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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Kung Fu' 1x03 promo


'Selena: The Series' part 2 trailer

Do her family hate her or something? Lil' Beyonce.

People have a lack of appreciation and grave misunderstandings. I just want people to atone. It was a particularly stressful time recently. One is glum. It was a particularly traumatic year. One feels little support or affection.

Je soli.

Jus sanguinis.

I want a gold mirror tray and a copper plum tray. I want a cabbage earhenware plate.

I'll review 'Year Zero vol 2' and 'Jupiter's Legacy Vol 1'.

Who recalls the 1990 show 'Elvis'?

'RTE News' Quotes:

“One to watch when it comes to government cohesion.”

“Inflicted deep hurt.”

“Nothing else lives in it.”

“Nothing grows under the shade of it.”

“Nothing grows for years afterward.”

“You're a hatchet.”

“Reclaim the park for native species.”

“An event of national significance.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Race souvenir,”

“Toss-and-catch ritual.”

“Presumptive status.”

“Amicable split.”

“Final stages of preperations.”

“Most coveted prize.”

“Incandescent career.”

“Star-making coronation.”

“Resignation of her rivals.”

“Founded upon sympathy.”

“Live loyally and dutifully.”


“Seek to harm us.”

“Forceful reponse.”

“Consequnces are terrible.”

“Dead nearly four decades.”

“Revisit its decisions.”

“Besmirch almost everything beloved in the south.”

“Make sacrifices for causes bigger than himself.”

“Total moral purity.”

“Befitting answer.”

“Private character was hauled in front of the court of public opinion; but there are increasing few who escape this fate.”

“Whether he is even deserving of a statue in the first place.”

“Bizarrely mistaken and caused damaging arguments.”

“Stated reason.”

“Appears to neither know nor care.”

“Perfidious divide-and-conquer tactic.”

“Easily become adversarial.”

“Ignite violence.”

“They can ask for forgiveness.”

“Must be segregated from the environment for many thousands of years.”

“Deep geological repositories.”

“Personal attention.”

“Expressing unconvincing concern.”

“Hostile steps.”

“What moved him so ferociously.”

“Obliged to hurl not just his spittle-stained invective against the glass but also his tin of bony little fishes in brine.”

“Certain kind of man who used to bewilder and scare me.”

“Belligerent sardine-wielder.”

“Silent disdain.”

“Seeking out trouble.”

“Petrify their innocent daughters.”

“Marrying this foreign woman you have turned yourself into a hopeless case entirely...and what anyway entered your head to go and marry his foreign woman when there are hundred of thousands of Irish girls going aorund with their tongues out for a husband”


“1960s complex, long regarded as an eyesore in the area.”

“Real-life applicability.”


“Seemingly impeccable credentials.”

“The ripples still reverberate.”

“His name became a byword for chicanery, excess and deceit.”

“Extraordianry evil.”

“The whereabouts of my second brother still remains, to this day, unknown.”

'Reasonable Doubt' Quotes:

“Not welcoming.”

“Threw the christmas tree out into the yard.”

'Watergate' Quotes:

“Break in team were caught.”

“President Nixon's America was in uproar.”

“Eruption of fury.”

“Barricade of buses.”

“Combat clothes.”

“Gesture of conciliation.”

“Told his lies.”

“Getting him ready for his perjury.”

“Hoover had outlasted 7 of Nixon's predecessors.”

“Concerned me very much.”

“Where do you get people like that?”

“Terribly chargrined.”

“Air of credibility.”

'Disappeared' Quotes:

“Lost and found love.”

“Prefer to wear old things.”

'The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air' Quote:

“Riling your attack dogs.”

'BBC News' Quote:

“Nothing for spectators to view.”

'Sky News' Quotes:

“Bad things happen.”

“Sea blindness.”

“Twice closed by war.”

“Factory of the world.”

“Long transit.”

“Course lines.”

“Suez max.”

“Strict limitations.”

“Pretty desperate options.”

“Demand infinite choice.”

“Next time, it may be worse.”

“Malign activity.”

'The Simpsons' Quotes:

“Go detangle the novelty cobwebs.”

“Trick or treat trash.”

“Pop up scum!”


“Everscream Terrace.”

'Scealta na nOstan' Quote:

“Nuns made you afraid of men.”

On 'Hollyoaks': George and JP never seem to work. George wants JP to move in with him. JP's son goes unmentioned and unheard. JP is foul.

Watched 'The Toys That Made Us' eps 'He-Man' and 'Star Wars': ha.

Best Lines:

“He's a mean huge bastard.”

“Crotch piece.”

“Cultural preservation.”

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Music Video GIF by Katy Perry

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