April 22nd, 2009

Scary Books

The Tudors Season 3 Ep 1 Review

Henry marries Jane Seymour (who is played by a new actress) and is soon angry with her for not being pregnant. Robert Aske leads the Pilgrimage of Grace. Henry is annoyed about this and gives Cromwell a good slap. Jane Boleyn waits on Queen Jane. Henry is a bad dad to Mary and Elizabeth. Suffolk rides out against the Pilgrimage of Grace and is plotting again, you think he'd have learned not to plot by now. Henry's leg is vile and he remembers the rebellion against his father and how he was terrified he would die. He vows to crush this rebellion the way Henry VII crushed the rebellion against him.

Despite all the effort this doth suckest. Cranmer has vanished from the credits but Max Von Sydow has shown up. Sadly there are other new annoying characters who nobody cares about. When Henry's titles were being listed, they left out his King of Ireland title. The Duke of Norfolk was the King's Hammer against the Pilgrimage of Grace not Suffolk. Why hasn't the Duke of Norfolk been seen since season 1 anyway?

Best Line: "You like to board other men's boats."

Fashion Tip: Queen Jane's wire head-dress.
Scary Books

Prison Break Season 4x17 Review

The Mother Load

Linc's dumb and feuds with Michael. Meanwhile Michael and Sarah hitch-hike and the brother's mother plots. The dumbness of the brother's mother being alive plot dumbs the show down. In the course of season 4 this show has done 'Ocean's 11' hijinks, Don Self being bad and now it's sub-par soap. This show has turned into 'Desire' with feuding brothers, plotting women and general inane action.

This was just dull. T-Bag has a mother, Don Self has someone he cares about but Lincoln is so utterly stupid you just don't care about any of this. Why are Sucre and Gretchen still in the credits anyway?

Best Line: "The brain trust: that half-witted daughter and your psychotic mistress."
Scary Books

Book Review: Magic Strikes

Magic Strikes by Ilona Andrews
This is the 3rd novel in the 'Kate Daniels' urban fantasy series and it's good.

Kate Daniels is a mercenary who deals with paranormal problems and she has lot of them these days. Her latest problem involves Atlanta's shapeshifter pack, an underground fight club and a group of merciless killers. As Kate investigates she discovers that it is all part of a plot by Roland to forever alter the balance of power in Atlanta.

Roland an immortal, all powerful mage is Kate's nemesis, although he doesn't know it yet. Roland is Kate's father. Can she thwart his blood soaked plans before he finds out who she really is?

This was good, the tribulations of Kate are an engrossing read. There is so much that is fascinating about her world: the magic, the much talked about Roland and the vast canvas of characters. I really enjoy this series and hope it continues.
Scary Books

The Young Ones Series 1 Review, Part 2

Ep 3: Boring
The gang are bored, as are the viewers. An argument over whether to watch 'Oh, Crikey' or 'Bastard Squad' fails to alleviate the dullness. Even a meeting with Vyvyan's mother doesn't enliven the day. They somehow overlook a siege in their house, Neil summoning a demon and a UFO. There was no excitement to this episode and it was thoroughly mediocre.

Best Lines:
"Neil, do me a favour."

"Let's play Daleks!"

"Bloody hippie food!"

Ep 4: Bomb

A bomb falls into the gang's slum dwelling and Mike didn't pay the tv licence. So in-between plotting what to do about the bomb, Vyvyan has to eat the tv to avoid the evil tv licence man. This was okay.

Best Line:
"I won't say anything cause no-one ever listens to me anyway. I might as well be a Leonard Cohen record."

Ep 5: Interesting
Rick wears some truly hideous yellow dungarees as the gang throw a party. Mike dresses as Adam Ant. The housemate's casual cruelty towards Neil grows. This was a bit of an uh.

Best Lines:
"It's a hippie, isn't it?"

"The Four Horseman of the Apocalypse. Famine! Pestilence! Death! And the other one!"

"If you want a fight, Neil's in the lounge."

Ep 6: Flood
Vyv invents a potion that turns whoever drinks it into a homicidal maniac. Naturally their landlord drinks it and chases them with an axe. Meanwhile London floods, Vyv finds Narnia in the wardrobe and SPG swims for it. This was a good ep.

In general the quality of series 2 was far superior to that of series 1.

Best Line:
"I'm bored, might as well be listening to Genesis."