August 11th, 2009

Scary Books

Veronica Mars Season 1 Ep 18&19 Review

Weapons of Class Destruction

Veronica learns of a threat against her school and tangles with an undercover ATF agent while being smug and selfish. She also puts on another silly accent and somehow does not get expelled. Also Wallace’s mother is selfish and Duncan yells at Veronica for her snooping. But does Veronica care, no she’s too busy snogging Leo and Logan. For a pariah she sure has all the boys in love with her.

Thanks to Veronica, a teacher gets fired and Duncan runs away. Veronica’s too busy being smug and thinking about how she’s just like Samantha from ‘Sex and the City’. This was okayish but seriously Veronica’s attitude is really grating now and it only gets worse from here on out.

Best Lines:
Doesn’t he look like total bomb threat material?”

“There will be people looking for me. Armed people.”

Hot Dogs

Dognapping is afoot in Neptune, so Veronica solves the mystery. She also lies, accuses and is rude. Weevil breaks into the Kane house to steal Lilly's spy pen which will never be mentioned again. Duncan is still missing. Trina is beaten up by her boyfriend Dylan so Aaron beats Dylan up to the tune of Dean Martin. Also Logan learns Lynn left him everything in her will, Celeste gets to sneer at Keith, Aaron reveals his dad beat him up and Keith does his own paternity test. Plus in the continuing saga of All The Boys Want Veronica Mars, our heroine slobbers over Logan again and ditches Leo.

This was not good, I never really loved this show like its more rabid fans mostly due to the fact Veronica's personality grates like a rusty cheesegrater.

Best Lines:
"12 hours to hit me up for my dead mother's money."

"I can't get him off my back."
"Have you tried standing up?"

"Please resist arrest, please."
Scary Books

Film Review: White Sands (1992)

This tiresome tale starts out promisingly but then descends into near farce. Small town cop Ray (Willem Dafoe) investigates a dead body that was found in the desert and gets tangled up in murder, arms deals, stolen money, Mickey Rourke before his face fell apart and twist endings. This wasn’t that great but there is a great final visual.

Best Line: “You’re honest, even when you’re lying.”

Scary Books

Book Review: Fragment

Fragment by Warren Fahy

A ship crewed by the desperate cast and crew of a reality show come across the distant, unexplored Henders Island. They think it could be a ratings bonanza; instead it turns into a slaughter.

Henders Island is the most dangerous place on Earth. This fragment of a lost continent has been cut off for over 600 million years and as a result its ecosystem is like nothing ever seen before. Henders is home to a vicious, savage host of predators. As scientists and the military ponder what to do, a discovery is made that changes everything.

This is a good adventure tale. Fahy describes the bizarre Henders ecosystem with panache and relish. This is a suitably rollercoaster ride of the sort Matthew Reilly used to write before he started doing ‘Da Vinci Code’ knock offs. This is a wonderfully, creepy romp.

Best Lines:
“God forbid we give a soul any reason to seek this place.”

“Nothing from our world can survive here.”
Scary Books

Harper's Island Ep 10 Review


At Bloodbath Retreat: Madison is obviously lying, the State Police show up and get killed. The guests decide to leave, seriously it takes them this long? Sully tells everyone that he plays Halo, so he's pumped for action. Shea acts like a cow as does Trish, maybe their excessive black hair dye ran into their ears and fried their WASPy brains. The Marina is blown up. None of the Island Residents bother to investigate, seriously where has the rest of the population gone? The Trish/Henry nuptials appear to be history. The snotty Maggie gets done in. Sully and co make napalm. Cal is shot (he is so dead meat, the writer isn't subtle on that note). The guests (minus Henry) turn on Abby and order her to face the killer alone.

There is a dramatic revelation and another death. Abby's eyes bug out, can she die soon? Abby is annoying and her opening narration/introduction every ep is a timewaster. This was a good tension filled episode, most of the cast come across as jerks who deserve horrible death. It is clear the guests are being herded. So who is Wakefield's child? Trish, Shea and Madison all seem to have his personality traits. Maybe they're his accomplices. The big revelation is a bit of a game changer.

Best Line: "Of all the weddings I've been to, this one ranks near the bottom."
Scary Books

Buffy #27 + Angel #24 Reviewed

Angel Issue 24

Let’s be honest, the post ‘After The Fall’ storyline reeks. But finally after four unreadable issues it finally picks up. This wonderfully drawn issue focuses on Drusilla and her time in a mental hospital. Why is she there? Who is behind it? Why does nobody notice that she doesn’t breathe, eat or need bathroom breaks? This is a fantastically good, wonderfully gothic story. And best of all it’s written by Drusilla herself, or rather actress Juliet Landau. This is the best ‘Angel’ has been in some time.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 8 Issue 27

Retreat Part 2

Buffy’s slow season 8 slowly moves on. Buffy and her gang are now hiding out in Tibet. They’ve invited themselves to stay with Oz, so he and his monk buddies will help them to make themselves less magical. Meanwhile Twilight finally shows up to be menacing again. Where has Twilight been lately? Tweeting?

Anyway Willow sulks over Oz having a girlfriend and a baby and Buffy makes decisions on everyone’s behalf yet again. Twilight makes grand pronouncements while Warren, Amy and Riley hang around being all miniony. This was okay, is season 8 ever going to go anywhere? It’s been bitty and of variable quality.