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Battlestar Galactica 1x18 Reviewed

Murder On The Rising Star

Brock Peters guest stars. No one has a past. The porno ball game is played – why are the players in their underwear? There are sports commentators. Starbuck gets in a fight. There is 70s feathered hair. Sweaty men flail.

There is talk of laser guns. The man Starbuck got into a fight with is murderd and Starbuck is suspect. Apollo is a warrior, not a protector (lawyer) but somehow ends up defending his mate. It is said whoever met the victim would want to kill him. There is a computer that fills a room and is all beeping and flashing lights. Boomer is awed at how high tech it is.

People have 70s perms. Useless reporters lurk. Starbuck makes bad decisons. Apollo was so heoric and serious, Richard Hatch had a very different role as Tom Zarek in the reboot. He was a good actor. The uniforms are so very brown. The eyelines in a dramatic scene are off. I can see the Starbuck/Apollo vibes. Starbuck is a terrible friend. There is talk of the defence computers on Caprica being sabotaged – when did that come up?

Baltar gurns and preens. This was lame with bad line readings. Nobody misses the jerkass victim. Apollo uncovers blackmail and endangers his life. There are discontented types and Baltar pimp slaps a baddie. One finds this so ghastly. In the follow up show 'Galactica 80' – Starbuck faces a bad end and it is said by a now grown Boxey that his father (Apollo) died between this show and the 'G80'. Sad.

Best Lines:

“Culture shock.”

“Fallen from a greater time.”

“Observing and sampling her culture.”

“Very aggressive type.”

“You jumped me.”

“Finish this another time when your woman is not around.”

“I knew it would come to this.”

“Supected termination weapon.”

“Premediated human termination.”

“Placing great faith in his friend's word.”

“Why isn't he defending me to the fleet?!?”

“Tragically pass into history.”

“I'll call a video tech.”

“He won't live long enough to reach his cell.”

“Bright lad, you'll go far.”

“Caprica was doomed.”

“I don't want to hurt you but I will.”

“Any place but the prison barge.”

“You don't have much faith in me.”

“Fire on Sheba, or Boomer or me?”

“If I have to, yes. Now get off.”

“Take you down that launch tube with me.”

“Killed in the 1st cylon attack wave.”

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