November 23rd, 2009

Scary Books

What was good in 1999.....

Cleared out a tape from 1999. It contained ‘Lexx 1.4: Giga Shadow’ which was the 4th and final movie in the first season of ‘Lexx’. It guest starred a slumming Malcolm McDowell.

The Divine Order carries out the Cleansing which is nightmare fuel. Meanwhile on the Lexx, Xev sounds like she recites her lines phonetically. Kai broods and bonds with a baby cluster lizard named Squish. Stanley is stupid and annoying.

The true nature of His Divine Shadow is revealed. Did nobody think to ask who His Divine Shadow was before now? Anyway the gang have an adventure where there is rantings from the Time Prophet and a call-back to the Great Insect Wars. Kai and Xev display character growth which was ignored in seasons 2&3 to make her dumber and sluttier and him even more stoic.

There is cheap 1996 CGI. Squish saves the day and there is a twist ending where Kai is possessed by His Divine Shadow. Which was a great ending until season 2 came along and wrecked it. This was dull. The best ‘Lexx’ eps were the season 2 eps ‘Wake the Dead’ and ‘Brigadoon’.

Best Lines:
“Divine Shadow?”
“You don’t look very good.”

Book Review: Moonseed

Moonseed by Stephen Baxter

From the author who brought us ‘Flood’ and ‘Ark’ comes this earlier book of planetary disaster.

It begins with a bang, literally, as a strange light in the sky heralds the apocalypse. The planet Venus has been blown apart, but how? Soon it becomes apparent that Earth will suffer the same fate. Now as Earth begins its inevitable disintegration, a handful of people make plans.

Earth cannot be saved but maybe humanity can. This is the story of the death of a world and how a new home was made for mankind. This is a good read, it has disaster and hope all mixed together.
Scary Books

Fringe Season 2 Ep 8 Review


An Observer (Peter Woodward of ‘Crusade’ who is the son of the late Edward Woodward) abducts a woman. He has fancy tech, a liking for chillies and can catch bullets. Who are the Observers? Walter seems to know as he acts suspiciously as Peter and Olivia try to find the missing woman.

Peter will no doubt figure out his origins mainly because Walter acts so damn suspiciously. We get clues about the Observer’s weird writings which Walter can read but he doesn’t tell anyone this.

Peter and Olivia (and her product placed car) learn that Observers have appeared at historical events and their activity is increasing. The Observer turns out to have abducted the woman because she was due to die in a plane crash. He saved her because he loves her.

Observers aren’t allowed to interfere except to correct a mistake that is of their own making which raises the question. How did the original Peter die? What is the arrangement that has allowed Walter to keep this Peter all these years?

Peter kicks in a door and shows he has ways to dealing with men pointing guns at his head, how often has this sort of thing happened to him. Peter is able to use the Observer’s weapon which nobody else can do. Is it because he is from the other universe?

This was good but who are the Observers and what are they looking for? Walter knows stealing Peter was wrong and that he’ll lose him when the truth comes out.

Best Lines:
Please don’t take my son. Your friend and I had a deal. We had an arrangement. I know what I did was wrong.....”

“1884. Apparently it was a great year for blubber.”

“Look how happy she is. It’s a shame things are about to get so hard for her.”
Scary Books

Sanctuary Season 1 Ep 13 Review

Revelations, Part 2

The Cabal: population evil have Ashley and her horrible hair in their nefarious grip. They have plans for her. Meanwhile Magnus and co arrive at the ruined vampire city and learn how the vampires were wiped out. Then Tesla makes a smug return. Magnus rants as the gang go through tasks to find the keys to the source blood. Clara whines, John and Watson annoy, Tesla is smug and Watson dies.

Things end on a bleak note as the Cabal seems to be victorious. This was very good; I look forward to season 2.

Best Lines:
“We are fighting for humanity’s survival and she’s chosen the wrong side. Are you ready to choose yours?”

“You do not want to make that happen.”
“On the contrary, we very much do.”

“The guy who invented radio just dissed Jack The Ripper.”