November 6th, 2009


Sons of Anarchy Season 1 Ep 5 Review

Giving Back

Gemma runs a school fund raiser. A former SOA member Kyle (Brian Van Holt of ‘Threshold’ and ‘House of Wax’) asks to return to Charming to visit his children. But Kyle has ulterior motives. He wants back into the SOA from which he was expelled after he botched a job and caused Opie to be jailed. Also a parolee is protected by the SOA in return for money.

Everything goes to hell as the SOA withdraw their protection from the parolee after learning he lied to them and then the SOA learn that Kyle never had his SOA tattoos removed. So they remove it for him in gruesome fashion.

This was okay. It is clear that in Charming you don’t leave the SOA and your family better support the SOA.

Best Lines:
“My family plan is right out of the Sid and Nancy handbook.”

“Crazy knife man.”
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United States of Tara Season 1 Ep 10 Review


Everyone except Max is sick of Tara’s drama at this point. Even her therapist ends their sessions. Tara and her alters interact more but this just makes her a bigger drama queen. Kate’s boss gets creepier and she decides to do something about it. But it is Marshall who gets to act out the most this ep. T makes out with Jason and a furious Marshall sets the shed on fire. Something has to be done about Tara’s drama; it’s too much at this point. She never does anything about it accept act up and whine. This was okay mostly for Marshall finally snapping.

Best Line:
Things are getting way too grotesque here so I’m staying the night at Tanya’s. At least her parents are just boozers.”
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Stargate Universe Ep 6 Review


The ship’s water reserves run critically low due to alien bugs and the crew attempts to harvest ice from an ice planet. Rush reveals that the ship isn’t fully recharged despite flying through a sun last week. Young and Scott stagger around an ice planet which is obviously a set and they wear space suits which were conveniently found on the ship.

Speaking of Young, all of a sudden he is healed. In the first ep he was thrown violently through the stargate and clear across the gate room on the other side. He had a head injury, a seizure, neuropraxia, cracked ribs and bruises. In fact he was so seriously injured that he couldn’t walk for the better part of a day and then he had to use a gun as a crutch. And all of a sudden he’s on an away mission on an ice planet?!?

TJ is left in command to deal with whining civilians, the useless Chloe, alien bugs from the sand planet and the sulking Eli. There is a blatant rip off of ‘The Abyss’, Young is suddenly antagonistic, the bugs plot was already done by ‘The X Files’ in its first season and there is way too much Young/Scott grunting. It you listen to their scenes with your eyes closed it could be slash fic. This was dull. Still I like TJ getting to command but Eli needs to shut it.

Best Lines:
“The last planet I was on exploded.”

“I have a problem with everything you just said.”

“Not that I’m counting but this is the third time in almost as many weeks you’ve been willing to kill yourself.”

“And Sergeant? No torching.”

“That’s good thinking. There’s no way the bullets will ricochet into your ass.”

“Millions of tiny flying razor blades floating around the ship like piranha.”

“That’s just as stupid, Sir.”
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Quotes of the Day

Stargate SGI’ ep ‘200’ Quote

I assume I am staring at you stoically.”

Gilmore Girls’ quote

“I’m sure a vague reason’s forthcoming.”

Summer Heights High’ Quotes

I will have no hesitation in smashing your doll cupboard with a hammer mum. I’m serious. Or maybe I’ll get pregnant.”

“I’m taking away the Playstation and I’m throwing it out

Modern Family’ Quotes

“The last time she was here the refrigerator magnets rearranged themselves into a pentagr-“

“During my first vows drug dealers burst in and assassinated the judge.”

Lost Season 5 on DVD

Got my Lost Season 5 DVD. The disc art and menus are ugly, just like the season 4 box set. The only exception is the menu on the bonus disc which is a beautiful scene of The Lamp Post station. It’s very cool. There are about two commentaries and the extras aside from two exceptions are crap. The good extras are ‘Mysteries of the Universe’ with its wonderfully OTT voiceover and the really enjoyable ‘An Epic Day With Richard Alpert’.

Upon rewatching season 5, I don’t miss Daniel and his twitching or Charlotte and her whining and general all round uselessness. Plus I am sick of Sawyer and his overly dramatic confidence and poses and the fact that Matthew Fox seems to be in the ‘cool’ scenes by contract. Still Widmore did mention a war and with the big death revelation, the implications for season 6 are terrifying.

Season 5 Deleted Scenes Quotes:
“How the hell does a hostile tip toe through our security, grab Ben and get back without any of us seeing them?”

“You’re head of security and I’m not feeling very secure right now.”
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Book Review: The Romulan War – Beneath the Raptor’s Wing

Star Trek Enterprise: The Romulan War – Beneath the Raptor’s Wing by Michael A Martin

First things first, the cover at is hideous. But leaving that aside this is a good novel that finally covers the Earth/Romulan War. The author has to the mammoth task of melding together the continuity of ‘Star Trek: Enterprise’ and ‘Star Trek: The Original Series’ and explain the differences in technology between the sleek NX Enterprise and Kirk’s blocky ship.

It is a shame that while on air ‘Star Trek: Enterprise’ never covered the Romulan War despite foreshadowing it in the excellent season 2 episode ‘Minefield’. Instead for some incomprehensible reason TPTB carried out the show killing Xindi arc. Anyway this is a good read as it depicts a war that spans planets, ships, species and shakes the fledging Coalition of Planets to its foundations.

The Romulan Star Empire is afraid and lashes out determined to wage all out war. Earth stands defiant but the Vulcan leader T’Pau turns her back on her allies creating a precedent that will no doubt fatally shatter the Coalition of Planets. T’Pau blindly refuses to get involved in the war against the Sundered.

Earth and her remaining allies Andorian and Teller fight on despite overwhelming odds and terrible losses. But as the Romulan’s war of attrition shows no sign of abating, soon Earth will be forced to stand alone.

For all its well written politics, plotting and war scenes, this is not a character novel. Archer is a cookie cutter heroic leader, T’Pol does brooding, Tucker has adventures, Sato and Reed barely exist and only Mayweather gets any agency as he transfers off the ship because he is disgusted with Archer.

The Romulan war leader Valdore gets more character depth than the Enterprise crew as he wages what he sees as a righteous, bloody war to protect his home. As for T’Pau she comes across as a hippy idiot who isn’t fit to run a juice bar much less a planet. There is also a shrill war mongering reporter who pops up every so often to annoy.

Still events are well written but characters are not. Then the book ends on multiple cliffhangers. There is no indication of when or even if a follow up book will be published. Still irritations aside, this is good.
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V (2009-2011) Ep 1 review

This remake of the classic 1980’s miniseries seems to be doomed by network meddling and the fact that the first ep just did not live up to the promise of its fantastic trailer.


Aliens arrive en masse on Earth and promise friendship but FBI agent Erica Evans (Elizabeth Mitchell of ‘Lost’) uncovers an alarming secret about these seemingly friendly visitors. Visitor leader Anna (Morena Baccarin of ‘Stargate SG1’ and ‘Firefly’) promises technology, healing and peace but she is obviously malevolent. Baccarin does creepy staring well but that is all she gets to do, stare ominously.

Father Jack Landry can’t trust them even when the Vatican decides overnight that the aliens are part of God’s plan. Smug reporter Chad (Scott Wolf of ‘Party of Five’) becomes a source of visitor propaganda to further his career. Meanwhile Erica’s snotty son Tyler joins a visitor organization and becomes a Peace Ambassador as he fancies Lisa, some alien totty.

Questions about why the visitors look just like humans are brushed aside as they set up healing centres to cure illnesses. Erica is a dull lead character and her non-reaction to the alien encounter is a bit much. She doesn’t even react much to the news that there is a visitor presence on Earth and has been for years preparing the way for the visitors to exterminate humanity.

Naturally Erica’s partner turns out to be a visitor, the fact was made clear by the fact they cast a well know sci-fi actor to play him. Even when Erica sees his true reptilian face after his skin is torn, her face hardly moves. She’s too stoic even when she and Father Jack decide to set up a resistance.

This was kind of dull. The fact the visitors are here already isn’t well done even with Ryan the nice visitor who wants to stop his own kind from their plan. TPTB also seem to have changed the meaning of the phrase V as it was used in the 80’s miniseries. Tyler just annoys and his signing up with the equivalent of the Hitler Youth just has me hoping that Lisa eats him before ep 2 airs. I don’t care about these people except maybe the priest, only he seems to be real. This show is just flat. Maybe it will improve.

Best Lines:
“We are of peace, always.”

“Gratitude can morph into worship or worse, devotion.”

“The visitors didn’t just get here. They’ve been here for years.”

“Don’t ask any questions that would portray us negatively.”

“We can’t be seen in a negative light.”