February 17th, 2009


Lost Season 5 Ep 5 Review

This Place is Death

Sun pulls a gun on Ben. Meanwhile in 1988 Jin staggers around the island with Danielle and witnesses the monster attacking her team at the temple. Danielle and co don't run into either the Dharma Initiative or the Hostiles for some reason. Meanwhile Locke moves the wheel and Charlotte dies.

This was a good episode though the sight of Locke's mangled leg was gross. What is the temple? Why does it have hieroglyphics on it? Why does the smoke monster guard the temple? Charlotte grew up in the Dharma Initiative? Who is her father? Why was Ben not supposed to move the island? Where did John go? Eloise Hawking is Daniel's mother? Who built the well? How did Charlotte know about the well? Where is Richard? What is Ben up to? Won't people notice if the Oceanic 6 vanish?

Best Line:
"This island is bad!"
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Book Review: My Enemy, My Ally

Star Trek: The Original Series: My Enemy, My Ally by Diane Duane

Along with 'The Romulan Way', this well known Trek novel redefined the Romulans in the Trek book series. Duane's concept of their names, language, culture and their names for their sun and the neutral zone are used in Trek novels today.

Ael is the Romulan commander of the warship Bloodwing. She is loyal to the Empire but when those who lead the Empire plan to experiment on captive Vulcans to give Romulans their telepathic abilities, Ael cannot let that happen. She views such actions as dishonourable as well as morally wrong. She vows to put an end to it for the honour of the Empire and for that, she needs the help of James Kirk and the Enterprise.

Together the Enterprise crew and the Bloodwing crew must stop the research. There is hesitant trust and friendship and then schemes, sabotage and battle. This is a good novel that gave the Romulans character, history and culture. This one of Trek's must read novel whose influence is still felt 20 years after its publication.
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Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 8 #22 review


Kennedy goes to Japan to check up on Satsu. Kennedy obviously does not know what low profile means as she parachutes in hefting a huge gun. Then again Satsu isn't low-profile either as she has a stolen submarine. Kennedy and Satsu uncover Twilight's latest plan to destroy the slayer army. They take care of it but Harmony now a vampire rights spokeswoman uses their attack to her advantage.

The theme of season 8 seems to be that Buffy is thankless, rude and incompetent. She alienated Faith and Giles, robbed a bank, isn't going on the offensive against Twilight and Harmony, lets Andrew recruit slayers, left Dracula running around killing people, screwed up the Tokyo mission and let Harmony have a hit reality show.

Are the writers ever going to address those issues? Also why was the word ovaries used so much in this issue? Leaving all that aside, this was an okay issue.

Best Line:
"Twilight just tried to murder us all with an army of stuffed animals"
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'Torchwood' Children of Earth trailer
After the mostly lacklustre season 2, this ad makes season 3 look like 'Torchwood' proper. Guns, explosions, aliens, menace, nasty people and Jack being moody and having secrets. I am looking forward to this.

'Babylon Fields' clip
Oh the promise shown in this clip. A drama about the dead returning as intelligent zombies and the fallout from that. The pilot ep was never broadcast and the show was never made. This looks good, what could have been.

'Twin Peaks' opening credits
The beautiful music and the normal yet somehow spooky rural images made these credits famous. What is amazing nowadays is that the credits are so long.

'One Tree Hill' season 5 Ep 13 clip
Okay so it's a strangely addictive teen soap, yet the sight of Nathan and Lucas finally getting to beat up their lunatic father Dan after enduring years of his controlling behaviour, emotional and physical abuse, abandonment, neglect and murderous scheming somehow wasn't as satisfying as it should be.

'Hercules: The Legendary Journeys' bloopers
The highlight of this was hearing the real New Zealand accents of Michael Hurst (Iolaus) and the late Kevin Smith (Ares). The difference is amazing.