January 16th, 2009

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Lots more tales of the tape

Dug out another old videotape. It had four tv shows on it: one 'Popular', one 'Mutant X', one 'G vs E' and one 'Charmed'.

The 'Popular' episode was an early season 1 ep entitled 'Truth and Consequences'. Sam is bent on exposing the popular kids cheating so she rants on about the popular kids "privileged slime trail". Brooke's moron boyfriend Josh is self-righteous. There's a dumb food fight and the idiotic Miss Glass tries to diss Nicole by ranting "Queen Bee, buzz buzz" at her. This was a dire episode.

The 'Mutant X' episode was the season 3 finale (as well as the last ep ever) entitled 'The Assault'. The season 3 opening credits were terrible. The plot idiocy that was the Dominion/Lexa storyline brings about the end of Mutant X as we know it. The low budget kind of distracts the viewer though. One character solemnly intones: "The truth about Adam and the Dominion is far more complicated than you will ever know" and several scenes later the truth about Adam and the Dominion is revealed. The reveal that Adam is the clone of the Creator, your typical cackling, power crazed loony in a cheap wig is too much. This makes no sense. Anyway the show ends on a real downer: Mutant X are on the run and their genes are about to kill them, their hideout and jet are blown to bits and Adam's been abducted by the Creator. Adam's abduction is too easy, one security guard hauls Adam off, yet in season 1 when menaced by a new mutant out to kill him Adam kicked said new mutants teeth out. This was good, this show was my guilty pleasure.

The 'G vs E' ep was 'Renunciation'. Chandler and Henry are sent to Cleveland to make the man who killed Henry renounce his Faustian deal. This ep has Antonio Fargas as a crime boss and Nichelle Nichols ('Star Trek') as Henry's mother. Anyway Henry learns to forgive his killer and bad make up is shown. This ep was ugh.

Finally the 'Charmed' ep was the season 6 episode 'Chris-Crossed'. Chris comes face to face with Bianca, who like him has travelled 25 years into the past. In their future magic is common knowledge, San Francisco is a smoking ruin, the sisters are dead, probes seek out witches and responsible for all this is baby Wyatt Halliwell who has grown up into a super powerful evil who has demons as minions and kills anyone who opposes him. Bianca sports a leather catsuit so tight, I'm amazed the actress could still breathe. The sisters show off their trashy tattoo collection. There is much unsubtle foreshadowing of the squeaky floorboard plot device. This was a good episode with such nice future scenes like the mansion is now the tacky Halliwell Memorial Museum and it has a gift shop. The holographic Book of Shadows in the future attic is cool. Aaahhh 'Charmed' looked good before the massive budget cutbacks of seasons 7&8.
Scary Books

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles 2x02 Review

Automatic For The People

John makes a new friend at school named Riley. The rift between John and his mother and Cameron grows wider. Meanwhile Sarah and Cameron try to stop Terminator sabotage of a nuclear plant. This leads to Sarah getting a scrub down and she learns just why earlier another character told her: "You don't want a scrub down." The plant has terrible security and though disaster is averted, things are still going to Catherine Weaver's agenda. This was a good episode, though what was the scene with the wall of messages written in blood about?
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Stargate Atlantis finale review

Enemy at the Gate

Poor SGA, unceremoniously cancelled to make way for the upcoming ‘Stargate: Universe’. Anyway a Hive ship is enroute to Earth so the SGA team have to stop it. So cameos are crammed in, the writers still seem unable to recognise that other characters besides McKay exist and then is a blatant set-up moment for ‘Stargate: Universe’.

Kavanagh returns, Ronon and Carter sport terrible wigs, Becket shows up, Sheppard’s ATA gene is mentioned for the first time in years, there is a fake-out death scene and the city is flown to Earth to blow up the Hive ship. The show ends with Atlantis floating over San Francisco bay. Only Ronon wonders if the Earth PTB will ever let Atlantis return to Pegasus, there’s no mention of where Teyla’s baby is and no-one seems too concerned about the inhabitants of the Pegasus galaxy.

This was a good episode but that was the end? Atlantis on Earth!?! So much is left to tell. Season 1 Atlantis started out so well, they were cut off and there were new enemies and then TPTB wrecked it by turning the show into SG1 lite with Replicators, Asgard and the plot abomination that was Michael.
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Numb3rs Season 4 Episode 9 review


A comic book convention erupts into an outbreak of murder, theft and attempted fraud. The world’s most valuable comic book is stolen from its obnoxious owner (Wil Wheaton, you may remember him from ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ and ‘Toy Soldiers’) and well known comic creator Seth is a bit too eager to help the FBI out.

Charlie unravels Seth’s nefarious scheme. Don is in peril. There is much background humour with the goings on at the con, which never seems to end. In the end the day is saved, Seth is foiled and a famous comic artist draws Charlie and Don as they strike a pose. A pose that Charlie calls their ‘Tango & Cash’ look.

This was very good and after so long, we get some brotherly concern from Charlie as he berates Seth with: “Your friend from prison almost shot my brother.” About time.
Scary Books

Book Reviews: Atomic Lobster + We Think Therefore We Are

Atomic Lobster by Tim Dorsey

The 10th novel in the Serge A. Storms series. Serge is a vigilante serial killer, who like 'Dexter' only kills bad people. He does however like to kill people in a manner even the 'Saw' movies would find OTT. Anyway Serge and his sidekick Coleman end up on Lobster Lane where they come face to face with a family they encountered in the earlier novel 'Triggerfish Twist'.

Anyway this a typical Serge adventure with mad cap comedy and a chaotic plot involving real estate, parties, smugglers, angry pensioners and a cruise from hell. If you liked the previous Sege books, you'll love this.

We Think Therefore We Are edited by Peter Crowther

An anthology collection about the nature of artificial intelligence. This was a very good collection.

The tip top stories are:

Tempest 43
In a bleak future, two people visit a weather satellite to find out why a hurricane was let wreak havoc. There they encounter an exiled man, his 'daughter' and an AI with bad intentions. This was very good and sad.

The Highway Code
A huge robot super truck lives for its work and the principles of the Highway Code. But there comes a day when the Highway Code must be broken. This was good.

Salvage Rites
A long lost missionary spaceship returns only for the salvagers to regret they found it. This was a deeply creepy story and somewhat reminiscent of the movie 'Event Horizon'.

The Kamikaze Code
A nicely freaky story about what might be lurking on your PC. This was okay.

A tale of a man, a woman and an AI. There were three people in their relationship. This was okay.

Lost Places of the Earth
A tour through a future map room. This was good.

Three Princesses
In a bleak future, there are still Disney Princesses. They're just, different. This was very good.

That Laugh
A man has to interview someone or something. Nicely freaky. This was okay.

Alles in Ordung
A reporter gets a phone call from a man who has seen something bizarre going on at a farm. This was very creepy with a nice ending. This was very good.