June 19th, 2009

Scary Books

Krod Mandoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire Ep 3 Review

Our Bounties Ourselves

Chancellor Dongalor and his toady Barnabus put a huge bounty on the heads of Krod and Aneka. So the rebel duo decide to fake their deaths and sneak into Dongalor's keep. Meanwhile one of the Emperor's weapons inspectors visits Dongalor and he's a real prat. Naturally Krod and Aneka's consumption of the life suspension potion does not go to plan.

This was dull and unfunny. Why does Barnabus put up with his idiot boss? Why does Aneka wear so much trashy blue eyeshadow?

Best Lines:
"Fierce, like a turtle."

"Potentially lethal cocktail mixed by a grossly unqualified warlock."
Scary Books

Psychoville Ep 1 Review

Five disparate and apparent strangers receive nasty letters. There's Mr Jelly the demented clown who looks like something out of Stephen King's 'It' and is nightmare fuel at kids parties. There's the midwife (Dawn French) who is obsessed with a baby doll. There's a blind guy who has mysterious plans for his home helper. There's a stomach churning mother and son who we won't dwell on at all. And there's a dwarf with 'Carrie' powers who can't act.

This was okay, the opening post office scene was hilarious and there was a number of uneasy chuckles to be had.

Best Line:
"Someone might have died."
Scary Books

Cane Eps 9 to 11 Reviewed

Daddy Duque grew a pair and kicked Alex out of his CEO job. Alex sulked and went on holiday with his criminal buddies. Alex's wife was romanced by an annoying artist who heaped insults on her as a means of flirtation. Alex's son and his wife had boring marital woe. Henry pined over Terri. Then a hurricane hit and Alex and Frank were held at gunpoint by criminals. Alex was self righteous. Frank is suddenly asthmatic. Terri got divorced and Henry shamelessly hit on her. Frank wore a t-shirt, yum yum yum. This show is clichéd with bad acting and annoying characters but sometimes you can see promise.

Memorable Lines:
"Don't want to get hit by a flying gator."

"Turn down your violins for just a second."
Scary Books

Reaper Season 2 Ep 4 Review

The Favourite

Sam meets Morgan, his half brother and rival in the antichrist race. Andi is uneasy about the fact that "There are little devils running around." Sam is not revealing his paternity to her. In forgettable subplots: Ted wants his Work Bench job back and Nina and Ben have relationship woe. Sam really, really dislikes Morgan. He's jealous that devil Daddy seems to like Morgan better. And now that Sam has totally accepted his Prince of Darkness parentage, his fake daddy who was buried alive by demons in the season 1 cliff-hanger shows up. The fact that fake daddy's apparent death hasn't been even mentioned up to now is a bit odd. But he's back and decaying. This was okay and the first enjoyable ep of the season so far.

Best Lines:
"Horn hag."

"He's the son of the devil. You can't trust him."
"You're the son of the devil."

"If I fire Ted, he'll probably die or something."
"But ask yourself, is that a bad thing?"
Scary Books

Woe is me!

At last the 'Torchwood: Children of Earth' airdates are out and I'll be on holiday. Shakes fist at the BBC.

Saw the cover for 'Cape Storm' the upcoming 8th 'Weather Warden' novel. Is it just me or are TPTB styling the covers to be skankier and skankier as they progress?

Was thinking about 'Fringe' season 2. Again. Was wondering if alter-Walter will ever show up. What did he do when his son vanished from the face of the Earth? Does he know Peter has been raised by someone else all this time? If JFK lived in alter-world, wouldn't Peter have noticed that and wondered why history was different in real-world? Or was he so young when he was kidnapped he forgot or didn't notice the differences? Please don't let 'Fringe' mess this up. Walter's walking a dark path, every day he is guilty of at least non-custodial parental kidnapping.

I'll miss Don Self from 'Prison Break', now he could talk trash.