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Book Review: Concerete Surfer part 2

Jean is hired for a 'yoghourts' ad. Carol attention seeks. Jean does skateboarding tricks for £100. Carol and her family are smarmy and people talk about “hot” skateboarding. Why did Jean's family send her on ahead? Why doesn't Jean wear the regulation uniform? People fawn over Carol. Jean is excluded from family events. The skateboarding lingo is bizarre: radical carving? Jean is the family scapegoat. What is an auto tea-maid?

Carol learns to skateboard just for petty spite. Carol does a skateboard routine to the tune from 'Born Free'. Carol has to be the centre of attention at all times. Teachers are killjoys. Jean's lumpen working class parents who can't speak properly show up. The concept of jet lag does not exist in this tale. Jean skateboards to the theme from 'Star Wars'. Carol fakes illness and Jean's so called friends turn on her. The ending is abrupt as Carol's family throw Jean and her family out on the street rending them homeless. Carol and ilk never face justice.

The whole bullying, gaslighting and classism go unaddressed. Jean uses her £100 to rent a flat for her workshy parents. Carol's unmasked but nothing results as the long story arc ends. This was okay but then comes a summer special story which seems to have Jean still living with her wretched relatives.

Best Lines:

“Every girl in Britian does that Olga Korbut stuff.”

“Kneeling down for me would be degrading.”

“It's lovely to see my two favourite girls again. Oh...and you, Jean.”

“Awful antics.”

“Ordinary? Carol comes first in everything.”

“They're so happy and rich...”

“Her dreams have been smashed.”

“You tried too hard. All those long words you used made it just a teeny bit broing,”

“Their snobby theatre.”

“Girls can't skateboard...get back to your dolls and prams!”

“Girls can't do nothing “radical”.”

“Stop thinking horrible thoughts about Carol and her family.”

“We did tricks just for fun.”

“You're not playing in the streets now, dear.”

“Bung us another board somebody!”

“The cost is nothing to a man in my position.”

“You must expect other girls to be spiteful because you're such a success.”

“This competition must decide things between us, once and for all.”


“It must took a year to save up for it! It's worth over forty pounds!”

“Do some charring for Carol's mother.”

“Judges are lapping up her “Nadia Comaneci on a skatebaord” act.”

“But it ain't for the likes of us.”

“We're losers.”

“We've got to know our place.”

“The music fills me with hope and determination.”

“I think it would be best if you all left my house, as soon as possible, please.”

“You're just a nobody, like your parents.”

“Silence! I'm ashamed of you!”

“How are you getting on in common little flat?”

“I'm not the Bionic Woman, you know!”

“How dare you scruffs use my pool!”

“It's a horrid, slum-children's sport. Clear off!”

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