November 17th, 2009

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Quotes of the Day

'Trick of the Light' Quotes

"We have brothers who couldn't come to Earth without setting the ground to flame beneath each footstep. Whose gaze would kill anything it fell on."

"He would scream for an eternity....a literal one."
Scary Books

Yet More Trailers

'Bring me to Life' music video by Katherine Jenkins
I prefer the Evanescence version.

Tori Amos 'Midwinter Graces' Preview
Shut up Tori Amos, that's all I have to say.

'Stargate Universe'
ep 9 promo
Telford vs Young? What is this Jerry Springer?

Solid Harmonie 'I want you to want me' music video
Music was better in the 90's wasn't it?

Solid Harmonie 'I wanna love you' music video
Not as good as their best song 'I'll be there for you'.

Solid Harmonie 'Fantasy' music video
Yawn. Ballad.

Solid Harmonie 'Walk Away' music video
This is okay.

Solid Harmonie 'Got 2 Have You' music video
Scary Books

Stargate Universe Ep 8 Review


An away mission goes bad, twice. The team watch a kino recording of their deaths. It seems the ice that Young and Scott dragged back in 'Water' was contaminated. People die over and over, time travel is involved. The ending is a WTF moment. Still this is good though what was Chloe doing on an away mission? Also the jungle planet was an obvious set. Does everybody have an ipod? Why was the quarantine so bad? Rush is into Ascension, oh that cannot be good. People over-act, Scott is most guilty of this.
Scary Books

Sanctuary Season 1 Eps 10 -12 Reviewed


Will seems to have misplaced his brain along with his Harry Potter glasses. His never before mentioned college buddy has gone missing so Will looks for him. Will is kidnapped by an underground fight club and implanted with an mind controlling cockroach. Both 'Angel' and 'Birds of Prey' have done this plot already. Meanwhile Magnus meets her father (Jim Byrnes of 'Highlander' and 'Omen IV'.)

The fight club turning out to be a Cabal plot, part of something called The Cleansing. Will sports an idiot muscle suit and yells, he looks like a reject from 'Carry on Screaming.' This was dull, how did Magnus' dad live so long?

Best Lines:
"Anything else I can do for you?"
"Smell better."


A low rent tv crew follow the team as they fight giant bugs. Didn't 'Quarantine' already do this? A self righteous journalist sneers, bugs run about, guns are waved and this is mostly okay.

Best Lines:
"You're a weather girl."

"I'm gonna keep recording the dead people."

"We don't know what we saw."
"Yes we do! We saw three extremely dead dudes."

"The higher the body count the better chance whatever we file will get picked up nationally."

Revelations Part 1

Abnormals get violent due to the Cabal's latest plot - a killer prion. So The Five (or what is left of them) reform. John shows up and then Watson (Peter Wingfield of 'Highlander', 'Strange World' and 'Queen of Swords'.) Will is snotty about not being Magnus' number one fawning accolade anymore. Watson shows off his steampunk life support system. Tesla is presumed dead but Sir Nigel really is dead so the team hunt down his grand daughter to take his place.

The Sanctuary's shield hasn't been mentioned in ages. Magnus' daddy is AWOL. The Five (or so) and the Cabal both want the leftover Source Blood which is hidden in a labyrinth under an ancient vampire city. Sir Nigel's grand daughter whines. Bigfoot yells. Ashley and Henry are captured by the Cabal. Magnus may have reached too high and Cabal leader Dana Whitcomb has a plan for Ashley. This was good. I can't believe that John and Bigfoot are played by the same actor.

Best Lines:
"Anyone with the DNA of our kind could suddenly be stricken with psychotic aggression."
"I've done that dance with you once a half mile under the ocean. I'm not anxious to do it again."

"The guy's all hearts and flowers one day. The next day he's turning a working girl into a canoe."

"If this isn't the back entrance into an evil lair I don't know what is."

"You don't believe I can accomplish Nikola's task."
"One, he had the powers of an ancient vampire. Two, he fell asleep in Eddison's electric chair at full current. I don't see your skill sets overlapping."