February 12th, 2010

Scary Books

Quotes of the Week:

Criminal Minds’ Quote

“It appeals to desperate, sad people with at best a tenuous hold on reality.”

Modern Family’ Quote

She can’t take criticism about her driving. Once an old lady yelled at her at a crosswalk. She honked so long the horn ran out.”

“One time I bring somebody home who I want to impress and what do I find? A bunch of booze drenched hill people!”

‘The Simpsons’ Quote

“I’m not thinking straight. Why did I drink that wine cooler last month?”
Scary Books

Survivors Series 2 Ep 4 Review

Greg and Tom work in the slave mine. Abby and co use their seemingly inexhaustible supply of petrol to drive around looking for them. Al blathers on about “the emptiness” of the post-virus world. What emptiness? They keep running across hordes of people! Speaking of which Abby and co just happen to locate Billy. Seems Billy drives around in his truck of delights grabbing survivors and turning them over to Smithson.

Greg goes full tilt self righteous. Naj is dumb. Smithson of all people points out that scavenging isn’t a good plan long term. Sarah bonds with Smithson’s tea girl Sally. Tom escapes as he wants back to Anya. Abby, Anya and Smithson sit around talking about ethics. Shouldn’t everyone be cold, dirty and staggering around the moors looking for dead sheep to eat raw instead of having dinner parties?

Everyone escapes the mine and they go on a roaring rampage of revenge. Sally joins up with Abby and co. Meanwhile Billy’s latest group of captives includes Peter Grant. Peter is as dumb as his mother as he saves Billy’s life.

This show tries to be dark and edgy but is just dumb. This was an awful episode. Who’s mowing the grass? Why do people put up with Abby? What happened to Naj’s chickens?

Best Line:
Something isn’t right here.”
Scary Books

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 8 Issue 32 Review

Twilight, Part One

If the spoiler about Twilight’s identity is true then season 8 has been a giant waste of time. Anyway Buffy’s still an arrogant twit but now she is an arrogant twit with superpowers. Willow’s dumb. Dawn talks sense for once. Andrew continues to be shoved into every scene. A lot of slayers are being killed. The source of Buffy’s powers is revealed which makes her smug arrogance even worse.

This was okay but the art is ugly. What are anonymous guy, Warren and Amy up to? Why did Twilight grab Giles, Faith and Andrew? Who is Twilight?
Scary Books

Caprica Ep 2 Review


Zoë was a smug, stupid, bored little rich girl in life and her cylon reincarnation is just as bad. The Zoë cylon annoys and pulls smug faces. Agent Durham’s investigate goes on. Amanda learns more about her daughter and does not like what she finds. Sister Clarice plays with Lacy’s mind. Sister Clarice has a group marriage and even her own family are suspicious of her.

Willie Adama sees his Uncle Sam at work. Lacy and the Zoë cylon act like stroppy teenagers, what is this ‘Gossip Girl’? A memorial service is held for the victims. Amada speaks about Zoë and riggers a riot.

This was good. Why did Ben carry out the bombing? What is Clarice up to? How much of a jerk is Daniel? The opening credits are very nice. The Atlas Stadium with the anthem are also very nice.

Best Line:
We create life and then one day we have to face who they are. What they become and what they do.”
Scary Books

Book Reviews: Chasers + Bad Blood + The Mammoth Book of New Sherlock Holmes Adventures

Being Human: Chasers by Mark Michalowski

This book centres on George and so is full of his him being pompous, stuffy and self righteous. Meanwhile Mitchell has a stalker. This was set some indeterminate time into series 2 and was sadly a dull read.

Being Human: Bad Blood by James Goss

Denise, an old friend of Annie’s shows up. She wants to party with Annie, Mitchell and George. What could go wrong? Well Denise’s visit leads to arson, death, a vampire mob, death and screaming and that’s just for starters. This is a very good book with a tasty picture of Mitchell on the cover.

The Mammoth Book of New Sherlock Holmes Adventures edited by Mike Ashley

A somewhat pompous and very disappointing collection of tales of lost adventures of the great detective. Sadly none deals with the memorable untold tale of “Ricoletti of the club-foot and his abominable wife”.

The stories are boring, in 98% of them Waston comes across as not only stupid but utterly superfluous to the plot and Holmes seems to pull the solutions to the mysteries out of his ass. There are also numerous mis-spellings.

Still there are four fairly readable stories contained in this volume. ‘The Affray at the Kildare Street club’ which sees a young Holmes has his first confrontation with Sebastian Moran. ‘The Case of the Incumbent Invalid’ which sees Holmes solve an inheritance scam. ‘The Mystery of the Addleton Curse’ which sees Holmes investigate a cursed barrow and finally ‘The Case of the Last Battle’ which tells of how Holmes and Watson brought about the World War 1 armistice on the 11th day at the 11th hour.

Best Line:
“Holmes, are you suffering from the effects of a thorough thrashing?”

Lost Season 6 Ep 3 Review

What Kate Does

The flash-sideways shows Kate and Claire bonding. That’s how girls end up dead. But how did Kate find Claire again after throwing her out of the hijacked taxi? Why does it take the cops so long to look for the hijacked taxi? How is Claire paying for her hospital treatment? Her doctor is one Ethan Goodspeed aka Ethan Rom. How is that possible?

Back on the island Dogen tells Jack that Sayid is infected and ‘claimed’ by darkness. Sawyer has a hissy fit and runs away. Kate chases after him despite the fact he’s greasy as lard and Juliet isn’t even cold. Sawyer throws away the engagement ring he got for Juliet. Kate at last seems to realise that he doesn’t want her and cries. Jack is told who else has been ‘claimed’ and is ‘gone’. Jin meets an old friend in the jungle. Is this the sickness that Danielle was ranting about back in season 1? How did Dogen know about Jack’s half sister? What is the relationship between Dogen and Richard? This was slightly dull.

Best Lines:
“I was brought here, like everyone else.”

“There is a darkness growing in him.”