March 16th, 2009

Scary Books

Heroes: Exposed review

Claire hides Alex in her closet and then her mom has to help them. Somehow her brain damage has gone away. Lyle continues to be an afterthought to his family. Besides all the boring Bennet drama. The Hunter annoys. Sylar and Luke bore, Sylar ditches Luke at long last. Peter and Matt stroll into Building 26, which has terrible security. Both act insufferably smug. Matt's captured. Nathan saves Peter after he's shot but Peter flies off. Angela tells Nathan something. The Hunter sets Matt up for a fall.

This was okay. Is Micah, Rebel? Where did they get Alex's photo for the fake ID? Why did Sylar not remember his bio mother and father before now? What did Angela tell Nathan? What is Nathan up to, did nearly dying twice damage his brain or something?
Scary Books

Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles 2x11 Review

Self Made Man

Cameron never sleeps, what she does at night is clomp off to visit a records office. There she learns that a T-888 terminator was sent back to the wrong time. The T-888 arrived in 1920 causing a speakeasy fire and killing a man important to history. So the T-888 named itself Myron Stark and had to recreate the dead man's work itself. Meanwhile John who is dismissed by his peers as a weirdo high school drop out continues his messed up relationship with Riley.

Cameron learns that Myron Stark has been hiding in the walls of a building for decades in order to kill one man. So she terminates Myron Stark. Meanwhile she had made a friend at the records office who noticed her occasional battered appearance, but she alienates him.

This ep was free of Derek, Weaver, Ellison, Jesse, Cromartie and Sarah was only in one scene and because of their absence this ep all the better. Riley is still an annoying superfluous character though. This was okay, John's behaviour is starting to verge on the sociopathic though.
Scary Books

Numb3rs Season 4 Ep 16 review

Atomic No 33

Don and the team investigate a cult after a mass poisoning. The cult allegedly has a heavily fortified compound but Don gets in by using bolt cutters. Larry has a snotty attitude toward the cult members. After a blast at the cult compound, a very complex murder plot/long con plot is unravelled. Also various people are amazed that Don's favourite movie isn't 'Heat'. This was goodish.
Scary Books

Book Review: Grass

Grass by Sheri S. Tepper

The sci-fi classic by the woman who also gave us 'Still Life', 'Blood Heritage' and 'The Gate to Women's Country'.

The planet Grass is a strange world also it is free of the plague that is threatening humanity. Marjorie Westriding-Yrarier, her perpetually angry husband, bimbo daughter and doormat son are sent to Grass as Ambassadors, but their real mission is to find out why Grass is plague-free. Marjorie finds Grass a challenge, the planet is divided into the aristocratic bons, who do nothing but hunt and hang out at their isolated estates and the Commons, the port where the majority of Grass' inhabitants live and work. Both Commons and bons have mutual distain for each other.

Marjorie soon realises what is apparent to many Grass inhabitants, that there is something very wrong about the bons. The aristocrats live a detached lifestyle with their very alien mounts, hounds and foxen. There is something twisted and controlled about the culture on Grass, but this is not something that be talked about for fear of what might overhear. Marjorie and some allies have to uncover the true nature of Grass and the secrets of the planet and its inhabitants in order to ensure the survival of humanity. This is a good book that portrays a unique culture, interesting characters and an intriguing mystery.
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Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles 2x07 Review

Brothers of Nablus

Why is this show subtitled 'The Sarah Connor Chronicles'? It's more about John, Cameron and Derek than her. Anyway the deathly dull Cromartie stalks Cameron with the help of Cameron's halfway house 'buddy' Jody. The idiot Jody tags along on Cromartie's quest until he punches her out of the car. Derek hangs out with Jessie, why is her point? Meanwhile John sulks and Sarah just keeps making things worse. Weaver screws with Ellison. All in all, this was boring episode full of uninteresting happenings.