March 13th, 2009

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Battlestar Galactica: Islanded in a Stream of Stars review

Roslin and Baltar continue their new age babble. Boomer hands Hera over for dissection. Tyrol isn't seen or mentioned. Galactica can't be fixed and the thankless government want to strip her for parts. Tigh pulls faces and rants. Kara the irritable shrew let them turn Sam into a hybrid and then tries to mercy kill him but too late. Sam is now a babbling hybrid. Helo blubbers. Adama decides to abandon ship. Lee hits on Kara despite her husband now being a hybrid while he has forgotten his dead wife who apparently existed only to feed him, do him and die.

Another bad episode. Questions remain: how did Lee get fat despite constant food shortages? How did he get buff again in just two weeks? How do they have a never ending supply of alcohol? How do they plan to wrap all this up?
Scary Books

Book Review: Say Goodbye

Say Goodbye by Lisa Gardner

The latest thriller from the author of 'The Perfect Husband', 'The Other Daughter', 'The Third Victim', 'The Next Accident', 'Gone' and 'Hide'. FBI Agent Kimberly Quincy is told by a young hooker that people she knows are disappearing. Kimberly is determined to investiagte and learns of crimes stretching back decades that have gone unnoticed. So the workaholic Kimberly is determined to solve the case no matter the risk to herself or to her marriage. This was good read with a disturbing villian who is what he was made into.
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A Tale of a Tape

Found a videotape, checked it out. It contained a 'Star Trek: Enterprise' episode, two 'Smallville' episodes and one 'Jake 2.0' episode.

The 'Star Trek: Enterprise' episode was 'Twilight' where a possible future is shown. In it the Human/Xindi war ended badly as Earth was cracked open like an egg and T'Pol spent 12 years looking after a brain damaged Archer. Only 6000 humans remain and they hide out on Ceti Alpha VI. For some reason the Enterprise is wasting time, effort and resources on Archer which fixes his brain and in a technobabble/reset button ending manages to undo the last 12 years. This was a goodish episode but why T'Pol puts up with the smug Archer is never explained. In retrospect the theme song is moving and the Xindi arc was a disastrous idea.

The first 'Smallville' episode was 'Shattered' an episode that changed everything. Lionel conspires to drive Lex insane so he'll be carted off to a padded cell and no-one will believe him about Lionel murdering his parents. Lex unravels in spectacular fashion and then in a moment of mammoth betrayal Clark abandons Lex to be hauled screaming off to the insane asylum. Jonathan and Martha despite Lex saving their farm, ignore Lex's obvious need for help. Clark moons over Lana as Lex is in a straitjacket in a padded cell. Big dumb alien.

The 'Jake 2.0' episode was 'Cater Waiter'. I loved this show and it was cancelled. In this okay episode Jake is mastering the nanites as he blows up a product placed X-Box and then gets sent on his first mission with Kyle. He goes undercover as a waiter a party at the Chinese embassy. Sarah is of course in attendance and prattles on about their college days of beer and Jake vomiting on the Lincoln memorial - what does Jake see in such a vapid idiot? Meanwhile Kyle reunites with an old flame but this ends up with him telling Jake to stab him in the throat. The ending of the episode as Kyle and Jake bond over failed romance was sweet, sadly the whole Kyle/Jake friendship was ditched toward the end of the show.

The second 'Smallville' episode was 'Asylum'. Lex is locked up in the nut house facing forced ECT to remove his memories of his father's crime. Clark won't get him out and Pete and Jonathan urge him to leave Lex to rot. Clark finally gets off his ass to help Lex but is way too late as Lex gets his brain stir fried and is acting all Stepford like at the end as he and Clark share a very sweet hug. Clark was the worst friend ever. This was traumatic. In season 8, Clark and everybody else rant about how Lex is evil and behind all bad things. Clark has never taken responsibility for these two eps which is why I now hate the show and don't watch it.
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Bones Season 4 Ep 15 review

The Princess and the Pear

A body is found in a stripperific version of a princess costume. The trail leads to a sci-fi convention and a valuable prop sword. Brennan and the annoying blonde FBI agent have to solve the case as Booth is laid up in a girdle with a bad back. In between insulting 'mouth breathers' aka sci-fi fans, this ep is goodish. Questions remain: Whoever decided black lipstick was a good idea? How did the villain drive a car in a helmet? Where did the villain get the sword to begin with? Why kill the faux princess so horribly? Best line of the episode was a sci-fi fan saying: "I even watch Fringe."
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The 7th tape tale

Checked out a tape from sometime in 2000 or 2001. It had five tv show episodes on it. One each of 'Popular', 'Hercules: The Legendary Journeys', 'Cleopatra 2525', 'Jack of All Trades' and 'Andromeda'.

The 'Popular' ep was 'Ch-ch-changes', a preach-fest of an ep featuring special guest star Delta Burke. The woodshop teacher undergoes a change, Harrison's mother has a boring plot and Adam (Wentworth Miller) shows up but he's all boring now that he isn't evil. This was dull.

The 'Hercules' ep was 'Armageddon Now Part 1', a dull episode populated by idiots who either overact or can't act. I miss this show.

The 'Cleopatra 2525' ep was 'Flying Lessons' and was utterly awful. The picture was murky, there were awful costumes, bad music and an idiot plot. The eps of this show that featured the main plot arc about Voice/The Baileys were far better.

The 'Jack of All Trades' ep was 'The Floundering Founder' and it showcased this shows weakness: the carrier parrot idiocy and idiot comedy. Still Bruce Campbell and the cool opening credits saved this show from being total throwaway tv.

And finally the only good episode on the tape was the 'Andromeda' ep 'Double Helix' which had Paul Johansson of 'Highlander: The Raven' and 'One Tree Hill' as the villain o'the week. This was good even if Tyr did his usual routine of ranting and bad over-acting. Watching this, one notices the somewhat drastic change in Johansson's appearance since this show and 'One Tree Hill'.
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Fringe 1x14 Review


People die in a disgusting manner, the prison escapee Mr Jones shows up at the FBI, Olivia learns she is special, the IA prat is back and he seems unaware that one shouldn't provoke a lunatic. Also Loeb and Jones turn out to be followers of an anti-science self published manifesto/rant. And the author of this rant is none other than Walter. Though nobody knows this but him and he has apparently forgotten writing it. Also there are hints of multiple universes, a coming war and Mr Jones turning into something.

Questions remain: is Walter a goodie or a baddie and whatever happened to the hints that there is something preternatural about Peter? Anyway this was okish and seems to exist mainly to set up future plot arcs.

Best Lines:
"How come when nobody knows and it doesn't make sense, they come to us?"

"What was written will come to pass. Nothing you do can stop that."

"The man was clever enough to Star Trek himself out of a maximum security German prison."

"Only one world will survive."

"Walter, put the cow away!"
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Battlestar Galactica Season 4 Ep review: Blood on the Scales

Adama glares at everyone as Gaeta's mutiny unravels around him. Roslin and her bad wig rants at everyone. Zarek has the useless government shot, Cally gets bashed more. Anders is shot. Romo is brought back for no good reason and then gets to show off by stabbing two people with a pen. Baltar grows a conscience. Tyrol rips the FTL apart with his bare hands and then Gaeta has a final chat with Baltar. Adama keeps his word about no forgiveness as Zarek and Gaeta are tied to chairs and shot by firing squad.

This was very good. Who would have thought while watching the original miniseries that Gaeta's plot arc would end like this? He and Zarek seemed to have no regrets. But what about the rest of the mutineers? What about the fact that Gaeta had a point for all of Adama and Roslin's attempts to shout him down?

Best Lines:
"This is a coup, that you began."

"The truth is told by whoever's left standing."
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Book Review: Gale Force

Weather Warden 7: Gale Force by Rachel Caine

Joanne and David are getting married. Yay, Joanne just loves her manipulative boyfriend who dumps her willy-nilly and has sex with her in lieu of a genuine relationship. Anyway the Wardens aren't too pleased about this and a splinter group of the Wardens known as the Sentinels really aren't pleased. The Sentinels are powerful, dangerous and following a leader with a dark agenda. His target is Joanne and his goal is, something nasty.

This was really good as plot threads set up way back in book 1 'Ill Wind' come into play and a big nasty picture becomes clear. The Warden universe undergoes a change and nothing will the same. That's all the good stuff, on the negative side; Joanne is still dating the rancid David. I'm looking forward to Book 8 'Cape Storm'