December 22nd, 2009

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'Iron Man 2’ trailer
They’re going the ‘Rocky III’ route with this aren’t they? It looks good. It has War Machine and Stark says “You complete me.” Hee.
Scary Books

Supernatural Season 4 Ep 22 Review

Lucifer Rising

This ep is the coco powder in the manure heap that was the latter half of season 4. Sam sneers and twitches as if he is wearing Spanish underwear. He blindly follows Ruby’s every command. Ruby has all the allure of an airline salad. Dean is sad and tragic; Bobby acts like he misplaced his HRT patch.

Sam goes whinge, whinge. Dean is right, Sam does hate his family and runs away from them every opportunity he gets. Sam is smug and kills Nurse Cindy for a demon blood fix. Redundant flashbacks show how Azazel and Lucifer cooked up the whole Lilith/psychic kids deal. Dean learns via some terrible dialogue that the angels want the apocalypse and that Dean’s destiny is to stop Lucifer. Also Lilith is the final seal.

Sam has the intellect of vinyl flooring and the morals of a hostess trolley. He kills Lilith (who looks like a playmate skank) and the final seal breaks. At last Sam learns he bet his farthing on the wrong whippet. Ruby is evil, duh and she’s been playing moron Sam from day 1. All he needed was to be told he was special and strong and better than Dean and he set Lucifer free from the pit on a blood lust ego trip. Dean kills Ruby, Sam makes a pathetic and far too late apology and Lucifer rises. This was okay.

Best Lines:
You’re our own little Russell Crowe, complete with surly attitude.”

“I’m done trying to save you.”

“Lilith is the final seal.”  

“The first demon shall be the last seal.”  

“Oh my god.”
“Guess again.”