May 5th, 2009

Scary Books

The Tudors Season 3 Ep 2 Review

The Pilgrimage of Grace idiots continue to march toward their doom. Henry takes a mistress. Mary is received at court. Henry threatens Jane with the memory of her predecessors. Cardinal Pole grubs for support. This was dull.

Fashion Tip:
Jane and Mary's tiaras.
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Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles 2x18 Review

Today is the Day Part 1

Flashforwards to 2027 show porno lips Jesse on a submarine mission across "metal infested ocean". Meanwhile back at Casa Connor, Sarah gets ready to run away, again. Everyone thinks Cameron killed Riley. Savannah meets John Henry. Ellison still hasn't grasped that Weaver is a machine.

This ep annoyed. John Henry, Jesse and Cameron all need shooting. This was dull and uninteresting.

Best Line: "It looks like a robot serial killer lives here, I guess one does."
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Primeval Season 3 Ep 6 Review

What have TPTB done to this show? Season 3 has been of ongoing low quality and since Cutter was killed off each ep has got even worse. The ARC still has terrible security. There is attempted 'comedy' with making Connor and Lester flatmates. Abby's tool of a brother who has the IQ of a root vegetable puts Rex in peril. So much for the promise that season 3 would answer questions about the creation of the anomalies, the future monsters, the Claudia/Jenny situation, Helen's motives, the changed timeline and the clones.

The artefact is revealed as a map/predictor of anomalies. The meanie Christine takes over the ARC to get the artefact. Danny and co flee to a safe house and are menaced by ostriches. TPTB really pile on the heroic action man plot for Danny, but I miss Cutter. For some insane reason, the team dress up in 1940's clothes which are very clean. Connor acts like a moron. Becker saves the day.

This was truly mediocre, apart from Becker as eye candy - this show no longer has any merit whatsoever.
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Movie Review: Wolverine (2009)

X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)

WTF was that? I paid good money to see that? It was incoherent, clichéd and the plot made no sense. This entire film was useless with bad CGI, boring stretches, bad green screen, a pointless cameo and Ryan Reynolds was totally wasted. Okay, finally seeing Gambit and his cards was good. His powers did look cool but I can't believe they wasted Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool. The entire character of Deadpool was handled terribly, the ending fight was awful and ludicrous. And in closing, wasn't Emma Frost a bad telepath? A waste of time.
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Book Review: The Seance

The Seance by John Harwood

This is a delicious gothic novel. In Victorian London, Constance has to deal with a distant father and a mentally ill mother. When her father finally abandons his family, Constance tries to help her mother by attending séances. But it ends badly. Now Constance is alone, her only legacy is a bequest from a distant relative.

Constance is the heir to a decaying mansion, which has a dark history. Mysterious deaths, disappearances and a old scandal took place in the mansion. People fear and avoid the place because of its chequered history and rumours of ghosts. Constance is curious about the place and her investigation uncovers a twisted tale.

This was an excellent novel: dark, scary and engrossing.

"Sell the hall unseen; burn it to the ground and plough the earth with salt, if you will. But never live there."
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Heroes Season 3: An Invisible Thread Review

Well, 'Five Years Gone' looks inevitable now. Sylar frames Danko, Hiro is a glory hog and fries his brain. Peter and Nathan affirm their love for each other before fighting Sylar, off screen. Then Sylar kills Nathan. Angela has reaped what she sowed. Nobody suggests using Claire's healing blood to fix Nathan. Instead for some insane reason, Bennet and Angela berate Matt into brainwashing Sylar into thinking he is Nathan. For some bizarre reason, Matt agrees.

So now everyone thinks Sylar is dead and Nathan is alive. Only Matt, Angela and Bennet know the truth. Hopefully the truth will come out in season 4, one can only hope TBTB don't screw up that plot. Angela and Bennet are sick and their plan is obscene. I guess Adrian Pasdar is playing Sylar from now on. Tracy turns out to be alive and a murderous nutjob. NathanSylar seems to be reverting to his old ways.

This was goodish, but nobody cares anymore.

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Trailer Fun Time Again

'Torchwood: Children of Earth' teaser
The newest 10 second teaser for this features creepy kids and Gwen. Where's John Barrowman?

'Dollhouse' trailers/opening credits
The trailers for this show intrigue. The missions seem interesting, Ballard looks like a tool and if all the clients can find the Dollhouse - why can't he? Who is Alpha? What is his connection to Echo? The opening credits are lovely, it's so rare nowadays to find a show that actually has opening credits. I'm looking forward to the DVD.

'Chuck' season 2 final scene
Oh come on, they ended it like that? Chuck gets upgraded and they kill Bryce! I only kept on watching this show for Matthew Bomer's guest spots as Bryce Larkin anyway. I remember watching the pilot for this show and going: where do I know that guy from? Is it 'Traveler'? So is this show cancelled or not?!?

'Soap' clip
Oh the 1970's were not kind to hair, clothes and interior design. But this comedy looks better than the endless pretentious meta of 'Friends'

'Burn Notice' clips/trailers
Okay I'm intrigued, it looks good and has Bruce Campbell in it. I'm looking for season 1 on DVD.

'Numb3rs' season 5 ep 'The Fifth Man'
So Charlie half-assed the math and as a result Don gets gutted like a fish by an unsub. So far so good. But the Charlie angst is all very well, but could people act more concerned please? Damn, This was still better than the vastly disappointing season 2 ep 'Hot Shot' where Don got attacked by a murderer and nobody cared. I've read some fanfics that were better than this though.

Lost Season 5 Ep 14 Review

The Variable

Desmond's in hospital, Penny's worried and Widmore is lurking. Back in the 1970's Daniel, who never seems to wash or comb his hair, runs around acting mental. Daniel needs a slap, however he learns the hard way that his mom is a lying liar who lies. Daniel's mental state and crying is explained by the fact he experimented on himself. However Daniel's crazy act is just annoying and it gets creepy when he rants at a young Charlotte. Sawyer and Juliet are busted by Dharma. Daniel thinks he can change history and prevent the crash of Flight 815, he also thinks he can get away with waving a gun in Richard's face. Eloise disabuses him of that notion by shooting him in the back. Too late Daniel realises what toxic parents he had (Widmore's his dad).

Why was Daniel so dumb and belligerent to threaten Richard? How did Richard know that Daniel wouldn't shoot him? If the bullet went through Daniel, where did it go and how did it miss Richard? No-one has ever explained why Daniel's surname is Faraday. If Eloise didn't want her son to study music, why did she buy him a piano? Did nobody notice Jack's massive tattoos? They're not very 1970's. Where was Widmore when Daniel was menacing Richard?

This was good, thankfully TPTB have done the sensible thing and killed off the two annoying Freighter folk (Charlotte and Daniel).

Best Lines:
"Does anyone know where I can find the Hostiles?"

"Your mother is an Other?"

"I just got shot by a physicist!"
Scary Books

Being Human Series 1 Review, Part 1

Being Human (2009)

A vampire, a werewolf and a ghost share a house in Bristol.

Ep 1
Mitchell the vampire has gone cold turkey from blood and is being menaced by Herrick who sired him. George the werewolf learns his isolation room is being converted into an office. So George runs frantically around the countryside looking for a place to transform but keeps tripping over people. Owen the landlord doesn't fix the leaky tap. Lauren who Mitchell turned into a vampire kills Becca, who was a friend of Mitchell and George.

This was good, it was both dark and funny. The idea of a vampire and a werewolf working as hospital porters, hee.

Best Lines:
"Look at the state of it - furniture all smashed up, those marks on the walls. They been keeping the mentals in here or what?"

"You smell like a polo, have you got a hole?"

Ep 2

George meets Tully who is also a werewolf. He tutors George on the finer points of werewolfdom, he also causes George to act like a tool. However Tully has a major secret. Also George fancies Nurse Nina and Lauren sends Mitchell some vampire porn.

This was okay, George's werewolf problems aren't that interesting.

Best Lines:
"Oh yes, they exist too you know."
"Yeah, I know they exist. I keep getting beaten up by the bastards."

"Three shadowy, secretive people who never come out, never talk to anyone."

Ep 3
Annie hangs out with a fellow ghost trying to figure out why she hasn't gone to heaven yet. She tries to resolve her current state by hanging around Owen, her former fiancée. But hanging around Owen causes some terrible memories to emerge: Owen was an abusive jerk and he killed her by throwing her down the stairs.

Meanwhile Nina comes over for dinner and she and George get it on. Lauren and Mitchell get it on over blood and sex. When the blood lust is on them, their eyes turn solid black. This was okay.