April 9th, 2009

Scary Books

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 8 Issue#24: Safe

Faith and Giles are still on their mission to help slayers when they meet new slayer Courtney. This over enthusiastic slayer tells them of a slayer sanctuary where girls who don't want to accept their calling can go. The trio end up in a isolated town but what they find isn't a sanctuary. Instead a bitter member of the Watcher Council has joined the townsfolk in their unholy alliance with a demon.

This was a good, creepy little tale even if it makes no sense the more you think about it.
Scary Books

Book Review: Over A Torrent Sea

Star Trek Titan: Over a Torrent Sea by Christopher L. Bennett

The 5th novel in the 'Titan' saga sees the crew return to exploration after the devastation wrecked by the 'Destiny' trilogy. But even far from home on a mission of peaceful exploration, the scars of the recent cataclysm remain. When the Titan locates a ocean planet, the crew look forward to exploration. By all rights there should be no life on this world, but a thriving sentient civilization exists. Now the Titan crew have to deal with a delicate first contact which threatens to descend into chaos as Titan's good intentions bring calamity to the ocean world.

The A plot of the ocean planet is okay but Bennett gets so invested in the technobabble and flinging fringe science at the reader that one gradually loses interest in the plot and the way the crisis is resolved is truly far fetched. Meanwhile in the B plot the heavily pregnant Troi is menaced yet again by Doctor Ree. This B plot is utterly dumb as Ree yet again gets away with attacking fellow crew members and breaking the Prime Directive, which is perfectly okay because Bennett makes it all Troi's fault. The B plot is utterly offensive and dumb.

Sadly this 5th novel can't be recommended due to excessive technobabble and dumbness.