November 20th, 2009

Scary Books

A Few Things

Due to circumstances beyond my control there will be no review of ‘Old Bones’ the 7th episode of Season 1 ‘Sons of Anarchy’.

Am still waiting for the ‘Fringe’ PTB to let Peter know that he is living among an alien species for all intents and purposes.

Am reading ‘Moonseed’, from the author who gave us ‘Flood’ and ‘Ark’. Boy, he likes trashing the planet doesn’t he?

Saw the book trailer for ‘Under the Dome’. Wow, now that’s a book trailer. The flames! The screaming! The hand hitting the glass! The rapidly decreasing population count! Can’t wait to read this.
Scary Books

United States of Tara Season 1 Ep 12 Review


Season 1 comes to an end. Tara meets the man from her boarding school trauma only for him to inadvertently reveal that Tara already had DID back then. So what was her trauma? Kate’s behaviour comes hack to haunt her. Marshall learns that Jason just isn’t into him and decides to forgive his mother. Tara acts out. This was dull; Max is the only thing holding the family together at this point.

V Episode 3 Review

A Bright New Day

Anna and co get their visas. Doesn’t anyone wonder why the Visitors don’t have a species name and why all their names are Earth names? Ryan looks up an old Fifth Column buddy named Cyrus and a legendary Fifth Column member named John May is invoked.

Meanwhile Dale is interrogated by another Visitor named Joshua who wants to know who saw his real face. Dale was on Earth undercover for 20 years and he thinks his human wife is disgusting. What a charmer. Dale is killed off.

642 people died the day the Visitors came to Earth. One of them was the pilot of the plane that crashed in the first ep. His widow berates the Visitors until Anna has a word with her, off-screen. And suddenly the widow loves and forgives the Visitors. What caused such an abrupt personality change?

Erica is ordered to help with security at the Visitor HQ and ends up saving Anna’s lackey Marcus (Christopher Shyer) from being shot. While at Visitor HQ Erica pokes around and discovers that the Visitors have an immense surveillance system, all their jackets are fitted with cameras.

The resistance comes together as Jack, George, Ryan and Erica all meet up. Lisa makes plans for Tyler with Anna who is her mother. The attempt on Marcus’ life was a Visitor set up. The Resistance have no hope at all.

This was okay. The V’s are creepily stoic, but the rest of the characters seem dumb especially Tyler. I liked the sight of the Visitor language which was a call back to the 80’s miniseries.

Who is John May? How did all the undercover Visitors get to Earth? Why did the widow just suddenly forgive Anna? What is this reconnect Cyrus was talking about? How will they wrap all this up in just one more episode? I don’t see them getting anymore.

Best Line: “There will be no peace.”