June 5th, 2009

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Ghost Whisper Season 4 ep 4 Review

Save Our Souls

I can recall watching only two 'Ghost Whisper' eps in their entirety before now. They were season 1 eps, one guest starred Sean Maher of 'Firefly' and the other one involved a plane crash. Melinda and Jim (David Conrad of 'Roswell') go on a cruise, the annoying fat woman from 'The Practice' sees them off. Melinda dresses like a pole dancer, talks to ghosts and apparently has an apprentice ghost whisper in the form of Eli (Jamie Kennedy of 'Scream'). It turns out the liner is full of ghosts, secrets and people plastered in orange fake bake tan. Anyway the situation is resolved (why do people always believe Melinda's stories about ghosts?) and there's a cheesy 'Titanic homage. This was good.

Best Line:
"Keep your underwear in the minibar."
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Sea of Souls: The Prayer Tree (2007) Review

A couple buy a remote Scottish country house. It is soon apparent that there is a malevolent presence in the house, but the 'hero' of the show comes to the realisation of the malevolence way, way too late. The ending is very good but this takes its sweet time getting there are there is much muttering, BS scares, hysterical women and flashbacks to Ye Olde Victorian times when Douglas Henshall of 'Primeval' ran around with a bad haircut being nefarious to get through before the ending. There are many, many flashbacks to revolting peasants and Christina Cox of 'Hex' looking all wan. Still the revelation of just what Robert (Henshall) was up to is very good. This was okay.

Best Lines:
"Always a worry when people start trying to contact malevolent spirits. They might just succeed. I don't even want to imagine what went on in this house."

"Dunbar mastered transmigration and his soul's been hitching a lift from one body to other since 1897?"
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Numb3rs 2x21 Review


A man goes berserk in the FBI office. The team try to figure out why an ordinary man did this. Charlie tries to make it all about himself, as usual. The rampage ties into a criminal trial. Justice is served and Don and Charlie bond. This was good, thankfully in later seasons the show dropped the lame opening credits.

Best Lines:
"Who's hit? Who's down?"

"I pull this trigger, your head blows up."
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The Tudors Season 3 Ep 6 Review

Joss Stone is in the credits despite not being in the ep. Suffolk and Henry moan about their lost youth, I expect viewers are supposed to overlook their waxed abs, Hollywood teeth, shiny hair and facials. The Pole family are arrested. Suffolk is shown to be Catholic despite the fact, he wasn't. It seems that two years have gone by since Queen Jane's death. Was Henry in his room for two years?!? Henry thinks to marry Christina of Milan but Cromwell suggests marrying Anne of Cleeves to seal an alliance with the Protestant League.

Christina of Milan refuses to marry Henry noting the quick deaths of Henry's previous three queens. One believed to have been poisoned, one innocently executed and one died due to lack of care in childbirth. She dismisses Henry's diplomat sniffing: "If I had two heads, one would be at his Majesty's service." Meanwhile Henry is bed-ridden with his leg ulcer. Suffolk fears that if the King dies, some will be for Edward and some for Mary (no-one apparently will be for Elizabeth). Henry recovers and does a royal pose and wave with Edward, during this scene I could swear one extra in the crowd shouted: "Long live Prince William."

Mary rants about burning Cromwell. But the black axe is rising over Cromwell as Henry has one of his friend's burnt. Henry then smugs and gloats to Cromwell while sucking down oysters in a disgusting fashion. Cromwell broods. Cardinal Pole weeps as his machinations got his family executed.

This was an okay ep, packed with plot. Poor Cromwell, we will miss you.

Fashion Tips
Edward's blinged out cradle
Christina of Milan's dress and headwear.

Reaper Season 2 Ep 2 Review

Dirty Sexy Mongol
The vile Sock continues his obsession with his stepsister. Gladys is a jerk and tries to get Sam killed. Sam shows off his dark side but gets smacked down by old scratch aka Dad. Ted is fired. Ben dates a demon. This ep reeks of show retooling. Why had nobody mentioned that Josie is gone? Why should we care about Alan? What happened to Sam's powers? What about Sam's mother? Why isn't the main focus on Sam and his Damien Thorn destiny? This ep was tiresome. Maybe Ray Wise should go over to 'Supernatural' and play Lucifer over there.

Best Lines:
"I want you to remember who my Dad is. Because if this is another set-up to get me killed, I think Dad would be very upset about that."

"You need to leave immediately, I've been authorised to use force."

"He's a hair product."
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Various Musings

More 'Fringe' musings
Peter was kidnapped from another reality by Walter and after over two decades of Stockholm Syndrome regards his kidnapper as his father. Walter's behaviour around Peter always seems tinged with regret, not for Walter's stay in the loony bin but for his crime. Walter got excited when Peter remembered the whale shaped pancakes. But was Peter remembering a fond memory with this Walter or his real father? How will Peter react when he learns Walter went to the alternate universe and found another version of his son to bring up as his own? That Walter essentially stole a replacement goldfish/son to order?

'New Moon' sneak peek reaction
Edward continues to be the abusive, controlling boyfriend. Bella's useless. Jacob can't act. These people need to go on Maury and get yelled at. Not Steve Wilkos though, nobody deserves that.

Lady GaGa 'Paparazzi' video
Now that was good. Very funny too.

I remember watching 'Kung Fu: The Legend Continues' back in the long, long ago of the 90's. The hair styles, the low low budget, the quasi profound dialogue, the sub William Shatner fight chorography, the sub-par acting and the plots that even 'Sunset Beach' would have rejected. But I did enjoy it, mostly for Chris Potter and his brooding and Kermit looking cute. Whoever would have though that David Carradine would end the way he did? Shame.

So the 'Torchwood: Children of Earth' dvd is on sale on July 27th? So when is it on tv? I have a feeling it will air when I'm on holiday. Stupid tv people. And don't even get me started on Gwen and her bad teeth being front and centre on the dvd cover.
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Book Reviews: The Alchemist's Apprentice + Terribly Twisted Tales

The Alchemist's Apprentice by Dave Duncan

The 1st in Duncan's series set in an alternate Renaissance Venice focusing on Nostradamus and his apprentice. The unlikely duo are in trouble, an old friend of the ruling Doge has been poisoned. This is bad timing as Nostradamus predicted bad tidings in the man's future. Now foul whisperings are afoot and loyal apprentice Alfeo Zeno must save the day and unmask a cunning killer, before his aged, decrepit master embarrasses him by solving the case first.

This is a funny, cynical whodunit with great period detail, a fascinating cast, adventure, charm,and lively adventure.

Terribly Twisted Tales edited by Jean Rabe & Martin H. Greenberg

This DAW anthology gives us a collection of familiar fairy tales retold with a twist. This is a very good collection with many stories to savour. A sample of the tales told within are:

Once They Were Seven
An icy cold, incredibly sad and terribly bleak sequel to 'Snow White'. After the happily ever after, it all went terribly wrong. This is an excellent story.

A Charming Murder
After the happily ever after someone beat Cinderella to death with her own glass slipper. But what was the motive? One of the Ugly Stepsister's reveals some previously unknown facts about Cinderella. This is a deliciously cynical take on the familiar tale and is very good.

No Good Deed
In a far flung space war, no good deed however well intentioned goes unpunished. This futuristic updating of an old tale is very, very good.

The Red Path
A wonderfully dark take on 'Little Red Riding Hood' which twists the tale into a whole different direction.

Rapunzel Strikes Back

In a modern day slum, a 'princess' in her 'tower' is held captive. But nobody's coming to rescue her. She has to rescue herself. This is good.

Three Wishes
For once a genie granting wishes doesn't end horrifically. This is okay.

The Adventure of the Red Riding Hoods
This is a very bizarre mish mash of everything from fairy tales to Sherlock Holmes and it works. It's a good read with an interesting mystery.