March 23rd, 2009

Scary Books

Book Review: Dark Haven

Dark Haven: Book Three of the Chronicles of the Necromancer by Gail Z. Martin

After 'The Summoner' and 'The Blood King' comes this latest addition to the sword & sorcery saga. Matris Drayke is now King of Margolan after killing his evil usurper brother Jared. Now Matris has to marry a princess, conceive an heir, wage war against the last of Jared's loyalists and rebuild his shattered kingdom. If that wasn't enough, there are even more problems on the horizon as well as Matris' ongoing temptation to use the dark side of his Necromancer abilities.

Meanwhile Matris' ally Jonmarc Vahanian is now Lord of Dark Haven, a land where the living and the undead live side by side. But a rogue group of undead are plotting to break the centuries old truce and dominate Dark Haven and the rest of the Winter Kingdoms. Jonmarc must bring order to Dark Haven, no matter the price.

This is another excellent entry in this sparkling series. The ongoing saga of the Winter Kingdoms enthrals as Martin gives us magic, battles, betrayal, conspiracies and romance. I can't wait for more tales of Matris and his kingdom.
Scary Books

Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles 2x12 Review

Alpine Fields

Derek, Sarah and Cameron help a family hunted by a terminator. In the beginning the stupid family think Sarah is crazy and the terminator is her "meth head boyfriend" but they soon learn the truth. Anyway it turns out that in the future the family's children help save humanity from a disease. Sadly fat lipped Jesse was one of those saved. Why am I supposed to care? This was bad.
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Heroes: Shades of Gray review

Claire and her bag wig and fake tan have to deal with the fat slob Doyle again. Danko overacts, badly. Nathan punches out Matt. So much for the nasty Matt of 'Five Years Gone', this Matt is so dumb he probably has to be told to wear underwear. Sylar tracks down the latest in his string of fake/real parents. Sylar's daddy is unimpressed by his son and his Leonard Nimoy haircut. Tracy and Nathan's morality light switches get a good flicking. Anyway Danko shoves Nathan out a window and his secret is out. So Nathan and Claire are fugitives. Despite all that this was boring.
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'Jericho' is being reborn as a comic! I'm there.

'Heathers' as a musical? I'm there, I'm waiting for the "Corn Nuts" aria.

I read 'House of Leaves', an interesting read but the layout was seriously annoying.

Am thinking of buying 'Children of the Stones', 'Century Falls' and 'Deadly Blessing' on dvd.
Scary Books

Book Review: Conjugal Rites

Conjugal Rites by Paul Mars

The 3rd Brenda & Effie mystery after 'Never the Bride' and 'Something Borrowed'.

Brenda's 'husband' is tracking her down. They were made for each other so he is determined that they be together. Meanwhile the vile Mrs Claus is up to something nasty in various dimensions and a handful of Whitby inhabitants end up making a daytrip to Hell. This is a good read that continues the merry adventures of Brenda and Effie and their various friends and enemies and sets up new adventures to come.

Trailer Time Again

Season 2 'Dexter' clips
The 1st one is from ep 7 where Dexter headbutts Doakes provoking Doakes to attack him in the middle of the police station. Of course Dexter has set it up perfectly, so Dexter comes across as the harmless victim and Doakes as the psycho loose cannon. Heh. The 2nd clip is from ep 9 where Doakes catches Dexter red-handed hauling sacks of body parts about. Now Doakes always thought there was something wrong with Dexter but he never ever guessed that Dexter was a serial killing psycho. Now Doakes is the good guy and Dexter is the psycho but TPTB want us to want Dexter to get away with it. And he does.

'Sorority Row' trailer
A remake of the 1980's slasher 'The House on Sorority Row'. It seems to have ditched the entire plot of the original film but this one has Carrie Fisher. I'll be watching this one.

'Killer Movie' trailer
A killer stalks a reality show. So far, so mediocre. But damn, this film has Nestor Carbonell of 'Lost' in it. I'm there.

'Elvira's Haunted Hills' trailer
So very, very cheesy. A guilty pleasure I'd like to see.

'Suddenly Susan'/'The Tick' clips
What does a cheesy unfunny sitcom and a dumb looking live action superheroes satire have in common? Nestor Carbonell. In 'Suddenly Susan', he teaches a co-worker to dance and in 'The Tick', he wears an idiot costume and talks about sex, fondue and sex. Damn he's hot.

Lost Season 5 Ep 9 review

The Ajira plane landed on the runway that Kate and Sawyer helped build back in season 3. The exact era the Ajira lot are in isn't clear but neither Lipidus, Sun or Ben ended up in 1977. The Ajira people annoy. Juliet learns that Amy's son is Ethan. Sawyer cons Jack, Hurley and Kate into the Dharma Initiative. But Sayid is mistaken for a hostile. Sun smacks Ben with an oar. Jack is now a Dharma janitor. Dharma are building the Swan station and hiding it from the Hostiles. Sawyer whines about how he is now King of the Island. An imprisoned Sayid meets young Ben. The creepy Ben seems curious about the 'hostile'.

Why did Miles stay? Were Sawyer and Juliet planning to live their lives out in Dharma until The Hostiles wipe them out? How is Amy's kid Ethan? That kid sure ages badly. How did Ethan and possibly his mother end up part of the Others? Where is Daniel? Why are Dharma hiding the Swan from the Hostiles? Didn't Juliet, Sawyer, Miles, Daniel or Jin run into Ben already? Where are Annie and Olivia? Has young Ben met Richard yet? This was good, the Dharma lot aren't coming across as benevolent hippies but rather a pack of nasty fascist thugs.

Best Lines:
"You do realise those dudes get wiped out right?"

"I ain't here to play Nostradamus to these people."

"Commandos, whose only mission was to get him."
"And how'd that work out for everyone?"