July 6th, 2009

Scary Books

The Inside Ep 9 Review

Little Girl Lost

A family is missing in a forest, it wasn't the Blair Witch that got them it was something else. Something worse. Rebecca hallucinates about her abductor. The loony o'the week is captured fairly early on and then the helicopter carrying him crashes in the forest. So the bloodstained loon chases Rebecca around the woods. Rebecca's in peril, yet again. Rebecca hallucinates madly. The baddie annoys. It all ends creepily. This was okay.

Best Line: "Five more minutes in that house and I would have become a serial killer."
Scary Books

Numb3rs Season 3 Ep 20 Review

Burn Rate

Don and co deal with a letter bombing case. Charlie rants and is self righteous. There's no family bonding moment to match the scene in the season 2 ep 'Protest' where Don and Alan joked around by calling each other "Commie" and "G-Man" respectively. This was good.

Best Line: "Doesn't a troubled childhood count for anything anymore?"
Scary Books

Movie Review: Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me

Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me (1994)

Eli's on the run from the law with a bag full of stolen money. So he unwisely hides out at a trailer park populated by the trashiest people on Earth. He finds himself grappling with love interests in the form of deranged stripper Sabra and her sweet sister Dannie (the late Adrienne Shelly). Can Eli and Dannie find a happy ever after despite the best efforts of Sabra, the queen of the tacky and cheap to thwart them?

This was funny despite some seriously bad acting. This was an okay tasteless black comedy.

Best Lines:
"Where are your parents?"
"Dead. Sabra killed them when I was nine."

"I will set you on fire!"
"Like you did your parents?"
Scary Books

Trailer Fun Time, again

Britney Spear's Radar music video
Dull video, duller song.

War of the Worlds: The Spirit of Man
This was not good at all, this is worse than the Thunderchild segment.

'The Shadow' trailer
This comic book film is from 1994 when Alec Baldwin was hot. Okay trailer, mediocre film. I much preferred the early part of the film when he was a baddie.

Taylor Dayne's Original Sin music video
This was the theme song for 'The Shadow', it's a cover of a Meatloaf song. It is much better when sung by Dayne. It's very James Bond opening credits worthy. It's a great song and has a wonderfully cheesy video.

'The Vampire Diaries' Preview
I've read the first four books of this series. This predates 'Twilight' and 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'. It looks good, but seriously they cast Boone from 'Lost' as the bad vampire Damon? They renamed the town Mystic Falls instead of Fells Church? Why is Elena hanging out in a graveyard like Lana Lang from 'Smallville'? However I'll be watching, after all the man who gave us 'Scream' and 'Hidden Palms' is behind it!

'Pumpkinhead' trailer
This 1980's horror flick looks raw, trashy and creepy. I want to see it.

'Return of the Killer Tomatoes' trailer
This 1980's B-movie spoof has the funniest trailer ever. Is this on DVD? I want to see it. It has a young George Clooney and his bad perm in it! And the Movie Trailer Voiceover Guy gets to intone the line: "Psychotic neo-nazi plantlife." If the film is anywhere near as hilarious as this trailer then I'm there.

'Minority Report' trailer
This looks shiny and good. It may make up for the fact that in 'Valkyrie', Tom Cruise couldn't pronounce Berlin properly.

Cascada Evacuate the Dance Floor Music Video
This is a bit too Lady Gaga.

'One Tree Hill' season 6 clips
These were hilarious but were they supposed to be so funny? The man delivering the donor heart to Dan trips over a dog lead, drops the heart and it falls on the floor and then the dog eats the donor heart as Dan looks on in horror! Then Dan tries to drown himself and fails. Oh how he has fallen from being King of Tree Hill back in season 1. 
Scary Books

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 8 Issue 26 Review

Retreat, Part 1
Twilight's got the gang on the run. They're still not looking for Twilight just reacting to his/her/its attack. Everyone runs to Buffy to hide. So Buffy is reunited with Giles and Faith and makes no apologies for her earlier shoddy treatment of them. Willow's going darkside with her "magicks" again and Buffy is letting her. It seems Willow's copious usage of the "magicks" is allowing Twilight to track them but they just let Willow keep on magicking. The words "magicks" is highly annoying. Warren shows up. Andrew is useless. And an old friend returns. This was okay but Buffy's attitude and selfishness really needs to be addressed soon by TPTB.