January 30th, 2009

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Fringe 1x12 Review

The No Brainer

Has this show been subjected to network meddling? Since it came back, there has been no mentions of the Pattern or Nina Sharp knowing Olivia has John Scott's memories. Also where have the sub-plots about John Scott's body and Peter's old buddies gone? Instead we get the Internal Affairs stupidity plot dragging on, Olivia's moppet niece in peril and a really unsubtle subplot about Walter.

In this ep, Olivia and co hunt down a man who has devised a computer download that turns viewers brains to liquid. Instead of selling this technology to the music industry, he instead uses it to kill people he dislikes thereby provoking Olivia to hunt him down.

This ep was endless lazy plotting and the sight of a hand coming out of the computer screen was ludicrous even by this show's standards.
Scary Books

Book Review: Moving Targets

Moving Targets and other stories of Valdemar, Edited by Mercedes Lackey

A collection of tales of the fantasy land and its protectors. I have to admit the only other Valdemar books I've read are 'Exile's Honor' and 'Exile's Valor', so my knowledge of this fantasy world is limited.

Moving Targets
A very obvious 'Scooby Doo' homage as four Heralds and a mysterious creature travel to a small town in a wagon. The villagers are being bothered by 'ghosts' so our heroes have to unmask the villain behind it all. This is a very funny story and it actually contains the line: "I'd have gotten away with it too, if not for you meddling Heralds." This was good.

An Unexpected Guest
This story takes place in the land of Karse, a long time enemy of Valdemar. A woman has to help a wounded man. This was okay.

What Fire Is
Also set in Karse. This is the tale of two children who have what Karse deems 'witchpowers'. These powers would make them honoured Heralds in Valdemar, but in Karse the powers make them objects of suspicion and can lead to execution. This was exceptionally good and very sad.

The Cheat
A sword instructor wonders why the students of a rival instructor always win their duels. So he sets out to investigate. This was an okay story.

The Sworddancer
Two young teenagers have to do their part in a war. This is a coming of age tale with a fantasy twist and is a good read.

Broken Bones
A Bard ends up at a small village and tries to help the shunned village madwoman. It does not go well. This was good and touched with sadness.

Live On
A very elderly Herald goes on a mission with a much younger Herald. Naturally there is friction. An okay story.

Heart, Home, and Hearth
Two outcasts hide out at a farm and are surprised when the farmer gives them sanctuary. A nice little tale.

Haven's Own
This tale reminds me of Terry Pratchett's watch novels in his 'Discworld' series. A family have a tradition of serving in Valdemar's equivalent of the police. An okay read.

Two Heralds investigate strange goings on at Valdemar's version of Austria's Spanish Riding School. There they find very unusual magic. This was good.
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Battlestar Galactica Season 4 Ep 12 Review

A Disquiet Follows My Soul

Chief learns that Nicky isn't his son. Hotdog is the father. Poor Cally, even dead they make the character worthy of a 'Maury' show. Starbuck continues to be a snot, she's learnt nothing. The press make a fuss, why they aren't being made to do real work is ridiculous. Anyway Roslin is still alive and is still President despite her drug induced visions turning out to be false. Roslin created this farce and now washes her hands of the mess she created.

Adama still jumps into bed with her anyway. They both ignore Zarek stirring the pot and planning a mutiny with Gaeta. After seasons of being shot by a sports hero who turned out to be a cylon, stabbing Baltar with a pen, being kicked around by Starbuck and generally being ignored, Gaeta's had enough of the cylons and those who ally with them. This won't end well. This was a good episode. Roslin and Starbuck act like morons, which is justifying Gaeta's behaviour.
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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles 2 x04 Reviewed

Allison From Palmdale

Cameron recalls memories from the real woman she was modeled on. This leads her to lockup and later a halfway house. I'm suprised that social services haven't called on Sarah already, seeing as she and her kids regulary look battered and there is a dubious uncle living with them. Maybe Cameron's memory flashes were triggered by the fact she realised the governor looks very familiar.

Anyway John tolerates Cameron malfunctioning, again. Meanwhile Cameron, who believes she is Allison, hangs out with Jodie. Now Jodie seems at first to be a friendly, unfairly treated street kid. But as with Cameron, don't take things on face value. Cameron's origin story is revealed and she snaps back to herself.

During all this Sarah hangs out with Casey and tells the story of John's birth. Ellison goes to work for Catherine and meets her 'daughter' Savannah.

This was very good, season 2 is a vast improvement on season 1.

Best Lines:
"Did you kill her?"
"Apparently not."