August 21st, 2009

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Kings Episode 8 Review

The Sabbath Queen

Silas has his birthday party and William Cross causes a city wide power outage in a fit of pique. Jack uses the blackout as an excuse not to be miserable in his transparent closet and looks up Joseph, the boyfriend he likes to abuse. Michelle and David bond over sexting, that is going to come back to haunt them isn't it? Silas freaks out over a threat made against him and recalls how years ago when Michelle was dying he made a pact with the Angel of Death. Either that or he had a psychotic hallucination but knowing this show, Silas did indeed meet the Angel of Death.

An assassin tries to kill Silas which was a bad move as Silas would fight a buzz saw in his current mood. Cross gets away with his crap again. For now anyway, flashbacks show how Rose declared the last war against Gath in Silas' name as her husband was busy chatting to the Angel of Death. When the lights come back on, Rose tells Andrew she loathes him, Jack tells his punch bag boyfriend that he loves him more or less and Silas returns to his mistress.

This wasn't good. Can anyone see David replacing Silas as King? What was Michelle dying of, an excess of hair oil perhaps? Why does Rose hate Andrew? Why doesn't Rose just off her bastard brother? Are we supposed to sympathise with Jack?
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Reaper Season 2 Ep 13 Review

The Devil and Sam Oliver

'Reaper' comes to a damp squib ending with this final ever episode. The devil makes Sam do a monkey dance and the selfish, stupid Ben has issues with his grandmother over Nina. Can you can time wasting plots? At this point I'm wondering why we are supposed to care about any of these people. Ben, Sock and Sam seem like the sort of losers who like to beat each other senseless and roam around in groups looking for fights. Sam doesn't care about his fake daddy burning in hell or the AWOL Alan. Which either shows that he is his father's son or the writers don't care anymore.

Steve and his terrible acting show up, Sam challenges his demonic father to a contest. Daddy Sneerest wins, Sam broods. Sock gets stoned on toad taking up valuable screen time and don't even get me started on his shark fin story. Nina and her 'The Exorcist' spoof plot take up too much time as well. Andi acts bipolar again and sells her soul to satan. Steve betrays Sam and breaks his hand. So Sam and Andi are damned to hell and Sam's dad is the worst everything and his friends are morons.

Steve shows up to explain and Sam feels the need to smash Steve up. Somehow Sam can throw rocks with his broken hand. Just when you though the show couldn't get any worse, Steve sports a pair of fake angel wings and flees off to heaven with the rest of the angels. That was utterly utterly stupid. This episode was awful and has to be the worst 'Reaper' ep ever.

I've seen some bad show finales in my time. 'Threshold', 'Forever Knight' and 'Star Trek: Enterprise' for example and this piece of crud is right up there in the tv hall of shame with them. TPTB should be ashamed for smearing this across my tv screen. 'Point Pleasant' did a way better antichrist show than 'Reaper'. This was awful, awful, awful. Couldn't they have had Sam go bad and off Andi and his jerk friends in a last minute boo moment? Or they could have done, something, anything other than this.

'Reaper' is dead and I don't care.

Best Lines:
"Do you read the instructions?"
"All I need is an on switch."

"An angel broke my hand in six places which evidently means heaven hates me."
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Book Review: Star Wars Legacy of the Force

The nine part 'Star Wars: Legacy of the Force' novel series started out with so much promise but ended up being turgid, stupid and illogical. The premise was simple Darth Vader's grandson Jacen Solo follows granddaddy's path to the dark side. But the execution of it varied between good and awful.

Star Wars Legacy Of The Force: Bloodlines by Karen Traviss
As Luke, Leia and Han push 60 from the wrong side, a new threat rises unnoticed and his name is Jacen Solo. Jacen is learning the ways of the Sith and is confident that he can avoid the mistakes that doomed his grandfather. The Galactic Alliance faces internal troubles and Jacen determined to see the galaxy at peace at last, will do anything and sacrifice anything to achieve that dream. Jacen's actions tear apart the Solo and Skywalker families and the Galactic Alliance is threatened with war all due to a family spat.

This is a very good book. But the oldsters annoy Luke is still a stick in the mud, Leia is an appendage to her big dumb husband and Han is annoying and stupid. The main fault of the 'Legacy of the Force' saga was that too little attention was paid to path of Jacen Solo. A Jedi Knight, he is selfless in his desire for a galaxy free of war. For all his life, one war or another has waged and he wants it to stop. So he walks the path of the Sith for unselfish reasons. He doesn't desire power or respect, just order and if he has to torture people to death to achieve that aim - well too bad.

Best Lines:
"Just like his grandfather all over again. When's he going to go for a nice black cloak and helmet? And lots of troopers in lovely white armour?"

"The older ones who remember the Empire say it's like having his grandfather back. They say he fancies himself as the new Vader."

Star Wars Legacy Of The Force: Tempest by Troy Denning

As the prospect of civil war threatens the Galactic Alliance, Han and Leia have gone over to the other side. Jacen Solo is determined to hunt down his parents. Meanwhile Luke Skywalker and his wife Mara suspect that Jacen is walking a dark path. Jacen is willing to sacrifice his parents and lose the love of his family if he can bring order to the galaxy.

This is an okay addition to the saga. Han and Leia act pretty stupidly in this book, they're 60 plus not teenagers. Luke is smug and arrogant and Jacen continues on his path, his parents actions and Luke's arrogance further assuring him he is right. In his view what he is doing isn't wrong if his mother, father and uncle did similar things to fight the Empire. This was another plot strand the 'Legacy of the Force' saga dropped the ball on when they reduced Jacen to just another psycho who needed to be killed by his twin sister.

Star Wars Legacy Of The Force: Exile by Aaron Allston

Jacen Solo continues on his path, now more sure than ever that becoming a Sith Master is the way to once and for all, achieve lasting peace. Also he wants to learn if Ben Skywalker will be a suitable Sith apprentice for him. This is an okay read. Why do all the characters take turns carrying the idiot ball? The Jedi Order are unable to grasp the notion that the Sith are back, again. Han and Leia ignore Jacen. Luke and Mara neglect their kid.

Best Line:
"He's going to continue being unhappy until we stop slandering and persecuting Jacen, the perfect Jedi, hero of the people and male model for black uniforms."

Star Wars Legacy Of The Force: Sacrifice by Karen Traviss
The time has come for Jacen to become a Sith Lord, the galaxy is being torn apart by civil war and Boba Fett continues to refuse to die. This is excellent, the best book in the 'Legacy of the Force' saga. It's engrossing, wonderfully written, tense and tragic. shame it was all downhill from here. This book has politics, intrigue and Jacen's lame choice of Sith name.

Best Lines:
"He was a Sith Lord. Now his work could truly begin. It had happened. And it was beautiful."

"You need to know there's nothing else, absolutely nothing, that you can do to save Jacen."

Star Wars Legacy Of The Force: Fury by Aaron Allston

The war drags on and the Skywalker/Solo clans have turned their backs on Jacen. Now that was stupid, if they'd reached out to him they could have saved him. But no, they all shun him, discuss how evil he is and generally hate on him.

Meanwhile the Jedi are in disarray, Luke mourns his wife, Ben's angry, Jania plots Jacen's murder and the Sith see Jacen as a distraction for their true intentions. Poor Jacen is happy he's a Sith but the rest of the Sith see him as a nothing. Poor tragic Jacen. But the writers ignore the tragedy and write him as a insane, stupid lunatic.

This is a good book but the last two books in the saga 'Revelation' and 'Invincible' were tosh. Jacen was killed off with no dignity all so everyone else could be smug. Allegedly TPTB are trying to fix the damage with the 'Fate of the Jedi' novels. But I don't care.
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LJ ate my review!

Wrote a review of season 1 'Jericho' only for LJ to eat it, will have to rewrite it over the weekend.

Am planning to see 'A Perfect Getaway', this has been a bad year for summer movies. It's all CGI stuff shooting up other CGI stuff. There has been nothing in the cinema that interests me.

Saw the teaser trailer for 'Avatar'. It looks like a cartoon, a bad cartoon. Yawn. When does 'V' air?