June 29th, 2009

Scary Books

Book Reviews: The House That Jack Built + Bay of The Dead

Torchwood: The House That Jack Built by Guy Adams

Torchwood meets 'House of Leaves'. A couple move in a house called Jackson Leaves where weird things happen. Weird things that attract the attnetion of Torchwood. Soon Jack and co are investigating a house that really shouldn't exist. This wasn't that good. The mystery, the secret and the plot just didn't enthrall.

Torchwood: Bay of the Dead by Mark Morris

Zombies invade Cardiff and start chowing down. Now Torchwood has to fight a ravenous horde of undead and save the day. It's all in a day's work for this lot. This was good and if you are a zombie fan you should enjoy this one.
Scary Books

Video fun times

'Earth 2' opening credits. An okay show, aliens, cliffhanger and an arc.

'War of the Worlds: Eve of the War': Memorable, it's no 'Forever Autumn' though.

'The Stepfather' trailer: Is there ANYTHING they won't remake? This looks lame. The original was creepy this looks dumb and about as deep as an ep of 'The Hills'.