April 27th, 2009

Scary Books

Primeval Season 3 Ep 5 review

A moron walks through an anomaly. Somehow he is able to breathe in the past. Then he investigates a scary noise and transmits a killer fungus into the present. The ARC lot act like morons as they fight fungus monsters that look like Swamp Thing. Becker is cute, nobody mourns Cutter, Connor is too stupid to live, Jenny is a cow and quits the team.

This ep was truly abominable, this show is now at the level of 'Bonekickers' lack of quality. The ARC still has terrible security even after Cutter's murder. Nobody mourns Cutter, I miss Cutter.

Best Lines:
"It's my life's ambition to fight dinosaurs."

"Good news: he's not technically dead. Bad news: he's turned into a mushroom."

"I'll never look at athlete's foot the same way again."
Scary Books

Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles 2x17 Review

Ourselves Alone

Cameron annoys, Riley annoys, Jesse looks like a porno star, Derek broods and Sarah acts vile. Business as usual then. This show had a brief upswing and now its back to its usual MO of bog standard dullness. Cameron has a glitch, Jesse sports a truly fake accent, Derek is propositioned by hookers and Riley finally figures out that Jesse wanted Cameron to kill her all along. Dear Jesse's plan was that making John love Riley and then having Cameron kill her would be the only thing that would turn him against her. Riley and Jesse have a fight, Riley loses. This was boring.
Scary Books

Heroes: I am Sylar review

Matt bonds with Janice, somehow her cheating, his abandonment and Daphne are all forgotten. Danko bores. Sylar has psycho delusional conversations with himself. Micah shows up to proclaim that Sylar is their messiah. Hiro acts like a jerk. Nathan is captured.

Where's Molly? Who is running Hiro's company? Why hasn't Isaac's loft been rented by anyone else? Why does Ando put up with Hiro? How did the soldiers find Mohinder? Will TPTB ever write Sylar off the show? This was dull.