September 28th, 2009

Scary Books

Legend of the Seeker Season 1 Ep 2 Review


Rahl is a bad, bad, bad man with unwashed hair. Michael is dim and hangs out with a rent a mob. There is bad acting. Richard doesn’t think about the fact that all the former Seekers probably failed in their quest to kill Rahl. The Confessor’s white dress remains remarkably clean. Chase head butts a bad dude. There is slo-mo, mysterious costume changes, book burning and various bleak and uninspiring happenings.

I didn’t like this ep and the plight of Richard aka the poor man’s Karl Urban does nothing for me.

Best Lines:
“And more than magic, he has thousands of soldiers under his command.”
“And I’m supposed to kill him? Alone?”

“Darken Rahl has the power to speak to the dead.”
Scary Books

Supernatural Season 4 Ep 12 Review

Criss Angel is a Douche Bag

Magic tricks go awry at the International Magicians Convention. People are dying around washed up magician Jay (Barry Bostwick of ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’). The brothers investigate in-between Dean’s cellar adventures and Sam being manipulated by lisping Ruby and her bad acting.

As the brothers take on real magic, Sam is stupid and is blatantly manipulated. This was okay but was kind of dull.

Best Lines:
“You think we will?”
“Die before we get old.”
“Haven’t we both already?”
Scary Books

Book Review: The Never Ending Sacrifice

Star Trek Deep Space Nine: The Never Ending Sacrifice by Una McCormack

Star Trek’ in good novel shock. This latest in the DS9 relaunch saga takes characters from a minor second season DS9 ep and spins them off into their own novel. ‘The Never Ending Sacrifice’ spans over eight years and covers galaxy changing events from the Cardassian POV.

Rugal was a Cardassian boy left behind on Bajor after the occupation. He was presumed to be an orphan and orphans have no status or place on Cardassian. So a kindly Bajoran family adopted him but after a few years, Rugal became the subject of political and legal machinations.

Rugal was taken from his Bajoran parents and sent back to Cardassia with a father he didn’t know. Rugal was thrust into a society he did not understand or fit into. But that was only the beginning, for Rugal’s life continued to be dominated by outside forces. Rugal’s destiny was shaped by the Dominion War, the decimation of Cardassia and the uneasy peace that followed. Rugal has to find his own way and own identity and purpose.

This is an excellent read, a thoughtful and detailed exploration of an alien culture and mindset.
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The new 'V'

Read up on the problems with the new 'V' series. I was looking forward to it, what is going on? It can't be that bad can it?
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Movie Review: Tormented

Tormented (2009)

This British horror film is set in a posh school where the in crowd have just bullied fellow student Darren Mullet to suicide. Nobody noticed or cared about Mullet when he was alive and they don’t care now. But they will care soon because Darren Mullet has risen from his grave as a zombie bent on violent revenge and the vile, horrible teenagers are about to pay for their sins.

Justine the prim and proper head girl is drawn into the in crowd. Somehow she overlooks the fact that the leader of the crowd Bradley (Alex Pettyfer) is a violent brat with a David Beckham haircut and an equally violent hench bodyguard in Marcus (Tom Hopper). Justine is wooed by handsome in-crowder Alexis (Dimitri Leonidas). She likes him despite the fact he’s one of a gang of unpleasant thugs.

Justine has an 80’s hair cut and a place at Oxford to study law. And as Alexis’ girlfriend, she is allowed into the in crowd. These new friends are bad for her but she doesn’t seem to notice. Bradley and his gang dominate the school through good looks, malicious behaviour, cruelty, public humiliation and aggression. They are genuinely formidable and Justine joins in their group dynamic uncaring.

The headmaster (Peter Amory of 'Emmerdale') is ineffective, other students hate and fear them but nothing is done. But Darren Mullet zombie avenger strikes back in a blackly comic rampage. Darren carries out his revenge in nastily inventive ways: the school swimming pool, shower room, art room, common room and even the local graveyard aren’t safe.

Even as all this goes on, Bradley continues his school yard malice and lashing out at his followers if they defy his arbitrary social code. As Justine realises what her new friends are really like, she does much of her worst damage through trying to be good.

This was very good, though one has to wonder: where were their parents during all this?

Best Lines:
Death is so erogenous. I wish I was dead.”

“That boy hanged himself. How can that be an excuse for a party?”
“Oh don’t worry sweetie, no-one was going to invite you anyway.”

“Jeremy Prendergast’s mother called. He went to a party last night and he hasn’t come home.”
“If I know Jeremy, he’s probably lying drunk in a gutter somewhere.”

“You won’t need to self harm, ‘cause I’ll be doing it for you.”

“Mullet is dead which means he can’t be sending me texts. I don’t think that you get a signal up there.”

“You wanna know why we picked on him? We were bored. He was a spaz.”