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Movie Reviews: Why Did You Kill Me? + Brothers Of The Head + Only Mine 👎👎👎

Why Did You Kill Me? (2021)

This is an iffy true crime documentary. A woman was shot in a drive by. She died and it took years to get justice. It was a profound challenge to find out who killed her in an abruptly horrifying attack. Justice is a unifying motivator. This was not exactly an aesthetic triumph. This was not a fascianting spectacle but it was interesting in places.

The victim's family were incredibly divisive. They had odd behaviour responses. There were inaccuracies, speculation and untruths. The victim's family did little to ease tension. A baddie was untouchable. There were thorny issues and it was a rigorous grind to get justice. The family stalked bad people on MySpace. There was malicious gossip and fake profiles and this was not subtle. Neither were the profiles.

The victim's family acted in ridiulous fashion and were less than truthful. They had a cavalier attiude. Is the cat okay? There is talk of meth use and meth dealing. The victim's family had criminal records. This was a major ordeal. Distress was caused. There was unacceptable and shameful behaviour.

This has a sterile atmosphere and it was not absorbing. There are issues and limited circumstances and compromsing situations. Not much praise is showered. The family draw attention. This case was horrendously difficult. There was no abundance of common sense. There was resentment and uncompromising divergences and social media stalking. There was hopeless procrastination and bad decision making and petty one-upmanship. This has no clear sighted direction and there was thoughtless ramping up of rhetoric.

People ignore the ratcheting up of tensions. There are no sensible contributions and there is a yearning for normality. People go on about gang structure and culture and an equation between masculinity and power. Belligerence was a catalyst for the death. There was a boys culture and simple moral categories. There is a complicated legacy and gaffes.

There was will and intention. There was a complicated history and people are ludicrously out of step with reality. There are no opportune moments just moral imperfections and sleaze. This was a serpentine saga that was a scourge. Uselessness is the ultimate and defining feature of this case.

There is no singular moral assessment. There was complexity and ambiguity and bad luck and complicated intracies. This was not a compelling narrative. There are unchallenged appeals and this was not a yarn. People give in to the laziest impulses. There is waning grandeur and malign navel gazing and moral ambiguity.

There were irrversible processes, bad choices and awful truths. This was enraging and ponderously titled. There were serious consequences and as the case unwound, the messier it got. Justice was served in messy fashion.

Best Lines:

“I'm disgusted with society.”

“Multiple other gangs.”

“Didn't like him one bit.”

“Snoop better.”

“Pretty body.”

“Playing kind of dumb about it.”

“Some issues back in the day.”

“They like to fight.”

“Weekened fun.”

“Super obvious.”

“Sparkly fonts.”

“Doesn't read books.”

“Give me the world.”

“Bullet strike.”

“You wanna be in or no?”

“Made a plan to go murder people.”

“Gang sweep.”

“Take back our park.”

Brothers Of The Head (2005)

Harry and Luke Treadway star in this mockumentary oddity which features Ken Russell and conjoined twins and the 1970s and Jane Horrocks and bad singing and Jonathan Pryce and John Simm and Tom Sturridge. This was grim.

Only Mine (2018)

A man bemoans the scandal suddenly unfolding around him in this mock-mockumentary. There is a meet cute, a mysterious vanishing and rampant rumours and long standing obsessions. This was awful and error prone. A man is untroubled by what he has done. This was sluggish and not adequate. A man and his woman had issues.

Bad things are attributed to him. It devastates his reputation. People are angry and frightened. This was spurious and chaotic and it was full of bad acting. There is public disquiet and this was absurdity. There was discontent and this was rubbish and this had so many farcical aspects. He's bad.

There is sub-Neil LaBute blathering. There were absurd coincidences and narrative convolution and a horrible obsession. There was torment and damnation and suspicion and distaste and repugnance and vindication of assertions. There is menacing outrage and futility. This asks too much of the audience's credulity. This was not frighteningly astute.

This was dauntingly stupid and it was not lucid. This was lazy and full of unfair assumptions and it was blighted by bad acting. This was cartoonishly unscary and it was entirely generic. This was not profoundly moving. This was not visceral or hard hitting. The baddie is a class of oik. This was inspired by a true story? This was implausible plotting.

Best Lines:

“Incident behind the shed.”

“What incident behind the shed?”

“Knew your dad a lot of years.”

“Do whatever makes you feel helpful.”

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