January 26th, 2010

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Heroes Season 4 Ep 3 Review


What is the point of Tracy/Nikki? Angela is all bones and hair. Hiro tires to stop a man photocopying his butt. Claire skips college to hang around her father. Fake Nathan recalls how he kind of sorta killed someone and confesses to the victim’s mother. Who has him killed. Which causes Fake Nathan to crawl out of his grave as Sylar. They just will not kill off Sylar will they? This was utterly boring.
Scary Books

Flashforward Ep 5 Review

Gimme Some Truth

There’s a hearing into the investigation into the blackout. Cue some acting of a calibre not seen since that ‘Scream Queens’ reality show. Mark is just itching to throw himself off the seven years sober sobriety wagon. Olivia (Sonya Walger of ‘Lost’) is a snot.

The US President (Peter Coyote of ‘The Inside’ and ‘Outrageous Fortune’) pops up. What did he see in his vision? Meanwhile Janis and her date (Navi Rawat of ‘Numb3rs’) are rude. Mark tries to justify the investigation by talking about: “The crow die off of 91.” But nobody is impressed.

Stan has a past with the President. Senator Clemente glowers and says she’ll be President in six months. Mark yells, Stan is appalled, Olivia is sent a text message and Clemente will be the new Vice President. Who tried to kill the Mosaic team and why? This was stupid. It’s all so po-faced and dull.

Best Lines:
“Did you recognise the men?”
“I did mention they were wearing masks right?”

“A reoccurring theme of crow attrition.”

“I mosaiced you.”

Scary Books

Quotes of the Day

The Simpsons’ Quotes:

“My stroked out grandfather has more memory then that thing.”

“Available wherever dubious quasi-scientific self help books are sold.”

“You are bad on the inside.”

Modern Family’ Quotes:

“That’s how girls end up dead.”

“When was the last time you saw your old man scared?”
“When you walked through the spider web. When we were playing with the oujia board and the wind blew the door shut.”
“There was no wind buddy, we brought something forth.”

Murder of a Sleeping Beauty’ Quote:

“I explained why I had to go alone to talk to those survivalists when my grandmother died last summer.”
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Fringe 2x12 Review: Johari Window

The gang investigate a story of mutants. This reminded me of the infamous ‘X Files’ episode ‘Home’ as well as ‘The Hills Have Eyes’. Olivia’s super hearing seems to be forgotten. Foggy nights are mysteriously bright. Peter shoots someone. Peter’s fond of Walter, for now. The town of Edina and its camouflage experiment gone wrong is covered up. Peter and Walter watched ‘Deliverance’ together? How much longer can they drag out the Peter reveal? Walter says he is ‘very glad indeed’ that Peter’s proud of him because he knows if and when Peter ever finds out he’ll hate him. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“I will never let you get kidnapped again.”

“Just follow the mooing.”

“Nobody ever leaves this town.”

Scary Books

Book Reviews: Dead Man's Folly + The Last Sherlock Holmes Story + Finding Lost Season Five

Dead Man’s Folly by Agatha Christie

Hercule Poirot is invited to the sprawling Nasse House estate by his friend Ariadne Oliver. There is to be a village fete and Ariadne Oliver is organizing a murder game.

But she suspects that there is something rotten on the seemingly idyllic post World War II estate. When a murder occurs, Poirot investigates and discovers that a lot of the people living at Nasse House are not what they appear. This is a good read with an enjoyable twist.

The Last Sherlock Holmes Story by Michael Dibdin

In 1888 Sherlock Holmes is asked to consult on the Jack The Ripper case. The foul murders are perplexing Scotland Yard and even Holmes says the killer is unstoppable. But by chance Watson stumbles across the identity of this most infamous of killers and nothing will ever be the same again. It is a revelation that destroys everything.

This is a good read though it is understandable why so many Holmes fans despise it. This is a bleak and disturbing read which makes you look at the great detective in a new light.

Finding Lost Season Five by Nikki Stafford

This companion to the fifth season isn’t as good as the companions to seasons 1 to 4. It becomes bogged down in unnecessary chat and the author’s obsession with the characters of Daniel, Sawyer and Locke. It’s sad to say that while this is an okay read, it just isn’t as engaging as the previous books.