March 20th, 2009

Scary Books

Angel #18 review

The 'After the Fall' storyline is over and now the aftermath begins. Angel teams up with Kate to help the helpless. Connor hangs around like a bad smell and two new characters show up. These two characters have 'future villains in waiting' written all over their smug faces. Angel is famous and beloved. So what now? This is an okay issue and the art is slightly better than normal.
Scary Books

Battlestar Galactica: Daybreak 1 review

The show that was once dark and enthralling limps toward its finale. This ep was packed with useless and seemingly endless flashback scenes: Adama in a suit, slutty 6, Baltar's daddy issues, Zak, a drunk Lee chasing a pigeon and Roslin and her skanky sisters. This show has really gone downhill since season 3. Inbetween the bad acting of the flashbacks and TPTB justifying turning Anders into a brain dead hybrid, we get scenes of Adama planning to rescue Hera from her latest kidnapping. She's on a cylon ship near a black hole, this won't end well. Baltar has more issues, Roslin is ever useless, Lee switches jobs again and Tyrol gets off scott free for letting Boomer escape.

This was dreadful. What were TPTB smoking to go down this path?
Scary Books

Book Review: Gibbon's Decline And Fall

Gibbon's Decline And Fall by Sheri S. Tepper

This novel is a hybrid of science-fiction, fantasy, fable, folk tale, myth and horror. In 1959, a group of young woman meet at college and form a life long friendship. In 2000, they are reunited by a series of disturbing events. Carolyn, a retired lawyer, is called to defend an anti-social teenage girl from the death penalty after she abandoned her newborn baby. Ophy, a doctor, is called in to assist on a mysterious disease that is sweeping the world. Meanwhile the cruel Jake Jagger has been chosen by the shadowy Alliance as a man to watch. The Alliance is a organisation dedicated to reshaping society in its image but not even Jake is aware of the true motives of the Alliance's mysterious founder.

Carolyn and her friends learn of disturbing links between her court case, the disease and the Alliance. Now a group of middle aged women have to gather together to defeat the forces of darkness. This is a compulsively readable tale.