December 11th, 2009

Scary Books

Thoughts of the day

I like the Lady Gaga songs ‘Telephone’, ‘Speechless’ and ‘Bad Romance’.

I wish ‘Ash: A Secret History’ wasn’t out of print.

Have ‘Under The Dome’; it’ll take a while to read.

Wanted to see ‘Carriers’, but it’s not out here.

Would like to read 'Girl in the Arena' and 'The Red Wolf Conspiracy'
Scary Books

Book Review: Unclean Spirits

Unclean Spirits: Book One of the Black Sun’s Daughter by M.L.N Hanover

Jayne Heller is a broke college drop out with no friends and she’s estranged from her family. All she has to her name is her pretentiously pronounced first name. Then she learns her uncle Eric has died and left her his estate.

Jayne is stunned by the size of her inheritance; she’s now Dubai before the fall rich. But uncle Eric has also left her another legacy. His feud with Randolph Coin and the Invisible College. Coin is a dead man literally being ridden by a possessing demon and the Invisible College are his cabal of fellow demons.

Jayne has to accept the existence of magic and demons when Coin’s minions try to kill her. She now has no choice but to continue Eric’s work of fighting demons. Luckily she has Eric’s former associates to help her.

This was a good start to an interesting new series. Jayne’s fight against Coin is good and many hints are dropped as to future plots. How did Eric die? What are the real intentions of the demon riders? How did Jayne acquire her demon fighting skills? I look forward to book two ‘Darker Angels’.