January 4th, 2010

Scary Books

Six Degrees Eps 6 & 7 Reviewed

What You Wish For

This drama is supposed to involve a group of people who’ve never met. But who all share chance meetings that will change their lives forever. If this series is meant to explore how the ripples f their interlocking stories spread far over the main characters, their families and friends. It isn’t working.

Steven denies he is dating Anya so his shrill, shrew wife (Carey Lowell of ‘Licence to Kill’) will let him have his son for a few days. Damian’s car is stolen and he buys an engagement ring. Carlos finds out Damian has a past. Steven is offered a Vanity Fair cover but his vile kid whines, passes out sexy photos of Anya that Steven took at school, gets suspended and programmes his dad’s phone with a ‘Star Wars’ ring tone.

Laura gets promoted and gets a blood foe. Whitney’s selfish. Regina says she will marry Damian. Max, Steven and Anya have an uncomfortable dinner. This was dull.

Slings and Arrows

Laura gets a date but after she freaks out, he runs. The reason for her freak out? She saw Steven’s photo of her in a gallery and stole it off the wall. Roy returns to be smug and bug Whitney. Damian’s life falls apart. Carlos asks him to confess to the shooting. Steven annoys and justifies his photographing Laura while she was sobbing over her dead husband. Regina doesn’t want to know Damian. Whitney fake dates Steven but Roy is self righteous and unapologetic. This was dull; I think I’ll exit this show at this point.

Best Lines:
“I’m allergic to gluten.”
“Who isn’t these days?”

“You’re making that up.”
“I wish I had the imagination.”

Scary Books


I want to read the Sherlock Holmes anthology ‘Gaslight Grotesque’ after learning that it contains a story where Moriarty survived being tossed down a waterfall and returns to take revenge upon the great detective by….turning Watson into a zombie and someday he’ll do the same to Holmes. Now that I want to read.

Am currently reading 'Gardens of the Moon'.

Still haven't been able to get to the cinema to see 'Sherlock Holmes':(
Scary Books

Trailers! Trailers!!

Smallville: Absolute Justice’ trailer
This looks cheap, it’s the 9th season and Tom Welling still can’t act. Plus the vile Green Arrow is everywhere.

Robin Hood’ trailer
An angry looking Russell Crowe with a bow and arrow! This looks good.

Lost Boys 2: The Tribe’ trailer
This looks cheap, stupid and like a bad parody skit. This a real movie? This isn’t a joke? Shudder.

The Hill Run Red’ trailer
Teenagers + forest = carnage. This looks good.

Flash Gordon’ TV series intro
No wonder this was cancelled. It looks 80’s and has Karen Cliché the show killer in it. Plus where is the Queen theme song?

Doctor Who’ preview
Matt Smith does not impress me. I miss Christopher Eccleston.
Scary Books

Book Review: Under the Dome

Under The Dome by Stephen King

It’s just another day in the small town of Chester’s Mill, until something inexplicable happens. An invisible barrier has descended over the town cutting it off from the rest of the world.

As the residents try to cope with what is happening, corrupt local politician Jim Rennie sees it as an opportunity to seize control and become the absolute master of the fates of the town residents. There are those who oppose him but fear and panic lead most to follow Rennie with blind but absolute loyalty.

As Rennie’s iron grip grows stronger and the air quality in the enclosed town plummets, events head towards cataclysm.

This was an excellent read it has loads and loads of characters, but you feel like you know them all. Each character’s personalities and subsequent choices seem incredibly real. This is a gripping story and Jim Rennie is a truly loathsome villain. But the sheep like stupidity of those who follow his regime of casual cruelty can be frustrating.

Still this is a wonderful riveting novel that is one of King’s absolute best works.
Scary Books

Doctor Who: The End of Time Part 2 (2010) Review

It opens with a dramatic shot of ruined Dalek ships crashed on Gallifrey. Then Timothy Dalton pops up and goes all out as the villainous and extreme mentalist Time Lord Rassilon. He is such a large ham in the role he outdoes Brian Blessed.

Back on Earth the Doctor never stops being smug. The murderously insane Master gloats. Wilf emotes. There is lots of yelling and padding and it is clear that the return of the Time Lords is not a good thing. The Time Lords went crazy as a whole race during the Time War. Donna does nothing but faint, miss all the action and moan.

The Doctor pulls faces, there is a mention of the Weeping Angels and the Time Lords wear silly hats. The Doctor falls from a space ship, through a glass dome and onto a marble floor and feels no need to regenerate. Something returns, an unlikely hero rises and someone knocks four times. Then The Doctor spends a long time dying melodramatically and revisiting his past companions, except for Adam. And the Master’s world changing scheme is explained away as Wi Fi gone mad, hee.

There’s an Adipose, a diary is published, Captain Jack meets Alonso (Russell Tovey of ‘Being Human') in a bar and Rose and her teeth show up. Finally with an operatic backing choir, the Doctor regenerates into Innsmouth escapee Matt Smith. Sadly the whole regeneration scheme is undercut by the cop out that was ‘The Stolen Earth’ and ‘Journey’s End’. Flames and explosions shoot everywhere making you wonder if someone saw way too much ‘Highlander’.

Who was the mysterious woman? What is the fate of the Master and the Time Lords? Why did Martha leave UNIT? Why did Martha marry Mickey? What happened to her engagement to Tom?

Best Lines:
“He loves playing with Earth girls.”

“The most impressive thing about you is that after all this time; you’re still bone dead stupid.”

“God bless the cactus's!”

“Worst rescue ever!”

“It is a fitting paradox that our salvation comes at the hand of our most infamous child.”

“Something is returning, don’t you ever listen.”

“The Skaro Degradations, the Horde of Travesties, the Nightmare Child.”

“Hell is descending.”
“My kind of world.”

“A dumpling with a gun.”