March 27th, 2009

Scary Books

Book Review: Teen Dreams

Teen Dreams: Reading teen films and television from Heathers to Veronica Mars by Roz Kaveney

This is a critical analysis of various teen movies such as the John Hughes oeuvre, 'Heathers', 'Clueless', 'Saved', 'Cruel Intentions', 'Mean Girls', 'Bring it On' and a brief look at season 1 of 'Veronica Mars'. This is a funny, sometimes insightful look a small part of the teen film/tv genre. There are so many films and tv shows omitted there isn't time enough to list them. It's a good read even if the authors overly liberal viewpoint shines through.

And there are more flaws, the persistent misspelling of Freddie Prinze Jnr's name being the most notable example, also her repeated aside references to the tv 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' assume the reader is a committed fan of the show also Kaveney assumes the reader is familiar with fan fiction, most especially the slash fiction fandom. A reader unfamiliar with 'Buffy' and fan fiction would be lost by some of the obscure references. Also her omission of a lot of films especially the John Cusack classic 'Better off Dead' seems arbitrary and bizarre. Still for its flaws, it is a good read. One just wishes, this could have been longer.
Scary Books

Angel Issue 19 review

The fallout of 'After the Fall' continues as Angel, Kate and Connor work to help the helpless. Gwen shows up trying to atone for her betrayal but nobody is having it. Annoying new characters flock around. This was okay and the art has improved.
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Bones Season 4 Ep 17 review

The Salt in the Wound

The body of a pregnant teenage girl is found in an ice truck. Brennan and Booth unravel the mystery which revolves around a high school populated by unintelligent pieces of trailer park trash. Meanwhile Roxie breaks up with Angela, seems she got tired of Angela treating her relationships like dirt. Brennan is rude. Booth points out to the sixteen year old boy who has fathered four kids that some day he could paying an enormous child support bill. This was good. But one does wonder, the high school mean girl who created the entire pregnancy pact to begin with says she threw away graduation and a full college scholarship because of the 'pressure' yet motherhood isn't pressurised?
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Battlestar Galactica Season 4 finale review

Daybreak 2

Well, that was good. After a succession of truly terrible episodes the show bows out on a high. Adama leads the Battlestar on its last mission to rescue the idiot Hera. Unnecessary flashbacks dot the plot. In these flashbacks we get drunken Tigh and Ellen, a classless tacky Lee trying to steal his brother's girlfriend, Roslin being a dirty skank and Adama proving he is played by a hardcore method actor by vomiting on himself. What was the point of these flashbacks?

A combined human/cylon taskforce takes on the colony. It's decency vs filth in a fight to the finish! But before the big battle Lee and his vile hair switches jobs yet again and Romo ends up as president. In what universe is that smug nutjob qualified to be president? Galactica rams the colony ship and a huge CGI battle erupts. It seems all the evil cylons are on the colony ship. As the impressive battle rages, Roslin is ever useless as she spends her time swooning. Hera's behaviour indicates she may have learning difficulties. Cavil pops up out of nowhere to act menacing before killing himself for no adequate reason.

There is a prolonged explanation of the Opera House visions that is utterly superfluous. Baltar and 6's visions are explained. Galen learns Tory killed Cally and despite the fact he apparently doesn't give a damn about her or her son, he throttles Tory. Nobody cares. Tigh judges Tory's death deserved, ignoring the fact he killed Ellen at one point.

Kara has to jump the Battlestar for the final time and uses her magic music numbers and they find Earth2. Nobody goes back to Earth1 for Three. Heh. As the rag tag fleet prepares to settle, Lee decrees that they'll abandon all technology. Everyone agrees. The centurions are given the Baseship and they jump away to their destiny. The rag tag fleet's ships are sent into the sun to burn, Anders is sent with them. Only Kara is upset about this, but as a brain dead hybrid he has no place in Lee's Arcadian utopia. The 1970's Battlestar theme plays as the ships fly into the sun and their destruction. Kara vanishes, it seems she was an angel and now she's off to heaven with Sam. Lee switches jobs yet again and heads off to explore Earth2. Roslin finally, finally dies. Adama decides to build a cabin and brood while waiting to die. Romo leads the colonists on their way, his dog is nowhere to be seen. 6 and Baltar decide to farm. The unintelligent Helo and Athena watch Hera run around.

150.000 years pass.

And in modern day New York, a man reads a magazine article about humanity's Eve, the woman who is the genetic matriarch of the human race. Hera was that Eve. The rush of humanity fills the city as tv monitors show humanity's creepy robot experiments.

This was good, the theme of this show was that repetition was death. A fitting and oddly happy conclusion to the show. There was a nice final view of the cylon museum on the Galactica and the final scenes were touching. Poor Anders and Gaeta never got to set foot on Earth, Lee remained a tool to the end and the cylon masterplan was never actually explained.
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Book Review: Living With Ghosts

Living With Ghosts by Kari Sperring

This is a lush lyrical fantasy tale. It's a dark tale of ghosts, intrigue, magic, politics and death. Merafi is an ancient city protected by ancient magic. Now two people whose ambition matches their cruelty have shattered the ancient protections. Now death and rot begins to consume the city. Two very citizens of Merafi now have roles to play in the coming dark times.

Gracielis is an exile from his homeland, hiding his powers and bedding the rich and the bored to pay his way. Love and power are about to come to him in a most unexpected way. Thiercelin is a nobleman who married the sister of his dead best friend, she neglects and overlooks him and his heartache leads him on an unexpected path.

This was a wonderful read. Rich and dark like good chocolate.