January 20th, 2010

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A Tale of two tapes

Cleared out two tapes from an unknown date. On them were 6 season 8 ‘Charmed’ eps and 1 season 1 ‘Criminal Minds’ ep. I’d forgotten all about them which should tell you the level of quality.

Let’s start with the ‘Charmed’ eps:

Kill Billie Vol 1
Billie remembers how her sister Christy was stolen by demons 15 years ago. Other than that not much else happens except the sisters are lazy. The plot arc didn’t really get going in season 8 until Billie and Christy became the big bad. This was dull.

The Last Picture Show
A demon of the week does stuff. An innocent dies and the sisters are too selfish to care. Boring.

Battle of the Hexes
This is a virtual remake of an earlier ep called ‘Witches in Tights’ as Billie gets super powers and another addition to her wardrobe of hooker wear. All the plots have to do with Billie, still there has been foreshadowing of her turn to the dark side later in the season. This was somewhat amusing in places.

Hulkus Pocus
The idiot Agent Murphy plot is dropped and not before time. This was idiotic.

Vaya Con Leos
Piper has Leo taken away from her yet again. This was okay.

Mr & Mrs Witch
Billie’s dumb parents show up and she turns them into a bad rip off of ‘Mr & Mrs Smith’. The next time the parents showed up Christy killed them. Moronic.

And finally the ‘Criminal Minds’ ep:

Extreme Aggressor
This was the pilot for the show and it was okay. Somewhat reminiscent of season 1 ‘Profiler’. Sadly like ‘Profiler’, it rapidly became a bog standard procedural. All the intriguing plot arcs were dumped when Gideon left the show and all suggestion of Hotch’s abusive father went the same way.
Scary Books

Trailer time

Dorian Gray’ trailer
Colin Firth and an evil posh boy, I could check this out.

Kick Ass’ trailer
No comment. Really, NO comment.
Scary Books

Six Degrees Ep 9 Review


Whitney’s dad Henry (Ray Wise of ‘Twin Peaks’, ‘Reaper’ and ‘Dead End’) shows up. He’s tearing down the landmark of the title. Laura wants the landmark preserved. Damian gets an admirer who turns out to be Henry’s latest mistress.

Carlos’ new love Lisa is Whitney’s half sister. Steven gives into temptation after being ditched and dismissed by Anya and his wife. Whitney yells at her demonic developer father after learning that: “He’s cheating on yet another wife.” This was dull.
Scary Books

Heroes Season 4 Ep 2 Review


Claire is reckless and stupid. She’s also rude and a liar, having learned nothing from seasons 1 to 3. Peter meets Samuel. One of Peter’s co-workers named Emma has powers. She’s deaf and sees sounds as colours. She also has a cute cat. Peter doesn’t notice any of this as he’s busy being stupid. Also his co-workers don’t actually like him.

Gretchen and Claire go out to dinner with Noah and are rude about eating ‘foreign’ food. Noah’s annoying and creepily obsessed with Claire, poor Lyle. Matt’s going loopy and messes with his partner’s mind.

Also Gretchen and Claire become roommates, it seems Annie did kill herself. Samuel drops a house full of people into a sinkhole. This is boring, why are we supposed to care about any of this?
Scary Books

Fringe Season 2 Review: Unearthed

This ep is leftover from season 1 but TPTB don’t tell us this so it doesn’t fit into the narrative flow. Lisa a brain-dead girl wakes up as her organs are being harvested for transplant. She’s yelling military secrets and speaking Russian. What links her to a missing Navy officer named Rusk?

Charlie is alive seeing as this was meant to be shown in season 1, which is weird. Walter shows an old videotape of himself and he has a truly awful hairdo. Meanwhile Peter continues to be blind to the fact that Walter isn’t really his father. He just looks like him. When will TPTB do the big reveal?

Lisa’s going berserk and it’s all due to Rusk and experimental radiation treatment. Lisa sports an echo chamber voice and Peter has to talk her down by relating his unhappy school days. Which make you wonder. Which school? Which universe? This was dull.

Best Lines:
“What happened to subjects one through five?”
“I believe the university settled with them out of court. They probably never had to work again. Not that they could.”

Scary Books

Movie Review: Daybreakers (2010)

Ten years ago, a bat somehow triggered an outbreak that turned the majority of the world’s population into vampires. Now the world has adapted to the change, their food supply is running out as they’re running out of humans to harvest.

What’s left of humanity are being hunted, meanwhile blood starved vampires are changing into aggressive bat monsters.

Edward (Ethan Hawke) is a reluctant vampire who broods a lot and has an estranged jerk brother. Edward’s evil boss (Sam Neill) has an evil plan and an estranged human daughter who is heading for a bad end.

Edward meets a group of humans by chance and learns there may be a cure. This leads to blood shed, carnage and a somewhat abrupt ending. This was good with brooding, creepy yellow contacts and a not so hopeful ending.
Scary Books

Just when you thought the Star Trek books were bad....

....the publishers go and pull their latest stunt. There were four books based on the 2009 movie due for release this year. Then out of nowhere TPTB announce they are pulled. They'll never be published now. What is this? The first of the four 'Refugees' was due out in May!

I was looking forward to 'Refugees', 'Seek a New World', 'More Beautiful Than Death' and 'The Hazard of Concealing'. So this means four months of no Trek books coming out. Do TPTB want people to buy Trek books or not?!?
Scary Books

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 reviews: Willow & Issue 31

Read the latest ‘Angel’ comics, I do not like them. I also do not like what I read about the alleged identity of Twilight. If that is true, then my continued purchases of season 8 are in severe doubt.

Willow: Goddesses & Monsters
Willow looks for a spirit guide and meets the snake demon. Questions are raised: how did Willow get so powerful? Where is Willow? How did she get there? Who are the women she meets? This was okay.

Issue 31: Turbulence
Buffy can fly and sulks over Xander sating Dawn. How can Buffy fly? Wasn’t everyone else captured by Twilight at the end of issue 30? Why is Twilight after Buffy? Why are TPTB still so obsessed with Riley? Buffy make the Xander/Dawn hook up all about her. Why is she in love with Xander all of a sudden? She’s been rejecting him back since season 1?

Flashforward Ep 4 Review

Black Swan

The opening blackout flashback was nicely creepy then it is followed by a really unsubtle Shakespeare joke. Nicole shows up again and she’s brooding. Also it is revealed that Tracy babysat her.

Olivia and Bryce deal with a patient. For some reason the hospital isn’t that busy despite the disaster. Olivia is mean, stupid and irresponsible when it comes to her patients due to her desire to avoid Lloyd. Mark and Demetri deal with the blonde annoyance they arrested back in ep 1. Her manipulations lead to Demetri punching Mark and Mark throwing himself into a paddling pool.

The blonde annoyance asks Mark to wonder why someone would cause the flashforward. Nicole reveals the disturbing content of her flashforward which is creepy. Lloyd gets a call from a man named Simon in which it is revealed that they caused the flahsforward.

This was okay but the characters just don’t engage.

Best Lines:
“They were super dead.”

“What did I do that I think I deserved getting killed?”

“We’re responsible for the single greatest disaster in human history.”

Scary Books

Book Reviews: The Three Poisoned Pawns + Good Night, Mr Holmes

Sherlock Holmes and the Three Poisoned Pawns by Emanuel E. Garcia, Roger Jaynes and Eddie Maguire

This slim volume contains three short stories featuring Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson. This is a good read for fans of the duo.

Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of Hamlet
Holmes is retired and raising bees but he’s been busy. He’s discovered the real villain of ‘Hamlet’ as well as who actually wrote the plays. So Watson is summoned to hear his friend’s theory. This is a good story but the ending is a little odd.

Sherlock Holmes and the Belgravian Letter
A top government official is dead. Holmes and Watson must unmask the one responsible. This was another good read.

Sherlock Holmes and the Highcliffe Invitation
Holmes and Watson are invited for a weekend in Dorset where they meet the Kaiser. This is good but is a bit heavy handed when Holmes predicts World War 1.

Good Night, Mr Holmes by Carole Nelson Douglas

This tells of the adventures of Irene Adler: adventuress, opera singer, thief, con artist and thwarter of Sherlock Holmes. But not a slut, never a slut.

Penelope Huxleigh is a poor orphan when she meets the glamorous, charming and smug Irene Adler who is not a slut and don’t you forget it. Together the two women have adventures involving Oscar Wilde, Bram Stoker and fabulous diamonds. Then Irene’s ill fated romance with the King of Bohemia leads to a battle of wits with Sherlock Holmes.

This is a good read but the pompous Huxleigh and the smug Adler aren’t exactly likeable protagonists.