June 26th, 2009

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Book Review: Finding Lost Season 4

Finding Lost Season 4: The Unofficial Guide by Nikki Stafford

This is an excellent guide to season 4 of 'Lost'. Stafford knows her subject as her previous guides to seasons one to three were all excellent. There is much discussion of themes and pointing out of background detail that the viewer may have missed. If you love 'Lost' this is for you. It does exactly what it says on the tin.
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Krod Mandoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire Ep 4 Review

O Biclops, Where Art Thou?
Krod lives in an odd world, it's a mix of medieval and Renaissance. The Chancellor wants to be Emperor, the ERC (Elite Resistance Council) want to recruit Krod and a cyclops wants to eat our heroes. This was okay. It seems the Chancellor slept with and then executed Barnabus' wife, Cute Girl dies and there is a traitor in the ERC. This was okay but Aneka cannot act.
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Psychoville Ep 2 Review

Mr Lomax and his care worker get into a bidding war on eBay for a toy crocodile. Lomax's rivals are two sisters he calls: "The witches of eBay." Mr Jelly attacks his sworn rival Mr Jolly. The serial killer obsessed mother and son menace a man. Joy steals blood from the blood bank to feed her toy doll, then she replaces the stolen blood with Ribena. There are hints that two characters were once in the same institution where someone died. The same someone the mysterious letter writer is now accusing them of killing. This was not a good ep, it was utterly unfunny with lots of people acting creepily.
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Reaper Season 2 Ep 5 Review

I Want My Baby Back

Mr Oliver explains his deal with the devil and why he's now a zombie. Sock drools over his stepsister. Sam reaps a soul who leaves behind a baby. Tony shows up and everyone is glad to see him for some reason. Why are they overlooking his murder attempt?. Morgan sleazes over Andi and reveals Sam's parentage. Andi reacts by having a tantrum worthy of 'Supernanny'. Tony decides to informally adopt the baby. Satan menaces Sam into attempting to reap the infant. Sam finally yells at Mr Oliver about his idiot deal making. The baby is baptized and thus saved from hell. Mr Oliver moves into the garage.

This was okayish with much use of the nature vs nurture debate. Viewers have to overlook the fact that Tony is a terrible actor and the dreadful Sock and his stepsister plot.

Best Lines:
"Satan is your real father."

"I can't enter onto consecrated ground, I'll light up like an oversoaked flambé. But Sam's half human so he's probably alright."

"If you ever see anything that doesn't seem right. run for the hills."
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Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles 2x22 Review

Born To Run

And so it goes, this is the final ever 'Sarah Connor' ep. How this show ties into 'Terminator: Salvation' isn't explained. There are revelations and mysteries and questions. This was a very good episode. Various faces from the past show up, Miles Dyson's son is missing, Weaver terminates a Terminator who fails to spot what she is, Skynet is treating its chips so they can't be read, John and Cameron get kinky and then stage a jailbreak. Cameron shoots up a prison and frees loads of prisoners, now why is that a good thing? It's not explained what happened to the priest Sarah abandoned in the riot. But what is clear is that Cameron has her own agenda. She gives John Henry her chip and then he vanishes into the future. Weaver follows him, John goes with her and Sarah lets this happen. John ends up in the future, Weaver vanishes and John meets Derek, Alison from Palmdale and his father. None of whom know who he is.

So John's in the future, surrounded by people who don't know him. He at last meets his father but can only stare at Alison instead. John Henry and Weaver have vanished off somewhere. Sarah's in the past with Ellison. What'll happen to Savannah? What was the final blue flash and Sarah's message about? Good ending, shame it'll never be resolved. But that's how tv goes.

Best Lines:
"I doubt they like you either Miss Connor."

"Someone or something wants this world to burn."

"Will you join us?"

"Gird thyself."

"Bad John Connor. Ground me."