December 16th, 2009

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Fringe Season 2 Ep 10 Review

Grey Matters
Where did Jessup go? When will Peter find out what Walter did to him? The shapeshifter's leader Thomas Jermone Newton (Sebastian Roche of 'Odyssey 5') is cutting brain matter out of mental patients heads starting with Mr Slater (Jeff Perry of 'Wild Things' and 'Nash Bridges') This makes them completely sane, mostly because it wasn't their brain matter to start with.

Newton aka frozen head guy is very polite and nice and he knows what Walter did to Peter. Which makes one wonder why no attempt to get Peter back has been made and where Peter's real father is. I liked the Lovecraft references in this ep. Peter broods. Olivia points out that old Walter was a jerk. Newton grabs Walter to get some info and make threats about him losing his son, again.
Peter sure likes kicking down doors. We get more info on the other side, it seems a blight has killed all the trees and grass but how? Newton gets away to be bad another day. He's a better baddie than Jones in season 1 that's for sure. Dr Bell turns out to have been behind the brain tissue switching which means he drove three people mad and left them to rot in loony bins for 14 years. This was okay but will TPTB pull the trigger on the Peter reveal already?!?!?
Best Lines:
"Frozen heads don't just get up and walk into places. I mean the dead don't rise out of their graves and perform midnight surgery."
"No I know, but this one did."

"From what I know of your father going crazy made him a better person."

"Would try to open a corridor from our world to the other side. I managed to infer that the results would be less than desirable."

"How are things on your side?"
"Worse I'm told."

"In theory he shouldn't be able to, but in theory he should still be a frozen head."

"I know why you built it, the door. I know what you lost. now are you going to pretend that you're willing to lose him again?"

"You so much as twitch and you won't have a head left to refreeze."
Scary Books

'Strip Mauled' Quotes:

"I'd had worse neighbors - like the guy who cleaned his Uzi on the front porch at 3:00 A.M."

"Selling a house with blood spatters on the walls wasn't easy."


Sons of Anarchy Season 1 Ep 11 Review

Bobby's charged with murder. The nerve of TPTB arresting Bobby for a crime he actually committed! Opie is suspected of being an ATF informer, this is because Stahl is setting him up to look like a snitch. This is all part of her SOA vendetta. Clay and Tig plot to murder Opie. Donna chooses life with Opie and the SOA and Opie is now SOA for life. This cannot end well.
As Stahl is a jerk, Wendy returns to Charming. She's sober and bonds with Abel. Gemma decides to reunite Jax and Wendy. This was okay. It had a good scene when Opie's unloving mother revealed that she took her son and left Charming only for Opie to runaway back to his dad and the SOA. So she's given up on him. Poor Opie.
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Book Review: The Red Wolf Conspiracy

The Red Wolf Conspiracy: The Chathrand Voyage Book One by Robert V.S. Redick
This is a dense, epic adventure tale. The Chathrand is a legendary 600 year old ship and it is being sent on a mission of peace. But the perilous voyage turns out to have nothing to do with peace. This is the story of a famous ship and those who sail on it for good or ill.

Pazel is a lowly deckhand blessed with a magical gift, Nilus Rose is the captain with an infamous reputation, Tasha is an unwilling war bride, Sandor Ott is a spymaster with his own long game, Syrarys is the concubine of Tasha's father and she has murder in her heart. These people and many, many others travel on what may well be the famous ship's last voyage.
It is a tale of politics, war, conspiracy, false prophecy and magic that will change everyone and everything aboard this most famous of ships. This was very good, it has rich characters, foreshadowing, endless plots and a dark conspiracy. I look forward to book two 'The Rats and the Ruling Sea'
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Movie Review: The Stepford Wives (1975)

Forget the hideous remake and watch this film and learn what being the last feisty wife in Stepford really means. You just have to overlook the horror of 70's fashion and interior design to do so.
Joanna (Katharine Ross of 'Donnie Darko') moves to Stepford with her husband, two kids and dog. She finds the change from New York hard more so when Walter joins the creepy and overly entitled Stepford Men's Association. Joanna soon notices that something strange is happening in town and it involves mysterious ambulances, the badly dressed wives and their love of easy on spray and bizarre overnight personality changes. What is the connection to the Men's Association and their malevolent will?

Joanna snoops around with the help of the loud, brash Bobby (Paula Prentiss). When their friend Charmaine (Tina Louise) changes overnight and starts dressing like Polly Pocket and letting her smirking husband bulldoze her beloved tennis court, Joanna and Bobby just know there's something rotten in this borough. Why do seemingly all the Stepford women love to cook and clean? Why do they all have brownies and dust cloths where brains used to be?

Joanna and Bobby try to set up a Conscious Raising Group in town which fails miserably. Then they have the water tested. Then Bobby changes and Joanna is the last feisty wife in town. Her horrible husband sets her up and Joanne comes face to face with what is going on. The film ends on a truly creepy scene of placid serene Stepford wives gliding around a supermarket. Never have a group of floral clad women with shopping trolleys looked so ominous.

This was good. But what do the men do with all the bodies? Do the new wives age? Will the husbands fake their new wives deaths in time too? How can the wives eat and drink? This film spawned a number of made for tv sequels, most memorable was the campy 'The Stepford Children'.
Best Lines:
"Ex-Gothamite living in Ajax country."

"There are no women's clubs here."
"There was."

"There'll be somebody with my name and she'll cook and clean like crazy. But she won't take pictures and she won't be me."