season 4 Ep 8 Review


Is this show getting a 5th season? Why? Peter slobbers over Emma. Why? Gretchen does a runner. Matt who has totally forgotten Daphne fails to deal with Sylar. Nathan’s back, sort of. Noah stalks Claire who dresses like an Albanian hooker. This show is full of irritating plots and characters. Noah displays more disgusting behaviour, so much for his self criticism. The evil carnies hang out. This was dull.
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Flashforward Ep 9 Review


Why was Bryce trying to kill himself in ep 1? Well he’s dying and his jerk colleagues haven’t noticed. Bryce’s future ladyfriened Keiko works at a thankless job. Aaron tries to bond with Tracey and fails. Tracey whines. Mark accuses Aaron and his boss over sending a text to Olivia. Mark is dumb. Bryce tries to find Keiko but is thwarted. Meanwhile Keiko tries to find him. Demetri and Mark plan a trip to Hong Kong. So very bored now

Numb3rs Season 5 Ep 9 Review

Conspiracy Theory

A charity group are targeted, Amita’s smug, the FBI can’t function without Charlie telling them how to do their jobs, a conspiracy nut helps out, Charlie’s a self righteous jerk, Don doesn’t do much, Larry still hasn’t been placed under involuntary psychiatric hold and there is a conspiracy afoot. This was okay.

Supernatural Season 5 Ep 3 Review

The End

Dean finds himself in a future where the apocalypse has begun thanks to an angry angel. Or was it really the future or just an angel trick? Anyway Dean wanders around 2014 where the Croatoan virus is loose, Castiel is a hippy and Sam wears a white suit as he’s now Lucifer. Sam as Lucifer is a master class in bad acting.

Sam saying yes to Lucifer is no surprise, he’s a drama queen who abandoned any sense of morality years ago. When he and Dean reunite at the end he still doesn’t apologise. So will Dean say yes to Michael? At this rate, probably yes to get away from this thankless dimwit brother. This was good, Castiel is becoming more likeable as Sam isn't.

Best Lines:
“This isn’t funny Dean; the voice says I’m almost out of minutes.”

“That’s never a good sign.”

“You horde toilet paper you understand. Horde it, horde it like it’s made of gold. Because it is.”

“Something is broken in you.”

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They made ‘Piranha 3D’?!? Words fail me.

Day One’ sounds DOA.

DVDS to look for: Open Graves and The Clifton House Mystery.
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Book Reviews: Unperfect Souls + Lovecraft Unbound

Unperfect Souls by Mark del Franco

The 4th in the Connor Grey urban fantasy series sees the druid face the darkness within him. As death and urban unrest rock the city, Grey uncovers a conspiracy with life changing consequences.

As a result of events in this book and Grey’s actions everything has changed now. I’m eager to find out where book 5 will take the plot. This was good and the Connor Grey series just got way more interesting.

Lovecraft Unbound edited by Ellen Datlow

This is an okay collection of stories based on the works of H.P. Lovecraft.

The Crevasse
A polar exploration goes wrong when the team stumble across the crevasse of the title. This was good.

The Office of Doom
Ordering forbidden books on the inter-library loan system leads to trouble in this gently scary tale.

Cold Water Survival
A group camp out on an iceberg and rapidly learn there are shapes in the ice. This was good.

Come Lurk With Me and Be My Love
Careful whom you love. A lonely man meets a lovely girl and then she brings him home to her family. This was good.

Houses under the Sea
In the aftermath of a cult’s mass suicide, all sorts of strangeness is being revealed. This was excellent.

An explorer looks for a previous lost expedition, you can guess the rest. This was okay.

A college graduation has its rituals. This was okay.

Vernon, Driving
A little tale of everyday horror.

Marya Nox
An excellent story about what happened when a buried church was unearthed.

Catch Hell
A disturbed couple summon something.

That Of What We Speak When We Speak Of The Unspeakable
Armageddon is in progress in this short little tale of the doomed.
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Jericho Season 3: Civil War Issue 2 Review

The effort I had to go through to get this. Anyway Jake and Hawkins join a refugee column leaving Texas. Meanwhile back in Jericho, Beck tries to convince another AS army officer to turn against Tomarchio. Only for something somewhat unexpected to happen.

There is good storytelling, tension and surprises. Where is this plot going? I can’t guess and look forward to finding out. One character’s actions aren’t surprising considering what said character got up to in season one. Anyway I want more info on what Beck is up to and I wouldn’t mind seeing Tomarchio and his creepy vacant smile show up at some point.